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Something Went Horribly Awry In Order Processing

This evening, Sean put in a call to Aunt Jean to wish her a Merry Christmas.  I didn’t hear her side of the conversation, but I did hear this expressed in a rather derisive tone:

 “Well, I got a pirate boat and a scooter, but I didn’t get the whistle that I ordered.”

Just now, I am making a mental note to flog fire whomever processed his order. 

17 thoughts on “Something Went Horribly Awry In Order Processing

  1. That is hilarious. Something went awry in our order processing as well. As a result we’ll be going to Santa’s return department at Target tomorrow to switch out the Hannah Montana dolls for a Polly Pockets Game Boy game where the turtles don’t die— or something like that. Hannah and Polly sound kinda alike you know- Hmmfff!
    Still smiling and wondering just how many of my brain cells died during Christmas.
    Lysa TerKeurst

  2. Wait…wait…wait…is this whistle bigger than a scooter or a pirate boat? ‘Cause I’m thinking it must be the kind that only dogs (or pirates) can hear since it ranks right up there with two things I’d consider to be WAAAAYYY more fun. But that’s just me.

  3. AB, I know. I couldn’t believe my ears. Later I said, “But Sean, I have a whistle and you can play with it any time.” And he said, “I know, but I wanted a whistle from Santa.” I then said, “Well then, maybe you should have been a better boy.” No. I didn’t really say that because it would be wrong to screw with a 4YO like that.

  4. My son is just turning two, and I bribed him with a small piece of chocolate on Christmas Eve to get his hair washed. It was enough to get him to dump water over his own head! So when it was time to get in bed, he said “Maybe another piece chocolate?” I told him no, it was all gone, but maybe Santa would bring him some. He got a thoughtful look on his face and said “Santa Claus! Where a-a-a-re you?” I told him that Santa was in his sleigh with the reindeer, flying in the sky. He pointed at the ceiling and ORDERED “Santa Claus! Come down here! Reindeer! Come down here!”

    Luckily Mommy doesn’t need to be fired. Chocolate was delivered.

  5. You are SOOOO funny! My soon-to-be eight year old daughter composed an exhaustive list of birthday requests for her grandparents, including a cell phone, a laptop and a digital camera.

  6. That is so funny. On Christmas Eve my 3 yr old said he wanted “tree tings for Christmas”. When he listed what they were, the third thing was a bunny. I told him he never mentioned a bunny to Santa so it probably wasn’t on it’s way. He looked at me deadpan and said “Well we need to go back to the mall so we can tell him.”

    We didn’t. No bunny, live, stuffed or otherwise appeared under our tree.

  7. It’s always the smaller things that are the most important. No. It is always the thing revealed after the fact that are the most important. No. It is anything that they want that is the most important. Yeah. That’s it.

    Too funny on the whistle! I’m sure it was a train whistle, right?

  8. I LOVE SEAN!!! Seriously, that kid cracks me up! I miss having 4-year-old boys in my house. Mine are 11 and 18…and not nearly as entertaining as when they were 4! They are interesting, but not as amusing…if you know what I mean! Thanks for taking me right back to all of those funny conversations I had with my boys when they were little.

  9. …and you couldn’t even blame it on Santa! That old man has his uses! Lord knows we’ve blamed some of the most outragous Christmas Eve blunders on him over the years! These sentences usually begin, “looks like Santa forgot…”

  10. I love these Santa stories about Sean. My girls are teenagers now, so they don’t say those funny Santa things anymore. Christmas is so much fun with little ones!!!

  11. Somehow in planning the drive and loading my sleigh…i mean blazer I managed to forget 2 packages and the stockings…heaven forbid the stockings…so tonight when we finally got home from our 9 day adventure at Nana;s they each had a gift and a sucker in their stockings(i had forgotten those too). They think santa came here too. Whatever it appeased them while i unloaded all their booty from my car. Now it will only take a month to put it all away.

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