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Y’all are amazing.  And oddly enough, given to violence. I had no idea so many of my gentle readers would be willing to break someone’s legs on my behalf.  I am honored.  And little fightened.  I’m kidding as I know y’all are too.  You ARE kidding, right?

I do want to thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts.  Your prayers were the currents under my wings that kept me aloft these past few days.

Anyway, clarifications and updates are in order.

First for clarification — and this is all newly learned information for me.  Blood sugar and urine sugar are not the same.  You should have sugar in your blood, something around 70-110. You should not have sugar in your urine.  If you do (from what I understand at this point and I am NOT an expert) the sugar is spilling over from your kidneys or pancreas which could indicate diabetes or something else.

So then, the first urine test Sean took was accurate.  A sugar count of 2000 is extreeeemly high and a reason to be concerned.  However, his blood sugar was at 85, which you can’t get any more normal than that.  And none of the other markers for diabetes were present in his blood. 

And now for the update:  We went back to the “real” doctor on Thursday and he still had sugar in his urine, but it was down to 250 from 2000, which is elevated but not insane.  But the doctor was stumped. He said he had no idea what was going on and that it was probably one of those one-time mystery medical events for which we will never have an explanation. 

The doctor suggested that we cut all additional sugars out of his diet — sodas, candy, pastries — and then come back in for another urine test this coming week.  The upside to this event is that it was the kick in the pants we needed here at the House of Antique to get the refined sugar out of our diet, something we are all going to do.  In the meantime, I am going to test his urine myself at home and hopefully see that number decline.

Now here’s a tip: Do NOT go on WebMD and start researching all the reasons you might have sugar in your urine because it will not make you feel better.  I did, and I learned that Sean could either be pregnant or have a brain tumor. 

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  1. They tell you the 2000 reading was accurate but was it really? I mean equipment fails, human error, etc…Anyway, I continue to pray for little Sean.

  2. As a pediatric RN at a very busy children’s hospital in Chicago, I can, with all conviction, tell you WebMD is most certainly not your friend, especially when it comes to diagnosing children. Here’s the simple key. Find a pediatrician you completely trust. And if faced with the possibility of something seriously wrong with your child, listen to your doctor. Then get a second opinion. If your doc is worth his salt, he will even suggest that. Keep a calm, cool head. Your child will benefit. And remember. If faced with a hospitalization of your child, it is about THE CHILD. Not you. Not YOUR medical issues. Not how much sleep YOU need. Nurses, at least the nurses I work with, are caring, kind, loving, here-to-help people. They do not want to hurt your child intentionally. They are not about torture. They will bend over backwards to make your stay as nice as possible. But the hospital is not the Holiday Inn. Thanks.

  3. You know, I think *every* symptom I’ve ever researched online, for myself or my children, has been indicative of a brain tumor. I think they just throw that one in there in the profile for every symptom just to make you scared enough to go to the doctor.

    Bravo to you for joining Sean on the no sweets regimen at a time when you probably need the chocolate more than usual.

  4. I’m cheering for the pregnancy. Just think of the money you could make off THAT one…

    I’ve always viewed doctors as detectives. Their just trying to put pieces of our puzzles together to see a big picture. (The problem with your psycho practitioner is that she was taking a hammer to one of the pieces, forcing it to fit… She needed to rotate the piece a quarter of a turn and she would have seen not only that it fit, but that it completed the picture of a beautiful boy.)

    Still praying (and avoiding WebMD – I don’t want to find out that I’m pregnant either!)

  5. I agree with Beth. Brain tumor is the eventual self-diagnosis from virtually any symptom. It’s like the legalese put at the end of the pamphlet. (“Using this curling iron while showering could cause complications.”)

    Glad to hear the numbers are going down. Praying they continue in that direction.

  6. Ah yes, WebMD. On the plus side, it actually gave us a diagnosis for our daughter when all the specialists couldn’t. But I only checked it AFTER all those specialists had quietly ruled out a half-dozen fatal brain diseases.

    I am glad his blood was normal. Our daughter’s problem also turned out to be inexplicably self-healing. Kids are weird.

  7. Glad to know your little guy’s levels are coming down. And just so you know…I would LOVE to come up with some cute little comment about the pregnancy possibility, but I can’t. I’ll let Shalee handle that one for me.

  8. WebMD scares me too. It’s convinced me that I’ve been pregnant MANY times, even on the months where that would have meant there was A Star in the East.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both still, especially when you tell him he can’t have any more cookies.

  9. Nor should you type in a test a specialist has ordered. It can scares the bejeebers out of you. We just had our foster son to a specialist & while she was trying to rule out all the nasty things to confirm what we already knew in our hearts, we waited 8 weeks for the results. I actually prayed for a dx of fetal alcohol syndrome & not the other stuff. How sad is that?
    So no more WebMD.

  10. WebMD is the scariest site in the world. Don’t go there!
    Everything’s going to be all right, one way or another. Take care of your beautiful boy.

  11. I LOL at the pregnant comment. 😉

    I, too, have learned to not go to web md, or to go googling symptoms for an illness I think I or a loved one may have. It’s harder to have peace and trust in God when you fill your mind with everything imaginable that could be wrong.

  12. I’m worse than just a googler, though I do that too. I usually e-mail my old boyfriend (M.D.) with questions, which he still patiently answers after all these years. And yes, my DH knows about it. It’s been a real sanity saver for me.

    I’m so glad that things are looking better.

  13. I’m so glad that his numbers have gone down.

    I agree with the others on WebMD…never, never, never look there again. Or read the scrolling thing on the news channels. Or self diagnose in any way, shape or form. Because that might cause your blood pressure to rise…just kidding.

    I am praying for peace for all of you.

  14. Goodbye refined sugar?? I’m not sure I could make it. Good to hear that things are looking better. Glad Sean gets to pee in a cup a few more times… he’ll have a lot to tell his friends at school about! 🙂

  15. I’m glad he’s okay. I chatted with my RN wife about it last night, and she said pretty much the same thing as everyone else: a second opinion and more testing is always the next course of action.

    My first thought about your last line came in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice: “It’s not a tumor!”

  16. I’ll still keep you all in my prayers and hope for the best for you.

    I’m no expert, but I still think that first test had to have been done incorrectly.

    And yeah… the first thing I thought, too was “It’s not a tumah!”

  17. Thanks for the update, and am so glad it’s better news! I know as soon as I take one of my boys to the doc for some weird ailment it’s either gone by the time we get there or the testing shows nothing and it clears on it’s own. I’m thankful for that-believe me, but it’s scary when they can’t find something!

  18. I hope your knees are a little firmer today. I can’t imagine anything as frightening as getting a major medical diagnosis on my beloved little boy, and NOTHING would make me reel like the events of your last two posts. Hold steady; it will all work out according to divine plan.

  19. Thankful for peace that is able to pass all understanding. Know what you mean about the researching. It sure is a peace stealer. A little info is a dangerous things sometimes. Since your post I’ve cut back on my own kiddos sugar too. Ya’ll take care.

  20. I am thinking of you and praying for comfort & calm for you in the coming days. There is no worry like that of our children. ((HUGS))

  21. Ditto with everyone about the WebMD. It is a kin to watching House. Small rashes bloom into leprosy.

    I am glad that things are better.

  22. Yeah, those medical sites can sometimes be scary. I remember not finishing “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” because of the same reason. It was basically a list of everything that could go wrong with your pregnancy!

    Hope Sean is okay.

  23. Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ve had our own “one in a million, this never happens” medical events with our 4-year-old. May God give you amazing grace and peace.

  24. Speaking of peeing in a cup— a friend Kindergarten teacher told me yesterday that a little boy got in trouble for exposing his pee-pee, while waiting for the school bus. Turned out that he only exposed said pee-pee accidentally, while showing the “guys” his temporary tattoo under his belly button. (You have to unzip your pants for that!)
    Still praying here that Sean’s high score was a fluke. My only son spilled ketones in his urine at sixteen from lifting heavy bus tubs while working in a restaurant. Some things are easily explained, while others take some sleuthing.

  25. I have a medical background, and I can actually sort all that WebMD information with a fair degree of professional aplomb.

    And when it is my son, I still run around like a freaked chicken.

  26. I would ask him what he ate before he went to the doctor the first time. I know that my boys are always sneaking treats for themselves. This is from years of finding empty candy wrappers stuffed under the cushions.

    Are you CERTAIN that he isn’t preggers??? You never know with kids these days! (joke) Did I really need to add the (joke)?

  27. Checked in today just to see an update on Sean. Glad it is a positive one.
    I have looked at those medical sites and they can scare the bejeebers our of you. If you try hard enough you can convince yourself you might be on the verge of death, or it could be a bad case of gas.

  28. When I was pregnant, I spilled sugar in my urine all the time…which is sort of normal when you’re pregnant, I guess…anyway… it was always worse right after I ate something with a lot of white flour in it (like homemade pizza crust), and not just sugar, so don’t let Sean eat anything like that right before his testing either! I hope you can get this figured out soon, and that Sean feels fine through it all!!

  29. “Now here’s a tip: Do NOT go on WebMD and start researching all the reasons you might have sugar in your urine because it will not make you feel better. I did, and I learned that Sean could either be pregnant or have a brain tumor.”

    I had to chuckle a little here. I’ve scared myself silly before researching diseases and symptoms.

    I’m still keeping your little boy in my prayers.

  30. Good luck on giving up refined sugar. I haven’t been able to do it. Have you heard of stevia? It has helped me cut our sugar way down. I cut the sugar that I would put in my tea by 1/2. I use both the stevia and the sugar together. You don’t need as much stevia as sugar to get the sweetness.

    I’m glad things are settling down a bit. Hey, and Sean does get to “do this at home!” Boys! Mine still likes to pee in the backyard. He’s almost 13!

  31. Oh, my stars! My busy Valentine week has kept me away from here and the DRAMA at the House of Antique!! I had to crawl up on the exam table with you! I am SO thankful things are already looking up for precious Sean, and I will pray that his next “tinkle test” is clear as a bell!

  32. So glad “real” doctor was a little less knee jerk and gave you some simple changes you can make to your home life that will help the whole house of “Antique” for the long run.

    Pee-ing in a cup at home . . . extra perk, of course!

  33. Oh, boy, Sean gets to “go” in the cup at home after all! He must be excited. 🙂 And you, too, of course. ha Glad to hear things aren’t as scarey today as they were the other day!

  34. Yeah, webMD or other searches just prove to me that we know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to know what we’re talking about. I hope it all works out for the best, AM.

  35. Please promise me you’ll never let Sean near that horrible woman again!

    I’ve found that since we changed doctors, our youngest suddenly has a lot less wrong with him. Could be that he’s outgrowing the problems he did have, but my vote is that we found a better doc.

  36. Glad to hear things are looking better after a few days and that Sean gets his wish 🙂 Good luck with the sugar-free home and the rest of the situation.

    I guess Sean just always scores high on tests!

  37. I can relate to WebMD. There’s a book called “Where There Is No Dr” that has the same effect on me. Last time I perused it, I had a fever; I couldn’t decide if I had malaria, dengue fever, or typhoid. Then the Advil kicked in.

    But we’ll keep you in our prayers anyway.

  38. After sitting in a pediatric hospital room for three days as my barely two year old grandson was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and brought out of a crisis, I totally understand your reaction when that IDIOT woman scared you half to death. I’m so glad this has a happy ending. I’d give my eye teeth to keep Cameron’s blood glucose level at 80. Why, we’d throw a party. I spent most of yesterday giving him shots to try to get it below 450.

    That woman should have known there’s a huge difference between sugar in the urine and sugar in the blood. Shame on her.

  39. Sending peace your way.
    I know how hard it is to not have any answers about your precious child, and the burden it puts upon a Mommy’s heart. Praying for you!!

  40. Praying for you and Sean. Just read the previous post today and I had tears in my eyes when you quoted Sean telling you he’d take care of you. He is precious!

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