Mildly Amusing

Nothing Worse Than An Angry Monkey

Photo Temporarily Unavailable The other day as I was dressing Sean for church, he thrust Mr. Monkey in my face.  “Be careful,” he warned solemnly.  “Sometimes Mr. Monkey gets angry.”  

Snips And Snails, Wal-Mart

WalMart – Come As You Are, Even In Your Pajamas

Last week, after the second blood draw, Sean and I went to Wal-Mart to get a few things that we needed and a few things we didn’t. He had been such a brave soldier through the whole ordeal — much better than mommy — that I wanted to let him pick out a new Lightning McQueen diecast car or something frivolous. Because it was a fasting blood draw, we had to yank him out of bed at dark thirty in the morning. Consequently it was now the mid-afternoon and he was still wearing what he had…

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Y’all Are So Creative

Well that was fun!  Shall we do that again sometime? I loved reading your answers. You made me laugh.  Here is the shot in it’s original form, but turned upright.  Photo Temporarily Unavailable As you can see, it’s a cake! A half-eaten grocery-store birthday cake.  It took me longer to figure that out than it did you. So then, the randomly chosen winner is Sarah!  Miss Sarah, here is your fabulous prize-like prize package (insert applause and Vanna-like gesture here). Photo Temporarily Unavailable – Two 5.3oz Lindt Petits Desserts chocolate bars, retail value $2.99 each. Now that’s my idea of dessert! – A slightly used Twinkie…

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Antique Junk Drawer


First of all, bloodwork results.  The doctor’s office called Friday night at 5pm and reported that all the bloodwork came back normal — all the liver and pancreatic panels were just fine. Yay! But there is still a lot of sugar in his urine. While that is not nomal, it could be normal for him.  The doctor will chat up the specialists this week and then we will decide where to go from here.  We may need to make a visit to a nephrologist at some point. In the meantime, Sean seems to be feeling well and that puts…

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Photography & Photoshop

Whut The Heck Izit Photo Contest

Sean likes to take pictures with my camera and sometimes he comes back with some pretty interesting stuff. And sometimes I have no idea what he has photographed. So I’m hosting my first ever “Whut The Heck Izit” photo contest.   I have never given away anything on my blog before, but I had dinner with Chilihead Friday night and after a Sangria Swirl, she made it sound like fun. But then everything sounds like a lot more fun after a Sangria Swirl. So then, Sean will randomly select a name from the list of guessers and will personally send the…

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Mildly Amusing

Big Is Beautiful

Yesterday, Sean and I were playing in his room on the floor.  I was laying on my side and he was crawling back and forth across me. At one point, he playfully karate chopped my side from stem to stern and announced, “Mom, you look like the Great Wall of China! I could see you from outerspace!” I’m sure that in some culture, somewhere, that was a compliment. Photo Temporarily Unavailable Update: For those who have asked, there is no update.  We had two rounds of bloodwork on Tuesday, fasting and non-fasting.  (He is still at-home…

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Makes Me Sigh

Magic Cream

Tuesday morning, just as the liquid pink sun spilled over the horizon, I made my way to Sean’s room. I stood over him for a minute and watched him sleep. The nightlight revealed the form of his rounded spine. Like a little bug, his knees and hands were drawn up tightly to his chest. He was cold. He has yet to master the art of pulling up the covers. I resisted the urge to pull his blanket up over him. I was on a mission. I was about to do the one thing that everyone agrees you…

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Always Real, Makes Me Sigh, Outsmarted

Walk, Act, Be

Sunday afternoon was especially lazy here at the House of Antique.  It was cloudy and gray and cold outside, which suited my mood. It was a perfect day for turning inward, shutting the world away and hanging out with my small tribe. I sat at my desk in the kitchen simultaneously watching Sean play in the den while I half-heartedly read email and tried not Google glycosuria. “Mom,” he called to me, “come in here and play pirate with me.” I did not want to play pirate. I wanted to sit at my desk and nurse my anxieties.…

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Modern Medicine, Thank You Notes


Y’all are amazing.  And oddly enough, given to violence. I had no idea so many of my gentle readers would be willing to break someone’s legs on my behalf.  I am honored.  And little fightened.  I’m kidding as I know y’all are too.  You ARE kidding, right? I do want to thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts.  Your prayers were the currents under my wings that kept me aloft these past few days. Anyway, clarifications and updates are in order. First for clarification — and this is all newly learned information for me. …

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Always Real, Faith, Modern Medicine


Tuesday, I had my boat rocked. In my life, I’ve had my boat rocked many a time. I’m a tough gal. I’m a high-cope person. I am good in a crisis. But yesterday was different. Yesterday it wasn’t about me, it was about my child. And it sent me overboard. Tuesday morning, Antique Daddy and I took Sean in for his four-year check-up, which unfortunately includes four vaccinations. I was dreading having to put him through the four shots, but as a family that embraces pharmacology, it had to be done. (Your philosophy on vaccinations may…

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