Balloon Watch ’07

Yesterday I noticed that the balloon was gone! I was so excited because my life is that dull.

I checked the floor for its rubbery orange remains. I combed through the entire tree like a monkey grooming another monkey for ticks. I checked under the tree, but no balloon.  Where did it go? Did some extremely tall person break in and steal my balloon?

And then I looked up and saw that it had merely moved to the other side of the room, a new place from which to taunt and torment me.

In its current location I must look at it every time I pass through the living room.

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28 thoughts on “Balloon Watch ’07

  1. Ohhhh…don’t you worry, that lil ole’ ballon will get smaller and smaller, then Sean will wake you up some morning (soon) wanting to know why his ballon lost weight and fell to the floor. Mommie…..”can you make my balloon well again, I want him to fly”? Happy explaining !

  2. Shoot it with your BeeBee gun — the color clashes with your lovely tree! Besides, I vote that it will not last until Christmas — as the air leaks out, the weight of the rubber will bring it down as a shriveled reminder of holidays past.

  3. Aww, you have a pet balloon. We had one of those once (or maybe twice). Ours floated at a lower level every day, and would ride the hidden air currents of the house, appearing in different spots at different times of day. At one point, it would actually “follow” a person around at shoulder height, I suppose via static electricity. We were all sad when our balloon pet finally weakened and could only lay on the floor.

  4. I’m sorry, Antique Mommy, but your balloon is not half as irritating as our set of sticky worms stuck to our living room ceiling — you know, those sticky things you can buy for a quarter and throw against a wall to watch them slide back down? The ones that leave greasy marks? The ones that have passed through our dog’s digestive track? Yep, those ones.

  5. Krista, they are about 30 foot ceilings. Even on a ladder with a broom, I’m still too short and Antique Daddy won’t do it because it amuses him that this balloon is annoying me so much.

  6. We used to have the errant balloon problems at church after Bible School.
    Since it would not do to have brightly colored balloons bobbing and weaving and being distracting during the choir’s efforts or the preacher’s saving our souls, we would fire water pistols at them. It worked every time. They get wet and slowly drift down until you can reach their string.
    (And that’s your HOUSE?! I thought it was a convention center foyer or something! Wow!)

  7. Regarding the poll: It depends… is it mylar? Those suckers will stay on the ceiling for months. I have personal knowledge of this because of an Elmo balloon that lived just out of reach for an entire summer. Yeah, I know – I could have rented a really, really long ladder and removed it.

  8. You didn’t have “Antique Mommy’s sanity” as an option, so I can’t vote! 🙂 Buy Sean a dart gun for Christmas and let him use it for target practice!

  9. I’d kill to have a house with 30-foot ceilings to HAVE a balloon get trapped in! 😀

    You kill me, btw.

  10. Ok, I have an idea. Get another helium balloon and tie it with a really, really long string. Then put a bunch of sticky tape (like packing tape or something) on the top. Then you just have to “tag” the other balloon. Maybe someone could win a prize for getting it down – I bet your little guy would love it!

  11. One of the old timers at my work noticed that my helium balloons from my birthday were still up in my office (from 11/1). She said to be sure and keep my office door closed because a few years back, they had a party with balloons and that night, around midnight, the alarm company called the VP of HR to tell her there were intruders and they were tracking them through the building. This zone and that zone, even had the police go out. Turns out, the “intruders” were none other than… you guessed it, all those balloons from the party floating from alarm zone to alarm zone.

  12. Get another hot air balloon with a very long string on it. On the top of the new balloon place some tape. You know so that the tape makes a circle. There is some sticky stuff on the new balloon and some sticky stuff that can stick to the item it is retrieving. Gently guide the new balloon over to the soon to be dead balloon. While holding onto the string aim the new balloon toward the old one and tape the two together. As you pull on the string both balloons will come down. TADA

  13. There was a wedding in my church and the bride used balloons for decorations. One got loose and went to the apex of the ceiling. A few weeks later, it slowly drifted down right in front of the pastor’s nose in the middle of his sermon. I will never forget that.

  14. Yeah, that type of balloon should be deceased in just a couple of days. And, like Nancy, I had no idea that was your house! At least you never have to worry about accidentally getting a too-tall tree.

  15. Y,all that balloon has been in my house since mid-November – it’s week is up for Pete’s sake!

    And goodness me y’all are a creative bunch – long poles and more balloons and tape and lassos. The way I operate I would have a whole herd of balloons on my ceiling until summer time. I think I’ll just obsess and wait it out.

  16. Your library or video store should have “The Red Balloon.” Suggest you get it; Sean will enjoy it. It’s an old film, set in Paris I believe. It’s without words, about a balloon that follows a little boy everywhere.
    Okay, so it’s not “the orange balloon” but it’s fun.

  17. Didn’t you ever throw pencils into the ceiling tiles at school? Give it a try, of course then you may have to paint the ceiling……nevermind.

  18. As a former Balloon & Gift shop owner…I MUST say SAVE the balloon!! If you have another helium filled balloon, you just attach a piece of tape (rolled to make it sticky) to the top of it, lead the very long string up, and “catch” that orange balloon…now, here”s the deal, you have to sneak “said other helium balloon” into the house after your ‘lilguy is in bed to do this…then slowly pull the snout from the base and cut ever so gently slice it and make it another dead balloon to toss….please SAVE the balloon!! lol

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