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Walk, Act, Be

Sunday afternoon was especially lazy here at the House of Antique.  It was cloudy and gray and cold outside, which suited my mood. It was a perfect day for turning inward, shutting the world away and hanging out with my small tribe.

I sat at my desk in the kitchen simultaneously watching Sean play in the den while I half-heartedly read email and tried not Google glycosuria.

“Mom,” he called to me, “come in here and play pirate with me.”

I did not want to play pirate. I wanted to sit at my desk and nurse my anxieties. I wanted to stew and worry about what might happen in the coming week.

“Well, I don’t really know how to be a pirate,” I said, hoping he’d ask his father instead, who without question would make a much better pirate. 

But he would not be dissuaded.

“C’mon mom, I’ll teach you!”

“Oh? Is there some sort of pirate training that you offer?”

“You don’t need any training!” he said rather scornfully, “You just walk like a pirate, you just act like a pirate – you just BE a pirate!”

That was the best advice I had heard all day.

At that moment, I vowed that I would not allow future worries to rob me of present joy.  I closed the lid to my laptop.  I walked away from my desk and my future worries and into the den to be a pirate.

In the coming week I will walk like someone who has her stuff together, I will act like someone who has her stuff together – and maybe, just maybe, I might just BE someone who has her stuff together.

And if I can’t pull that off, then I’ll just walk like a pirate.

45 thoughts on “Walk, Act, Be

  1. One thing that always keeps me together is that I trust God has me exactly where He wants me. (Right now I am unemployed, just relocated to a new state, engaged to a wonderful man who lives 3 miles away and has his own mortgage and expenses to pay, and for some reason I know that God will help me work it all out.) He is right there by your side every step of the way. Always.

  2. Thank You – Thank You – Thank You for the reminder to be a pirate while you can – while you are still asked – while the boy still thinks you are the best choice ever! You might have regrets later in life, but being a pirate will not be one of them.

  3. As someone who spends a lot of time being Dora/Diego/Baby Jaguar, I can relate! Bonniebeth puts it well to say we should be grateful we are still asked!

  4. Don’t try to have your “stuff together.” Just walk, act, be Sean’s mom and God’s daughter, His princess. That’s all He’s asked of you. He will do all the rest and more.

    I am praying for you today, dear AM, and I pray He carries you through the next days, even when you don’t have your “stuff together.”

    Sending a hug!

  5. Sometimes to “Just Be” is the best you can be at that given moment. You’re going to be fine whatever comes. You know why? Because you’re the MOMMY and Mommy’s are always okay even when we don’t know how we’re going to take the next breathe. I think it’s a rule or some such nonsense.

  6. Girl, where does God ever ask us to have our stuff together? That’s why we have him! 🙂 He’ll carry you through these next few weeks. You just be a pirate until someone tells you that you have to be someone else, and enjoy piratedom.

  7. First, you need a parrot and a peg leg… then a ho ho ho and a bottle of rum.

    Actually, our minister discussed fear yesterday. He quoted Paul from I Timothy and John Wayne. You probably know the Timothy verse.

    John Wayne said, ” Courage is being afraid but saddling up anyway.” When you get tired of being a pirate, you can be a cowgirl for awhile. Giddy up.

  8. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord lift up His countence upon you and give you peace.

    It is in the quiet moments of crisis that God crystalizes the realities of our faith. It is how He weeds out what we say we believe and we we actually beleive. And, dear one, I think you beleive right! Blessings.

  9. as a battle cry AAaaarg! is pretty good! & if being a pirate doesn’t work you can fall back on Mama Bear!

    Actually I was gonna say something else but Jeanna stole my line!

    Mrs N

  10. I’ve always thought that God subscribes to the “fake it till you make it” method. When I was a missionary, if I just walked like a missionary, acted like a missionary, and tried my hardest to think like one, I knew that God would make me an acceptable messenger and would teach me Chinese to boot! (I was working in Hong Kong.)

    Fake it, sister…you’ll get through.

  11. My husband and I have been praying for The House of Antique since your first post about his glycosuria. I couldn’t resist checking out the subject further— I’m praying for renal glycosuria —an inherited recessive autosomal trait with no symptoms and no problems. (just like his hair and eye color) I know you will walk like a pirate all week with Sean being your head pirate. (The gold is stashed in his hair!)

  12. Just wanted to say that I will pray for you. My oldest daughter is just a few months younger than Sean and I know I would be attached to WebMD if our family was in the same situation. Good for you for choosing to walk like a pirate. He’ll remember that.

  13. Often the best advice comes from children. They don’t have the worries that we adults have, and sometimes we need to really listen to what they are saying, like in this pirate example.

  14. My son (now 17) loved pirates for a lot of years when he was a kid. HE had two pirate themed birthday parties—in K and 2nd grade. Today was reminded of them and Sean when I saw pirate bandaids at Zummiez. (Or does it only have one ‘m’.)

    You and your pirate are in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Such a blessing our children and their imaginations. Being in the moment with them…scatters the worries away. At least for a while… I wish you peaceful resolution and no more worry!

  16. The very kids that cause you the agony also pull you out of yourself and back into the real world. I have found this to be true. In the past when I have felt like not getting out of bed they’ve forced me to get a grip and keep on living. Keep your chin up and you’ll get stronger every day-for your sons sake. ( I also recommend finding a safe place to fall apart -ocassionaly and just for a time)

  17. Fake it til you make it? Been there, done that. Sometimes it’s the best answer to many of the things that get thrown our way.

    Praying for you still…

  18. Goodness Girl! I leave for four days on a trip with my hubby and look what happens (as if my being at home would have stopped it :P) I am so sorry you had the 85 lb. n-p experience. I’ve had bad experiences with docs too, so I’m not that trusting about the medical profession.

    I loved your pirate analogy. When I’m scared, I’ll remember it and just “walk and talk like a pirate.” Good advice, little one.~~Dee

  19. My favorite sorta-poem:

    When you are the neediest,
    He is the most sufficient.
    When you are completely helpless,
    He is the most helpful.
    When you feel totally dependent,
    He is absolutely dependable.
    When you are the weakest,
    He is the most able.
    When you are the most alone,
    He is intimately present.
    When you feel you are the least,
    He is the greatest.
    When you feel the most useless,
    He is preparing you.
    When it is the darkest,
    He is the only Light you need.
    When you feel the least secure,
    He is your Rock and Fortress.
    When you are the most humble,
    He is most gracious.
    When you can’t,
    He can.

    You’ll all be in my prayers!

  20. Just last night, I heard on the O’Reilly Factor that the smart thing to do is to stay away from all the “helpful” medical sites out here. Do NOT Google glycosuria.

    I did. And I’m assuming this is a possibility.

    I so hope not, AM, but I’ll say this. No matter how this comes out, you’re going to amaze yourself. You’re going to be surprised how strong you really are.

    We do what we have to do. I have all the confidence in the world in you.

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