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Ice Ice Baby

(Disclaimer:  I don’t even know what Ice Ice Baby means.)

Saturday, we went to the Ice! exhibit/extravaganza/event at the local Texas style hotel/convention center.

Even though it was a balmy 80 degrees outside, inside the hotel it was 9 degrees. Y’all, did you know that 9 degree is cold!? Brrr!  And everything was made out of blocks of ice, including a slide and a sleigh and a life-sized nativity.  It was indeed cool!  (Get it? Cool? Ha.)

The shuttle to the hotel was festively decorated with Christmas ornamentation. When we got on the bus Sean sat on my lap and whispered in my ear, “Mom, isn’t this a beautiful bus!?”

And indeed it was.

If he was impressed with the bus, it bode (boded?) well for the actual exhibit/extravaganza/event. However I could have saved us $52 and just rode the bus.

 Wish I’d though of that sooner.

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21 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Nine degrees in Texas. Never thought I’d see the day. Was it ’93 or ’94 that we had such bad ice storms in East Texas? I can’t remember, I just remember the trees losing lots of branches because of the ice.

  2. We could be neighbors. I live near that hotel and I’m wishing for that balmy weather to come back. How about you?

  3. We could have used that exhibit yesterday. It was H-O-T here. Of course, in true Texas fashion, it is 20 degrees cooler here today. Anyway, it sounds lovely and my daughter would have loved that. We are really drinking in the sights this year. She loves everything about Christmas.

  4. I’m a MN mom. Nine degrees sounds balmy, and I have a vague memory of 80. Yesterday when I strapped my chicklets into the car for church, the car read -1. Pre-windchill. This morning as I was getting one dressed for preschool, said it was 7 here (hooray), but feels like -7 (boo). Does anyone have any earthly clue why it is I live here???!

  5. I dare you to stick your tongue to the nativity camel made out of ice. 🙂 It will be an important life lesson to Sean while hotel security is chipping large chunks out of their camel to free your frozen tongue. Plus you could probably make it on the 6:00 news!

    (Okay, don’t really lick the ice camel…just enjoy the mental hilarity for a moment).

  6. My husband’s ringtone is Ice Ice Baby. I am not sure what it means either but it gets a lot of laughs. I have wanted to see that exhibit as well…thanks for the tip – We will just ride the bus and eat at McDonald’s instead!

  7. I know, I know!!! (jumping up and down with excitement) (this is how sad my life is)

    The one hit wonder Vanilla Ice made that song back in the early 90’s. I was in high school and it was all the rage along with the Electric Slide and much much more terrible great music.

  8. We’ve got our own ice extravaganza going on around here without the buses or the convention center. Juts plain old ass-busting ice on the back deck.

    Don’t you wonder how much it costs to keep that auditorium at 9 degrees when it’s 90 degrees outside? Al Gore would not approve of your outing but it looks like it was spectacularly beautiful in there.

  9. I bet it was beautiful but $52 sounds pricey to me! Isn’t it just lovely how kids alwas prefer the free or cheaper something or other to the expensive event we have planned for them?

  10. Similar story…our son was 2 1/2 and we drove 3 hours to ride Thomas the Train. Because of the location of the train depot in this town, we had to park at the high school and ride a school bus to the depot. Jackson was more excited about the school bus than riding the train. Could have saved myself $50, six hours in the car, a hotel room, and a weekend!

  11. That ice tunnel is amazing! They always focus on the other stuff – usually the free stuff!

    Our big event is a train ride to go see Santa this week. Should be fun. Hopefully no ice, it’s been freezing here in S. California. No, I do not joke.

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