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Deep Thoughts By Antique Mommy

Whenever I have been anywhere with Sean, where there are lots of other children, I usually come away appreciating what a good boy he is, how polite and well-mannered he is, how not-all-that-loud he is, how not-terribly-obnoxious he is, how not-that-whiney he is, how… glad I am that he’s mine.

But then recently I’ve gotten comments from several readers who say the same thing about their kids, that compared to other kids, their kids are pretty darn good.

After much contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that your kid is like your own B.O. – you just think everyone else’s is worse.

Feel free to cross stitch that on a pillow.

61 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts By Antique Mommy

  1. Actually, I have come to the conclusion that your/my children are better when they are at some other place than home or with someone else 🙂 I think mine have been worse at home – maybe because they are comfortable there and feel they can be themselves and don’t feel they have to use their company manners. And they know I am going to love them anyway, no matter how horrible they are being. We are trying to teach that manners work for family too 🙂

    But I do agree on one thing – there are a lot of whiny and obnoxious kids out there.

  2. I am starting to love the little tattle tale at church — it’s opened my eyes to how my kids are really behaving. LOL ::sigh:: Oh to have kids that are perfect… some day. 😉

    I do appreciate that my kids chew with their mouths closed, I must admit.

  3. Well, let me cross stitch this. I think there is fact and fiction and in the end, it all comes out. And while most parents make that same comment of, “Oh, other’s kids make me appreciate mine so much more,” time shows who’s kids really are well behaved. For instance, when Bible School time comes, I often sneak into class, and peak at my son when he doesn’t know I am watching. I like to see him interact with other children. It’s fun to watch him being polite when he doesn’t know I am watching. He’s so taken with a different experience, he never thinks to look around for mom. (Different from Sunday School where I might pop in at any given moment even) In those instances, I reassure myself I am not just thinking it. And on that same token, sometimes it means more when others tell you how polite your son is, than to just “know it” yourself. So, when the comments really will start pouring in is from teachers and other adults. They will take note of it and tell you. Not necessarily other parents, but people who have some authority over your son. They will see him and compare him to other kids. Then you will know what you have known all along is true, and that those other parents we just fooling themselves. (smirking)

  4. So you’re saying that it’s possible that I have wild children and I stink, and I don’t know it? No way, not me. But I know plenty of other people who do.

  5. Hmmm…is that possible? Nah – my boys really are more well behaved than the average kid.
    Now I have to dig out my cross stitching stuff. When is your birthday?

  6. Of course, there are those parents that make you think you’re pretty well-behaved, too, for a grown-up. Case in point: At the Chinese buffet the other night, two little girls were bickering near me as I filled my plate … one little girl had long hair and she flicked it across her shoulder to show her irritation with her sister … and right across my dinner. I guess my face must have registered a look of dismay because the mother said, “What’s wrong?” I told her that her daughter had just flicked her hair across my dinner plate and her response was, “WELL, DUMP IT.”

    No apology for her children’s bickeringly bad behavior, no request of her daughter to apologize, nothing. Just “WELL, DUMP IT.”

    Nevermind I was tired and didn’t really relish the idea of going BACK around the buffet to fill another plate. (Don’t worry … I did.)

  7. I don’t cross-stitch, but I sure would buy a pillow that had that on it. I totally agree. My child is perfect and everyone else’s is not. 🙂

  8. I am an unbiased judge on the behaviour, beauty and brilliance of my children. It just so happens that I actually HAVE three of the best children on earth living in my house, of course.

  9. No no, Antique Mommy… I’ve met Sean. You’re totally right about him.

    But the pillow would make a great accent or conversation piece…

  10. ok, this line… “After much contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that your kid is like your own B.O. – you just think everyone else’s is worse.” … actually made coffee come out my nose! Thanks ever so much! 😀

  11. One night my husband and I took our three kids out to dinner at a restaurant. They were perfect angels. There was an older couple, probably in their 80’s, who, as they were leaving, stopped by our table and said, “We just want to tell you what a beautiful family you have. Your children are so well behaved.” We thanked them and they left. My husband and I just looked at each other and said, “Thank God they caught us on a good night. If only they really knew.” I admit my kids aren’t perfect, although I try my hardest to make them be, but I’m still glad they’re mine.

  12. So true! I also remember thinking with my first at the playground that he was so cute that obviously all the other Mommmys were probably comparing him to their kids and wishing he was theirs. Although I knew this was ridiculous…there was a small (ok, not that small) part of me that kind of believed it. Now that I have a second, I’m even more sure it’s true. 🙂

    By the way, I’ve been a lurker/reader for awhile. Love your always makes me think and often makes me laugh.

  13. I find that my kids tend to be more well behaved in public than they are at home. It’s when they walk through the door that they let their “real” selves hang out and boy oh boy do we need the deodorant!

  14. HA!!!
    You may be on to something. I have come to terms with the fact that only I think my boy is the cutest little boy in a room full of boys. But the behavior thing, I think you just might have a lot of readers with well-behaved children. I can sit in a room with a bunch of children and without any bias, recognize when my kid is being obnoxious. In general, he’s not. But he thinks obnoxious kids are funny, so then he laughs obnoxiously at obnoxious behavior. I can smell him a mile away when he’s like that.

  15. Actually, I already have that on a pillow…”My kid smells like roses.” Not really.

    But it’s true. My daughter’s cry probably seems annoying to many people, but when I hear other babies crying in church or in restaurants, I’m thankful that she has HER cry, not theirs. Weird.

  16. That’s one of the most cross-stitchable things I’ve ever heard. I generally think my kids are the worst, though.

  17. Or maybe your blog just attracts common-sense parents like yourself, which gives us all hope that there is indeed hope for the next generation, if not the next Presidential election 🙂

  18. LOL! That reminds me of a something my grandpa used to say: “By the time you can smell yourself, everyone else has been smelling you for three days.” That probably has its parallel in our views of our children as well.

  19. I hate to burst your bubble but my son is truly the perfect child. No. Really. I swear he is. Stop laughing.

  20. Well, there is that subset of mothers who greatly appreciate the reassurance that yes, your kid really IS much harder to raise than all the others. (Not me, though – my kid is unusually sweet-natured compared to others.)

  21. Yours might be the best behaved, but mine is the most beautiful, and the smartest and the most talented. And parents all over the world wish they had children just like mine. And my siblings look at me with envy at the perfection of my children–which of course is all my doing. And I continue to live in fantasy land.

  22. Heh. Sometimes I think that maybe I really don’t like kids at all and I merely tolerate my own. Other days, I really like my own but can’t stand others. It’s a rare day that I feel really and truly appreciative of the majority of the minority set. But then…I’m grumpy today. Ask me again tomorrow.

  23. When I was a baby, my Mother was fishing for a compliment from my Grandmother (her Mother) about what a beeeauuuutiful baby I was, especially in comparison to my cousin, who was 3 weeks younger. To which my Grandmother replied, “Well, every ol’ crow thinks his is the blackest.” Respectfully, she showed no favoritism to her two granddaughters. I think it was a wise comment.

  24. Well… that one time we were at storytime at the library and Braden walked up behind a random baby and slapped it in the head for no reason, I was so, so SO not thinking that. No ma’am. Not even a little.

  25. So true. I once read in “Parents” magazine that something like 85% of parents believe that they are better disciplinarians than their friends or relatives. I think the article was called “I’m ok, but you’re a wimp!” Anyway, I have to go now because I think I smell someone’s BO…

  26. The laughs you ladies give me, are such a welcome gift! Remember though…just like Sally said “UNTIL they become teenagers”…she was SPOT ON, and all I can say is –you just wait– LOL

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