Snips And Snails

When A Box Is Not A Box

When you are four, a box is not a box, but a boat, and you are a pirate braving the high seas. When you are 14, a box is where you stash your childish treasures, hiding them away from the world under your bed. When you are 24, a box is how you haul your dreams out of your parent’s house and into your own. When you are 34 a box is a small and mostly uncomfortable space that the world has molded you into. It is so small your dreams have to be crushed into dust and…

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Food Rut

I am in a food rut. Do you ever get in a food rut? Normally I love to cook, I enjoy it, it’s another creative outlet. I love to feed people.  But right now, nothing sounds good. I can’t think of anything to cook. I don’t want to cook anything. No one wants to eat anything I cook even if I could think of something to cook. Honestly, I would be perfectly happy to not cook anything and not eat anything, but these people called my family, they want to eat. They are so needy. And…

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Makes Me Sigh

Reaching For The Angels

Many many years ago, the church I attended held an annual silent auction that benefitted missions. The overseas missionaries sent home items from the country they were working in and put them up for auction to raise money. It was a splendid international bazaar of sorts with all kinds of unique and fabulous things offered. A good amount of intrigue and whispering and strategizing took place among the brethren at this auction in the name of furthering the kingdom of God. I bid on and won a mobile of straw angels from Africa. I ended up…

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Always Real

She Doesn’t Know

There is a woman in my neighborhood who has cancer. She doesn’t know that I know. From my dining room windows I see her walk past my house nearly every afternoon. Sometimes she is alone. Sometimes she is with her husband or her boy. She never looks up. She doesn’t know that I watch her walk past. As I watch her walk past, I wonder if she is thinking about her mortality, about her next life, about her uncertain future. She doesn’t know that when I see her, my heart aches for her. She doesn’t know…

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Reruns and Leftovers

The Doctor’s Appointment

I’m off to see my doc today, so for those of you who are new around here, I thought I’d re-run this post from this time last year. * * * * * It is the unfortunate state of my being that a doctor’s appointment is a reason to get all gussied up – to shave, to shampoo, to lather, rinse and repeat. To wear nice underwear. I remember when getting gussied up meant cocktails and a good time that didn’t involve a speculum. Nonetheless. I gussied for the good doctor and enjoyed a 45-minute Wiggles-free drive…

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Snips And Snails

The Ladies Man

It has come to my attention that my son is something of a ladies man, that the girls at school all vie for his attention and jockey for position to get to sit next to him. I witnessed this myself last week at soccer. Apparently one little girl wanted to stand behind Sean in line and didn’t like that another little girl was already standing there. So she moved her. I thought that for the most part, Sean was oblivious to his effect on the ladies, but apparently he’s been workin’ it. The other day before…

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Outsmarted, School

How Pre-School Is Like Las Vegas

Apparently, just as in Las Vegas, what happens at school stays at school.   When I pick Sean up from school, he does not like me to ask him what he learned that day or if anything noteworthy happened.  This line of inquiry literally seems to pain him. Literally.  The expression on his face, it’s as if his gall bladder has suddenly gone bad.   He’ll usually heave an exaggerated sigh and look out the window and change the subject.  It’s like he’s in the witness protection program from 9am to 1pm and if he tells…

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Parenting Gone Awry

The Self-Judgment Starts Around 8am

When I was growing up, my mother fixed my brothers and me a hot breakfast every day before school — usually an egg and toast, sometimes a bowl of oatmeal. Never cold cereal.   Breakfast bars hadn’t been invented yet.   My mother isn’t one to look down upon or feel superior to others, but she definitely frowned upon women who sent their kids to school on an empty stomach.  Still does.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Then happy hour.   Consequently, I am in the 50% of the population who likes to…

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Modern Medicine

Dr. Snorffler

I had a doctor’s appointment recently, a doctor that I don’t see but about once a year, and since he probably doesn’t read my blog, he knows nothing of how fascinating I am other than what he reads on my chart.  I am just the next body on the medical production line. I understand that. He is a busy man. He’s a doctor. He’s got a lot to keep track of. Still. I just think that if someone is going to get to see you semi-naked they ought to at least make eye contact with you,…

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Antique Embarrassment, Wal-Mart

The Brown Shoes

Today I had to go to Wal-Mart. And just now I’m cringing at the thought of how many posts I have started with that sentence. Since it was a bit on the chilly side today, I pulled out a pair of casual coffee-colored suede-ish (not to be confused with Swedish) lace-up shoes that I really love and have had for a number of years. They are the kind of shoes that you love so much that you go back and buy them in another color. And I feel perfectly okay using “you” in that sentence because I’m…

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