27 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Love the picture! Love the footie PJs, too.
    Keep on producing a wonderful blog for your fans!

    Betty in Oklahoma

  2. Sadly, the art of waiting is something that many of us (including myself)never seem to master. So good that he’s learned it at such a young age.

  3. This photo makes me hurt. . .it makes me hurt because it shows how gloriously, well loved Sean is. . .and I love my children the same way. . .my life is so blessed and so rich, that is hurts. THat’s what this picture reminded me of.

  4. Beautiful. Children’s feet are pretty expressive in themselves – so vulnerable – see how his are anticipating, too? He’s precious.

  5. Lovely, just lovely! How about sticking up the picture of Sean reaching for the bubble— the one that looks as though he is grabbing the brass ring?

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