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I read recently that the top five things couples argue over is money, sex, work, children and housework, in that order. It’s not true. Sometimes we change up the order and argue about housework first.

At the house of Antique, our arguments tend to center around cobbler.

The other day at a local BBQ joint there was this stupid conversation:

AD: This is good apple cobbler.

AM: It is good, but it’s not apple, it’s peach.

AD: No it’s not, it’s apple.

AM: Peach.

AD: No, apple.

AD: I think I would know if I were eating peach cobbler

AM: I would think so too, but this IS peach cobbler and you seem to be unaware of that fact.

AD: Well maybe you have peach, but I have apple.

AM: I wonder how they got that one scoop of apple cobbler in the middle of a pan of peach cobbler.

AD: It could happen.

AM: Of course it could.

24 thoughts on “Cobbler

  1. One of the biggest fights P and I ever had involved a peach cobbler that had the misfortune of containing chocolate chips. P took a bite and told me it was actually DELICIOUS. So, because I trust him, I took a big whole bite and began to gag because it was the most disgusting thing ever.

    He thought it was, too. He just wanted to watch me eat it.

    He’s a real peach.

  2. It was peach. I went through the line and got the food while AD and Sean procured a table. It said peach on the sign. Even if there weren’t a sign, I would know it was peach because I have taste buds that can discern the flavor of peach. It was peach. PEACH I tell you!

  3. I wish that conversation took place with me and my husband. He claims not to like peaches and I just can’t believe anyone wouldn’t like peaches. I want him to eat them and like them and then try to get out of it. I’m mean like that.

  4. That is what marriage is all about…arguing over cobbler. Our latest has been where to hide the Christmas gifts.

    Just wanted to say, my mom just bought my dad an embroidered hat she had made that says “Genuine Antique Person”…I was thinking we could get you one 🙂
    Sorry mean Penelope….I’ll go back to my corner now…can I blame the snow?

  5. We argue over snoring. Because, apparantly, I am the kind of person who would wake herself out of a deep, much needed sleep in the middle of the night to tell her husband to turn over because he is snoring, even though he swears he does not snore. Now why would I do that?

  6. Hmmmmm… heard of PEACH cobbler… CHERRY cobbler… BLACKBERRY cobbler… but never APPLE cobbler… but have heard of APPLE crisp (but you would definitely know the difference between cobbler and crisp)… LOL… men… Please tell me he got “the look” on his face when he realized YOU were right but he wasn’t going to tell you that to save his life…whenever THAT look appears on my husbands face I KNOW the “argument” is over… LOL

    Lala :o)

  7. Some people would have marched their husband over to the peach sign and pointed maniacally while saying, “SEE, SEE I TOLD YOU SO!!!! PEACH IN BIG LETTERS!!!’

    Not that I know that person….

  8. Well Zoom, I would probably do that, but then we would argue over whether the sign was correct, and what is the true meaning of peach and is a peach by any other name really a peach, and if a peach falls in the forest… And it goes from there. AD went to college on a debate scholarship and has a masters in philosophy, so I have yet to win an argument even on a topic where clearly I am an expert – peaches.

  9. As you so wisely pointed out on my site, the blood required to operate the…um…man parts…drains necessary fluids of discernment away from the brain of the male, thereby rendering him unable to distinguish apple cobbler from peach. Check it out. I’m pretty sure it’s in all the science books.

  10. yum – peach cobbler! I hate apple, so DH would *know* it couldn’t be that. We’d argue about why I don’t like apple pie/cobbler/crisp. He never accepts “because I don’t like it”.

  11. Men can also only see eight colors.

    Off-white, bone, ecru, ivory, and eggshell are all “white.”

    Oh, and salmon is a food, not a color.


  12. Women do not snore, sweat, pass gas, and are never wrong; therefore they must argue over cobbler with their spouse, or they will explode !

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