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The Ladies Man

It has come to my attention that my son is something of a ladies man, that the girls at school all vie for his attention and jockey for position to get to sit next to him.

I witnessed this myself last week at soccer. Apparently one little girl wanted to stand behind Sean in line and didn’t like that another little girl was already standing there. So she moved her.

I thought that for the most part, Sean was oblivious to his effect on the ladies, but apparently he’s been workin’ it.

The other day before school, he dug through the toy box and triumphantly pulled out a bead-it-yourself necklace that we had made last summer.

“What are you going to do with that?” I asked him.

“I’m taking it to school.  I’m going to give it to Reagan.”

“Oh,” I said, “That’s nice of you.”

When I picked him up from school later that day, I asked him how Reagan liked the necklace.

“Well Madison saw it and she wanted it, so I gave it to her.”

“When we get home, I’m going to make another one for Reagan.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said, “Necklaces make girls happy.”

At four, he already fundamentally understands something about women that many men never learn:  Jewelry. We like it. Give it to us. It makes us happy.

* * * * *

Disclaimer: I know. (sigh) Some women don’t like jewelry and it does not make them happy.  Material things cannot bring happiness.  (sigh)  Antique Mommy may cause drowsiness, dizziness, diarreah or excessive snorffing.   If you experience any of these symptoms, stop reading Antique Mommy and consult your doctor.  Antique Mommy has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Antique Mommy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Individual results vary.   Antique Mommy is void where prohibited.  Antique Mommy is good while supplies last. (sigh)

53 thoughts on “The Ladies Man

  1. My son was the same way in preschool. He was up for the “casanova” award at the end of the year, but the teachers decided to keep their decorum intact and left the award out of the ceremony.

    We all knew the truth . . . as we watched all the little girls kiss my JD Green before they could go to their mommies and daddies.

    Sean is one smart little boy. His wisdom now will help him avoid much grief later. : )

  2. What a sweet little boy. I’m sure my daughter would be one of the girls lined up- she’s in K and has her list of boyfriends, no matter how many times her dad says she’s going to be a nun! 🙂 Ha.
    This is a cute story.

  3. Oh those sweet little boys! I just posted some “love notes” my son got from girls (note the plural!) in his kindergarten class. Ps. Love the snorfle.

  4. Oh how early they learn! There was a truly charming little boy that liked my youngest daughter way back in 1st grade. He wore cologne to school regularly, kept his hair neat and tidy and always looked like Little Mr. GQ.

  5. I REFUSE to believe your disclaimer! 🙂 One little boy gave my daughter a gold ring–the band his stepfather gave him at their family commitment ceremony. Boy, was his mom unhappy!

  6. My 3-year-old girl was already like “Eee! Tommy said ‘bye to me!” Tommy, the alluring 5-year-old boy’s boy. We’re in trouble.

    Too bad Antique Mommy doesn’t cause sudden unexplained weight loss.

  7. Ok, so you’ve handled the jewelry disclaimer, but you never even touched the fact that children could trip and somehow choke themselves on said necklace, therefore maybe a necklace is not such a good idea.
    You are so much fun.

    I love jewelry! Someone raised my hubby up right because he has a wonderful habit of walking me in a jewelry store and telling the clerk that I need a new diamond! Woohoo!
    Go Sean.

  8. Send your little man my way! I love jewelry and Valentine’s Day is coming up….perhaps he could give my dear husband a little lesson in what girls like!

  9. Hee hee! Cute!

    I’m not a big “jewelry fan” — that is, it’s not my first choice in gifts, I don’t crave it. Sometimes, though, a nice little bauble of bling is just the thing. 😉

    Love your disclaimer!!

  10. You know Kelli, I used to really love jewelry, but I find that the older I get, the less appeal it has to me. I don’t want to be bothered with caring for it or keeping track of it. I pretty much wear my wedding ring, earrings and a watch and call it a day.

  11. I’m sort of partial to any type of jewlery my son gives me. He has usually got great taste.

    Forget the gold, silver and precious stones. I’ll take the cheap dime store stuff. It holds more meaning. (wipe your tears now)

  12. One of my favorite commedians, Ron White, came up with a great slogan spoofing on the whole “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. His slogan is “diamonds – that will shut her up!” It’s terrible, but I crack up every time I hear it!

  13. I am with you on the jewelry AM. The older I get I can keep up with a few things. Ring- check. Watch- check. Earrings- check.


    A macaroni necklace strung on yarn. Be still my heart.

  14. You could tell him the p.c. thing – which is that it’s not the item but the gesture which makes girls happy. He’ll figure out soon enough that for most girls the bling also makes a difference!

  15. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I LOVE SEAN!!! AM…that is one smart, funny, sweet and veeeerrrry entertaining young man you’ve got there!

  16. Is Antique Mommy available in large quantities on the black market? I do love me some Antique Mommy!

    I’m so glad to hear that Thing1 isn’t the only child who was smooth beyond his years when it came to the ladies. He so did not get that from his fater!

  17. He does, indeed, grasp the jewelry concept, but the little man’s going to have to be more subtle about lovin’ on all the ladies at the same time. Reagan and Madison may be duking it out as we speak, err, write.

  18. AM – I am the same way with jewelry. I used to love to get it and usually wore two (or more) rings, necklaces and bracelets as well as earrings and a watch. Now I just wear earrings, wedding ring and a watch.

    I refuse to say that it is because I am older though. I am just protecting my son’s future inheritance.

  19. I just found your site and was reading some older posts and ran across the brown shoe one. LOL at the office, alooonnneee in my office but not alone in the whole office. Don’t know if anyone heard me or not but that was funny. And I might add, I’ve had the same thing happen to me before, only not at Walmart. At WORK !!!!!

  20. The only jewelry I risk putting on is my wedding ring – and that my friend never comes off out of fear of losing it. Yes…jewelry makes me happy – but the last necklace I wore was removed by my daughter and accidentally left in Chick-Fil-A (never to be seen again)….the last accessory ring I wore was removed by my son and accidentally left in Wal-Mart (never to be seen again). Guess I’ll have to settle for gazing at my jewelry box rather then actually wearing my jewelry for the next few years…..

  21. You know this is just a foreshadowing of when he’s grown, a total playa’ with a girl in every port, selling drugs so he can afford to buy them all jewelry, with 27 children and 27 babymommas until he finally ends up in prison for life for tax evasion and do you know who you can blame? Yourself. Because you DIDN’T BUY THE UGLY RUG.

  22. The Air Soft Warrior at my house was a ladies man too. He still knows what women want, and we do like jewelry. Yes, we do. We also like rose bushes, leather boots, good books, hot tea (oh, that would be me.)

    Loved your disclaimer. You are quite the witty one.

  23. One of my five sons was a lady’s man from the get go! He was never considered to have cooties by the girls, at any age, no siree! When he was in second grade, he got a little hand written valentine that said, “Will you be my sweat heart?” We kept it! I won’t mention what happens when this sort of fellow hits middle school…

  24. One of our youngest son’s friends ALWAYS had a girlfriend from kindergarten and loved giving them jewelry…I asked him one day if his dad gave his mom a lot of jewelry and he said “no, but don’t you think he should?” To which I replied a big old YES SIR!

  25. For me, the strangest part of this story is that someone named their daughter REAGAN. (After the former President I presume.) We definitely do not live in the same neighborhood!!!

    I am very lucky – my wife takes me to the store and says “That one.” She likes me so she leaves off “moron!”.

    Signed: AM’s Kindergarten boyfriend

  26. Yes, well Starnes Friend, we ARE in a red state. But in our area we have kids named Kennedy, Tyler, Madison, Reagan, Jackson… apparently presidential names are in.

  27. Good that he’s learned a lesson now that takes 30+ years for most men! 🙂

    And, well, the disclaimer…I’m still laughing!

  28. This post is hilarious!!! I especially enjoyed the disclaimer because I instantly knew it was meant for any commenter who would say she doesn’t like jewelry.
    I am one of those women who doesn’t wear much jewelry.
    I don’t have anything against it, I am just not one to wear much of it. And that disclaimer is just too funny!!!
    When she was in preschool, my oldest daughter (now 17) received an “engagement ring” from a boy in her class made out of paper (and colored in with blue washable marker, no less!!) Unlike her mother, she is a big fan of jewelry, and has always had boyfriends who buy it for her!!

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