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Big Is Beautiful

Yesterday, Sean and I were playing in his room on the floor.  I was laying on my side and he was crawling back and forth across me.

At one point, he playfully karate chopped my side from stem to stern and announced, “Mom, you look like the Great Wall of China! I could see you from outerspace!”

I’m sure that in some culture, somewhere, that was a compliment.

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Update: For those who have asked, there is no update.  We had two rounds of bloodwork on Tuesday, fasting and non-fasting.  (He is still at-home testing really high for sugar in his urine but seems to feel OK.)  We expected we would hear something at least by the end of the day yesterday. We finally called in the late afternoon and they said it could even be Monday. So we wait.  Ugh.  Thank you all for your prayers and your expressions of concern.  It has made all the difference.

38 thoughts on “Big Is Beautiful

  1. Um…how sweet?

    One time I was playing barnyard bingo with my daughter and she said “I’ll be the chicken and mommmy, uh…well, you be the barn!”
    Thanks, kid.

  2. Well, I am personally amazed that he knows about the Great Wall of China! What pre-school does he attend?!

  3. He’s at Harvard Bonnie. Ha!

    No, we have a bunch of those little DK Reader books, paperbacks and he loves the ones on science and bugs and buildings and history and that kind. We just read’em to him and he absorbs the info like a sponge to use against me later when I’m vulnerable.

    It’s weird how we might read something about the planets to him and then three months later he’ll recite some fact about Pluto back to me. And I’m like, “Oh really?” Oh that my old crusty mind might be so agile that I could keep up with him.

  4. I do too, Blog Antagonist. I do too. For entirely different reasons now than then, but yeah.

    AM, if you think about it from the appropriate angle, the Great Wall of China could be construed as very tall and very thin. Which makes you a supermodel! 😉 Hot ziggity!

  5. Love it! Around Christmas time, and beyond, one of the twins (5) would stand behind me and pat my bon-bon in perfect rhythm to Jingle Bells. Only she would sing “Jiggle Bells, Jiggle Bells”. My amazement of her creativity won over my tendency to be self-conscious. Most of the time:)

    I’m wondering how Sean’s testing went on Tuesday. Hope all is well.

  6. My sister and I were trying on sundresses one time and she asked me my opinion of the flowered one she had on. I replied without thinking “You look like a rather large meadow.” And I didn’t have the excuse of being very young. Luckily, she forgave me.

  7. My husband once tried to pay me a compliment and introduced me as his “drop dead wife” (omitting the word gorgeous between words 2 and 3 in that phrase). I still tease him about it.
    I am praying that the God of all peace and comfort will surround you during this waiting time.

    a West Coast prayer warrior

  8. Recently my daughter and I were shopping and I picked up a pink jacket-sweater for me and she quickly said, no mom, you’d look like a piece of bubble gum. Scary part–she was right.

  9. It is indeed a compliment.

    In Bloggyville.

    We’ll just make it that way, okay? From now on, any comments from kids to their parents about the Great Wall Of China and their size … BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!

    There! Done!

  10. Oh boy. He is too smart. Take away the books and stop teaching him! Just kidding. He is a wonderful kid and the fact that he knows such things is proof that you are doing a great job. I am praying for you guys.

  11. Amazing how children boost our self-esteem…

    How did the lidocaine cream work? Did he do ok?
    I’m curious because I’m a huge needle wimp…yep, and I’m a nurse…sad, huh? Don’t mind giving shots, drawing blood, starting IV’s, just don’t want the needles in ME.

  12. I’m totally thirding the amazement at his knowledge of the Great Wall. I spent a lot of money (ahem…scratch that, my MIL spent a lot of money) on a Montessorri (sp?) preschool for my daughter.

    All she came away with was that Elvis dyed (as in “Miss Clairol”) his hair black and that he died (as in “expired, passed on, went to that Great Jelly Donut Shop In The Sky” etc..) on the toilet.

  13. BTW…between playing pirate and impersonating one of the 7 wonders of the world…how do you find time to read all these comments???

    I’m just sayin’…

  14. I loved Shayne’s comment about Elvis.

    I think Sean is just practicing is back- handed ,future ,grown, guy complimenting skills, and adding a little karate chop with it to complete the lesson.

    Kind of like when my former NFL lineman boss said, ” You should wear red more often, it makes your hair look better.” After which he realized came off wrong so he slapped the back of my chair and said, “Atta girl.”

  15. Back in kindergarten, my younger one’s class made one of those books where there were sentences like “My mommy is happy when …” and “My mommy gets mad when….” Ben filled in the line “My mommy is pretty when …” with “she wears makeup.”

  16. I used to teach 9th graders World History, and they didn’t have a CLUE about the Great Wall of China.

    If you get hard-up for money, your pre-schooler could make some fabulous money tutoring 9th graders…

  17. How absolutely adorable! I’m sure he meant that you are one of the most amazing & magnificent creations on God’s earth :o) Oh, out of the mouths of babes…

    Praying all will turn out just fine for you all! Much love and God bless.

  18. Thanks for including the update. Waiting is so very hard. Even I’ve had a hard time waiting for the update!

    The Great Wall. WE went there on my husband’s 40th birthday. They say that you aren’t a man until you’ve walked the Great Wall. So on my DH’s 40th birthday he became a man.

  19. Oops—that was his 30th birthday. IF it was his 40th before we had kids we would be even more antique parents than we already are!

    My youngest boy turned 16 yesterday–I was turned 40 shortly after he was born and then joined our family…….. what a whirl wind that was!

  20. I am totally amazed that Sean knows about the Great Wall…AND the fact that “they say” you can see it from the moon. (although you know that’s not really true, right?) 🙂 My four year old knows about China, but not the Great Wall.

  21. I’m sorry for the wait, A.M.; I know it has to be always at the forefront of your mind.

    Very funny kiddo, though.

    Just last week, my daughter told me I reminded her of a manatee.


    Well, just your torso, mom.

    Funny enough, she’s still alive. 😉

  22. One of my daughter’s gave me this killer compliment: I was going out–dressed in a red sweater dress and red and white spectator heels and a white shawl. My daughter, who was about three at the time looked at me and said, “Mommy, you look like Cruella De Ville!”

    Uh, thanks, sweetie.

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