The Amazing Power Of Fred

Yesterday morning, Sean climbed up on the kitchen counter and grabbed his gigantic bottle of Flintstone candy vitamins.  He started twisting and spinning the childproof cap and I reflexively grabbed it from him to open it, because you know, he’s a child and it’s a childproof cap whereas I am an adult and have adult super powers which include but are not limited to opening vitamin bottles and wiping up stuff.


He, being like his mother, hates having something grabbed out of his hands and reflexively grabbed it back from me.

“No thanks Mom! I’ll do it myself!”

I put my hands up defensively.

“Okay, whatever dude,” I said walking away.  “Knock yourself out,” I added, cheerfully thinking that little exercise in futility would keep him busy for a while netting me a little uninterrupted coffee-drinking and newspaper-reading time.

I wasn’t two steps away when I heard the cap of the bottle fall to the counter, and then, “Mom, wanna a vitamin?”

Do NOT underestimate the power of Fred and his little vitamins.

24 thoughts on “The Amazing Power Of Fred

  1. Good to know he can open those bottles so that you keep medications hidden and prevent accidental overdose.

    If I blogged, I could write some stories (that are slightly funny now) about when my kids overdosed…………Just in case make sure you have Ipecac syrup on hand—-and make sure that what you have isn’t outdated. That happened once and we ended up in the ER.

  2. Around here, we always say “go get one of the neighbor children to hopen this bottle…” since we are all “adults” here and it seems only little ones can open “child proof” bottles….
    Don’t you love to be outdone by your four-year-old?

  3. ha — My Google reader doesn’t cross things out like — candy… so I thought you really did call it candy vitamins … which which I would agree.. VERY Funny… my kiddos ask for their vitamins Every morning with out fail… Obviously — they don’t’ get a lot of real candy.

    I’m forever asking my 12yo to open bottles I can’t get open any more. I don’t need my strong husband — my 12yo daughter will do. ::sigh:: I’m getting old.

  4. Eek! It DOES seem that the little ones can open those much more easily than us arthritic old folk. But you saying “Whatever dude” made me laugh, because when my 3-yr-old won’t let go of a wrong concept, I finally say “Whatever you say” and walk away – now she does that to ME whenever I disagree with her.

  5. Never underestimate the determination in a child. when they set their minds on something, you bet they will get it done be it right side up or upside down!

  6. Back before there were childproof caps there was Fred Flintstone Vitamins. When I was about 2 years old we were living in Australia, my dad was watching me and I was wearing a brand new sage green sweater my grandmother had just crocheted me, beautiful thin strands of shiny thread. I wanted the whole bottle of vitamins and my dad saw nothing wrong with that, so he let me eat them all. That precious sweater knitted with love became a multicolored sweater that I never was able to wear again, because those vitamins stain beyond repair. Live and learn.

  7. Ditto on the ipecac! Back when my teenager was Sean’s age, he climbed up and got the bottle of candy vitamins too, and ate an unknown quantity. I gave him some ipecac we had in the medicine cabinet, and nothing happened…then I looked at the expiration date. It was about 3 YEARS out of date. Just as I was debating about getting some new ipecac to flush out the old stuff and the vitamins, though, it did start to work. Thanks Jeanne A — I’m glad I’m not the only mom who has almost poisoned her kid by old ipecac, though!! 😉

  8. Oh my goodness, I have needed a morning to ‘relax’ (not hit the floor running at 7 am) this week (yes, it’s only Wed.)so I’ve read and had hot tea…. It’s been great. To further prolong the inevitable tasks at hand, I decided to check in again on your blog. I JUST LOVE YOUR WRITING. I know it can’t be the first time you’ve heard it, but I wanted to tell you again. You crack me up ~ you are ‘laugh out loud’ funny. I think all of us moms live the same lives in different homes and you articulate it so well!

    see you later,

  9. One rarely hears about an ER case where someone overdosed on Flintstone Vitamins…so maybe there’s nothing much to worry about here. Then again, the word “childproof” is supposed to mean something and if those vitamins are doing the job I think they’re doing then the company that makes them is going to have to make a more resistant cap.

  10. Sean’s pediatrician says those gummy style vitamins, which is what we have, are little more than candy. Sean won’t take the “chewable” – which he gets from me, I can not get a vitamin down. Because they always sort of come back up. Ugh.

    Also, our doc tell us to never administer Ipecac without calling his office first, that sometimes it can do more harm than good.

    But! The whole point of the post, which seems to not have come through as clearly as intended, was that I thought he would be busy trying to open the bottle of vitamins a lot longer than two seconds!

  11. Those “child proof” bottles are a joke. My dd has been able to open them for a long long time. But she was the same one who wasn’t slowed at all by the door knob covers either. So maybe it is the child LOL Good small motor skills on Sean, I bet =)

  12. This exact scenario has happened to me as well. I chalk it up to a fluke — either the cap wasn’t on right to begin with, or they just got lucky that time.

    Of course, that doesn’t stop me from giving it to them every morning so they can “try” to open the vitamins while I browse the Internet without interuption….

    I kid, I kid.

  13. I have a friend who is a pharamacist and she told me that in order to be deemed a “child-proof” cap, the bottle makers only need to show that a child (I forget the age) cannot open it 80% of the time. I guess they don’t care if the other 20% OD on something. NICE!

  14. Yeah, my 2-year-old did the same thing with my prenatal vitamins. I just about had a heart attack. Kids these days… they’re just too smart for their own good. : )

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