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The Little Boy Who Sleeps In the Crib

Guest Post by Antique Daddy

As I was going through my files from my old computer, I came across an email from which the following was excerpted.  It was written by Antique Daddy when Sean was about a year old back in 2004.  His words serve as a much needed reminder that both time and life are fleeting, delicate, miraculous and inexplicably intertwined. And that these things belong not to me, but to the one who created them.

* * *

Late every night, long after Sean has gone to sleep, I make my way through the darkness and quiet of the house to his room to check on him. Through the faint glow of the nightlight, I look down on his sleeping face. I touch his little fingers. I put my hand on his little head. I look and listen to see that he is breathing. I think about the life that is in him and the life that he will lead.

I put my hand on his tiny chest as it rises and falls and I say a prayer of thanksgiving for the miracle that God has performed. I thank God for taking what the doctors had said was impossible and making it possible. I thank Him for answering the prayers I offered in the dark of night, when I would awaken and feel the emptiness of knowing I would never have a child.

Those prayers were not just that He perform the miracle of allowing a child to be conceived, but that He would form that child whole and safe in the womb, that he would write His name on his forehead, that he would form in him, the heart of a servant, that He would only do all this on the provision that this child would be dedicated to His kingdom.

I raise my hands in praise and I thank Him from the depths of my being and vow that I will praise Him and thank Him all the days of my life for this little boy who sleeps in this crib.

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Sleeping Miracle –  Jan. 2005


51 thoughts on “The Little Boy Who Sleeps In the Crib

  1. I kept my little grandson overnight last night and I know just what you all mean. He was two pounds when he was born prematurely and now is a beautiful, healthy, completely normal two year old. Thank God for him. And for all our wonderful children. They make our lives complete.

  2. What a beautiful picture and post. I have a two year old and five month old, both girls. One of my favorite things to do is watch them sleep.

  3. And how gracious God is for allowing such a miracle as Sean to be born into an Antique family to recognize him for the miracle he is.

    What a beautiful post.

  4. This was so beautiful AD, I wish every father in America could express the depth of this love for there child, the world would be such a better place if they could. Sean is a blessed little boy as well indeed.
    Beautiful and heartfelt.

  5. Thank you so much for this reminder today- my son is 4 1/2 weeks old, and in the middle of all the exhaustion & confusion of raising a newborn, this post was a real blessing to me!!!

  6. My sons are 30,35,and 36…this is such a beautiful post, I closed my eyes at the end and remembered my sons sleeping in their cribs! Children are a blessing, but daddies are also a huge blessing! Beautiful post!

  7. …And that these things belong not to me, but to the one who created them.

    -I really need to be mindful of this daily.-

    …but that He would form that child whole and safe in the womb, that he would write His name on his forehead, that he would form in him, the heart of a servant, that He would only do all this on the provision that this child would be dedicated to His kingdom.

    – Oh that the heart of more parents would choose this wisdom –
    t’was a blessing to visit here today! Thank you

  8. We hear and see a lot of stuff in the world that is really sad, and twisted and wrong.
    What Antique Daddy has written is such a picture of rightness. Goodness. Thankfulness.
    Thankyou for sharing that.

  9. If all the fathers in the world felt that way about their children and toward God for the gift OF their children, this world would be a drastically different place.

  10. You are blessed with a wonderful husband and great son. Love this post, love your family, love you..

  11. That was beautiful, Antique Daddy. I cherish every moment that I still have a boy who sleeps in his crib. These days are indeed fleeting. In a blink of an eye, he will be taller than me, asking to borrow the keys to the car.

    Precious gift from God, in Spiderman pajamas.

  12. You tell that AD that although I liked him before, I like him even more now. His words are precious and awing at the same time.

    How right he is, says she with the 8 year old who is about to pass her in height… Time is passing too quickly, yet I know that God has great things in store for my little man. That makes this fleeting time a bit more bearable.

  13. What a beautiful tribute to your son. Your husband has a wonderful, loving heart. You are truly blessed with TWO special men in your life.
    How blessed you are to have a praying man in your home and life. Every child and wife should be so blessed.

    Betty in Oklahoma

  14. What a little blessing. I remember praying that for my little girl. My boys came to me whole and already potty trained because they are my blessed step-sons, and their daddy prayed the same prayer for them. 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing Antique Daddy’s precious words. Babies are indeed such a glorious miracle, a rare treasure. How amazing that A.D. was not only cognisant of that fact, but able to articulate it in such a beautiful way. I appreciate you sharing something so personal and lovely…

  16. When my first baby was a colicky monster, I spent weeks wishing I could run away. But then oh, when he fell asleep! I would just look at him in amazement at the hugeness of his blessing. Instead of going to have a shower/eat/nap, I would sit and look at him and be grateful. What is it about a sleeping baby that makes us religious?

    And with writing genes like that on both sides, hoo boy! We had better watch out for Mr. Sean Antique’s career as a writer!

  17. How eloquently put. I have always checked on my babies at night too, there’s just something about their sweet, sleeping faces and little bodies breathing.

    Thanks for sharing you and your husband’s words and prayers. Beautiful…

  18. The family of Antique is truly blessed, and it is evident how thankful you are for the gift of this little miracle.

  19. That is the suhweetest thing I have ever read! Since I haven’t cried enough today, I finished the day off with another good cry.

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