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Naughty. Nice Will Cost You.

Anyone else find that trying to get that perfect family snapshot for the Christmas card a challenge, the kind of challenge that would suck the tidings of comfort and joy right out of the manger?

We did finally get a decent shot — after several hours, several threats,  several costume changes and several 256 attempts.  And a bag of M&Ms.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable


Photo Temporarily Unavailable 

Still naughty.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Oh!? Did someone say M&Ms?… Nice!

49 thoughts on “Naughty. Nice Will Cost You.

  1. Well, of course, it’s beautiful! Look at the two of you! I’ve got a naughty picture-poser, as well. Sometimes I just send out the pouty look so that all of our friends and family see reality!

  2. Funny! That last picture is beautiful.
    I took Christmas card pictures this year and if you think getting ONE kid to pose nicely is hard…

  3. Thank God for digital cameras! Getting 3 kids to all look halfway decent at the same moment is nearly impossible. Someone always ends up crying and then we have to start all over! Your little boy is adorable and I love how you always have pictures of the two of you together. I can rarely get my husband to pick up the camera so looking at all the photo albums, I barely exist!

  4. Hee hee! I love those pictures!

    Somehow, I was able to get a great shot of the three little clowns without too much hassle this year… I put it on our family newsletter. 🙂

  5. I have a 7yr old and a 3yr old. We literally took 556 pictures one Saturday and had exactly 7 to choose from for our Christmas card!!

  6. Don’t be dismayed. My kids are 16 and 12. Taking the Christmas pictures this year was STILL a hassle. Throw 2 Jack Russells in the mix and it’s a nightmare. And I’m a professional photographer! I believe our own children like to torture us over the dreaded Christmas card picture.

  7. I delivered our youngest on December 13, came home from the hospital on the 17th, took (no exaggeration) 81 photos on the 18th and then SETTLED for the one with most of the kids looking somewhere in the vicinity of the camera and the baby looked like she was sleeping. In reality I just caught her in the split-second between blasts of indignation, but that can be our little secret. I also realized, after the cards were mailed, that the older children were all wearing the same holiday-looking sweaters from the previous year’s Christmas card.

    This year, we had family portraits made in November (our first since 1997). It was God’s provision, as about two weeks later WonderBoy got hold of his dad’s nose and ear hair trimmer and cut all of his bangs off down to his scalp and then went over his eyebrows. He looks like he has mange.

    Oh, and PRECIOUS pictures, AM. All of ’em!

  8. How sweet! We had to bribe The Boy with one of his new games to get him to even sit next to the baby for a photo. I would have liked to get a better shot, but I’ll take what I can get 🙂

  9. I love all the pictures.

    Years ago my family decided we should take a family photo as a gift for my dad. 2 grandparents, 8 adult children, and at that time 7 grandchildren. Before the photo my dad stood in front of the whole group holding a large bag of M&M’s and said “all children who take nice pictures get M&M’s” It worked on everyone except my 10 month old daughter. She cried through the whole thing. 10 years later we decided to do it again–this time with 12 grandchildren and a different sister-in-law. No M&M’s. The picture is okay. Chocolate works wonders.

  10. Classy card…and bravo to you for being willing to appear on your X-mas card.
    A few years back I began to call our card the Anti-X-mas card since their was so much unhappiness behind that one photo.

  11. Perserverence pays off- good for you! There were several years where we never did get cards sent- the photo part just totally burned me out! Hopefully none of our friends keel over this year from the shock of actually getting a card from us!

  12. cute pix. Dude, you had to have your kid late in life to even the playing field for all the other moms. If you look this good in your 40s, it wouldn’t have been fair to the rest of us if you looked so nice AND were all in your 20s or something!!!! I didn’t look that good in my 20s, much less now. That’s my off-handed compliment to you. Your welcome. *hee*

  13. Okay, she calls herself Antique and puts us all to shame! That does it! I am going for a facial and a trim ASAP, and must shop for nice sparkly top. This “working frump/busy mother” look is not working for me any more.

  14. I used M and M’s too. Didn’t work. Must be because there were two of them. When one was nice, the other was naughty. Sigh. So glad your photos turned out!

  15. I’m thankful for Photoshop. Very thankful. My youngest got a black eye at the beginning of December. Right before we had an appointment to have our picture taken by a friend. Once the swelling went down, she did great things with her camera and her computer!

  16. Ah….good old M&M’s! I am currently using them as a reward after I give my daughter her eye drops. They were also a reward during potty training.

    Not sure where we’d be without our M&M’s!

    Great photo, by the way!

  17. Really nice…you don’t look your age, AM! What I noticed is that your hair matches your shirt…both sparkly gold. 🙂


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