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Nothing Worse Than An Angry Monkey

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The other day as I was dressing Sean for church, he thrust Mr. Monkey in my face.  “Be careful,” he warned solemnly.  “Sometimes Mr. Monkey gets angry.”


29 thoughts on “Nothing Worse Than An Angry Monkey

  1. You know, if it weren’t Sean, and he weren’t your child, I’d say that’d be a pretty good repetitive line for a “seemling harmless toy gone very VERY bad” horror flick. But I look at that angelic face and that little church boy slicked back hair and vest and those completely disarming little eyes and well, the horror flick quotient just isn’t there, is it?

  2. How funny! My husband and I were in an antiques store the other day…on their front door they had a sign that said “ALL MONKEYS BITE”. I thought it was both hilarious and frightening…it made me wonder what was going on inside that store! There weren’t any monkeys though!

  3. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH. Neena is scared of Mr. Monkey! I bet Mr. Monkey is filling your house with lots of sweet memories. Sean looks like he is feeling great. Hope so.

  4. I think Sean already has a head start on psychology 101 and is well on his way to being a shrink! Do not cross his monkey when you are alone in the house — monkey bites can be fatal.

  5. I could scoop him up and eat him with a spoon.

    I’d love to know what makes Mr. Monkey angry. Tip: don’t force Mr. Monkey in the washing machine anytime soon. I have a scar on my right forearm from the last time I put my daughter’s bear in the wash. He’ll just have to stink from now on.

  6. I found that more than “mildly amusing”! I do wonder a little bit if Mr. Monkey becomes large, green and muscular when he’s angry.

  7. Mr. Monkey needs to get angry with me. I put Shawn instead of Sean in last post’s comments. Can I blame it on I was up waaay too late? No?? Dagnabbit! That monkey is harsh. 🙂

  8. From the look on Sean’s face, I think you had better heed his warning about that monkey…………

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