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If you are much younger than me, you probably don’t remember the television show Hee Haw and therefore the title of my post today will make absolutely no sense.

Anyway, that’s just my way of saluting all you moms in the northeast and midwest and other snowy places who dress their kids in snow clothes four and five times a day.

After dressing Sean in our make-do snow clothes several times on Thursday, I need to rest for the remainder of the weekend.

Glory be it’s exhausting! — all the pulling and tugging and tucking and snapping and buttoning and velcroing.  

Mental note to self:  Make sure child goes pee pee before beginning the pulling, tugging, tucking sequence.

At one point I looked out the back windows to see him shoveling snow with his purple plastic beach shovel. Two observations: 1) He was shoveling the snow in such a way that is was blasting him directly in the face and 2) He thought this was fun. 

At some point he was shoveling so vigorously that he broke the shovel in two.

Southern boy cannot operate snow shovel.

30 thoughts on “Suh-lute!

  1. 🙂 Whenever I see heavily bundled children, I always think of two thing … the movie “A Christmas Story” (I can’t put my arms down) … and the day I met my daughter, since she wore six layers and looked like the Michelin Man. I’m so glad he’s enjoying himself, and I feel your pain. Sending commisterating thoughts your way.

  2. I, too have much respect for the Moms in Colder Climates. Having grown up in the northern part of Sweden (LOTS of snowy days, and with only 2 TV channels and nothing remotely akin to video gaming, we spent LOTS of time outside in the snow and cold.

    And that scene in the movie A Christmas Story where Mom is bundling up the little brother to the point where he hardly can move? Not far from the truth! 🙂

  3. Oh my, yes, I remember those days. I had three littles and it took half the day to dress them, and then undress them for the snow. Oh, and the wet clothing lying around in front of the fire…

    Have fun in that Texas snow! 🙂

  4. Pre-snow pit-stop is standard of care in MN. 🙂 I recall my mother getting upset with us when we’d come back in the house 5 minutes later (already bringing half the front yard’s worth of snow on our boots) announcing we needed help because we had to pee BAD. Ha!

  5. Here in the Columbus, Georgia area where we get snow maybe once every couple of years, it just so happened this morning as I was reading blogs that I looked out my window and, lo and behold, it was snowing! In March! By the time my two Southern girls rounded up enough warm clothing, the snow had stopped.

    We were enjoying almost summer-like weather just last week. Crazy Georgia weather.

  6. Laughed out loud at the last line.

    Before The Boy, hubster and I used to spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, mostly hiking with some skiing and skating and sledding thrown in here and there. Even for two adults, assembling and applying all the layers was a project. But I discovered recently that kiddo can put on his own hat and mittens!

  7. Give the kid credit — cold is awfully hard on a $.99 piece of plastic designed for sand and surf. But the metal kinds don’t exactly seem like a good idea for a four-year old, either.

    I also admire the mamas who have to put up with the slushy footprints — of children AND dogs — as well as the soggy clothing everywhere. No, thank you!

  8. We watched Hee Haw faithfully when I was growing up. That may account for my lack of… um… sophistication.

    I’m with you on Tuesday’s snow. My kids enjoyed it until their gloves got wet (we don’t have any waterproof ones!), and my three-year-old begged to go in. She said, “I don’t like cold snow – only warm snow.” Good luck with that, honey.

  9. Yes, I remember those days– the HeeHaw days, and the stuffing (and unstuffing)-of-children-into-layers-of-warm-clothing days. Good times.

  10. Haha! I had fogotten the Suh-lute, but I remember now!

    So would you say that this weekend you are singing, “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me?”

  11. I have had a serious case of Southern Envy this week. Every blog I go to seems to be talking about planting things. Heck, we can’t even bury my daughter’s cat yet! We live in NE Indiana & are being hit with yet another snow storm this weekend. I love winter, really I do. But this is getting stupid. Ice on Tuesday, snow on Saturday, windchills of -9. Enough already. I’m really afraid we’re going to have an Easter Egg hunt in the snow this year!

  12. I agree; the coats and mittens and hats and boots are the WORST part about winter. (Especially when the kids shed all that outer wear within the first 10 minutes of being in Target anyway, because it’s too warm in the store to stay bundled. I swear, I need a second cart most days just to carry all the coats!)

    But doesn’t your heart just warm to the sight of Sean enjoying all that sow? I try to remind myself that’s what makes it all worth it. To kids, snow is magic.

  13. Hear, hear! Must definitely remember to take a pre-bundle pee-pee….we forgot to do this today (a foot of snow as of this morning, and it’s been snowing all day but I’m afraid to look outside).

  14. When I asked my niece in White Oak if she had been outside to play in the snow she answered a resounding negative. I asked her why and she said: “Because it’s cold!!!”

    Truly a southern girl…

  15. Yes, I remember this day whenever we drive through a little town community, my DH will read the name and population and give the ol HeeHaw “Suh-lute!”

  16. As a former southerner who moved north 6 years ago– the secret to this is ski pants. All the kids own these and wear them to school. There are hooks in the classrooms for everyone’s ski pants. I have five kids and I just buy black for all– boys and girls– because it can go for either gender and tends to match any coat. The kids just slip right in and out of these and they keep everyone oh so toasty. Just a tip!

  17. This reminds me of the days when my boys were little. Michelle is right, by the time they get to school they can put their own snow pants on, it’s a piece of cake! But in the toddler days, during the winters when my three boys were about 1, 2 and 3 OR 2, 3 and 4, etc…… it was horrendous! Bundling them up in snow suits or snow pants. Finding all their hats, their gloves and boots–getting them on them, etc. It was a nightmare. (My boys are unusually close in age due to adoption.)

  18. My dad used to LOVE Hee Haw. I only liked when the Mandrell sisters would do a skit and sing. I haven’t thought about that in years.

    I definitely will not miss having to bundle up my kids from November to February just to let them play…

  19. Oh Hee Haw. When television was at its most erudite. Having said that, I did watch it. Because right now,the words, “Ima pickin’ … and Ima grinnin'” have surfaced from the recesses of my mind.

  20. I personally felt responsible for a winter without snow in Massachusetts many years ago. All I had to do was purchase for each child new boots, snow pants, coats, mittens and hats in SEPTEMBER. Yep, no snow – that winter gear was a total waste of money. You can also do this by purchasing a new 24″ snowblower – or several years later a wind screen for said blower.

    Eventually they grow out of the need for winter clothing… and go out in shirt sleeves when it’s minus 5 out!

  21. Well, I’m sure watching your son was a great Awww…moment, however, I’m sure our neighbors in Indiana years ago had a great time! I imagine them watching out their windows, smirking, smiling and out and out laughing at the Californians trying to clear that driveway with a dust pan and a spade! It wasn’t until we were finished that they pulled out their fancy snow blowers!

  22. I remember Hee-Haw. But that’s because I’m old enough, lol. I also remember living in Massachusetts and upper state New York at that age: struggling to put on snowsuits, rubber boots with 10 buckles each, and plastic snow mits that came up to my elbows. Also… wool mittens filled with snow clumps that dried out in the oven. And sometimes burned.

  23. Well, thank you for the “suh lute.” I have put on many a hat and mittens in my day here in central Illinois. The first time we put our son in a snow suit to play outside as a toddler, he did, indeed topple over before he even made it out the door.

    Now that they are teenagers, I usually can’t even get them to wear a hat….

  24. This is why we don’t leave the house for 5 months. Seriously. There are two of them, one of me and by the time you get one pair of boots on, the other is off. We Canadian moms LOVE summer. All 6 weeks of it.

  25. Oh my gosh … I know EXACTLY what you mean. I raised my boys in the south, where a “snow day” meant an inch or two and putting on their heavy jackets. Two years ago, though, I kept my sister’s kids, who were 4 and 1, for a week in January in Connecticut. I could not believe how hard it was to put everything on and then pull everything off after they were cold and tired and everything was dripping wet. I’m surprised the birth rate doesn’t come to a screeching halt in areas that get lots of snow!

  26. Oh my…Hee Haw! I was a kid when that was on..we used to love the song “Where oh where, are you tonight…” It was the only time my mom let us make rasberries.

  27. We are still digging out here from this weekend’s blizzard. I don’t find snow nearly as much fun as Sean does!!! But I did enjoy the video of him having all that fun!!
    I remember Hee Haw, I guess that gives away my age…

  28. Just found your blog and am reading your archives. Here in Minnesota we are still having flurries, up North they are having actual snow dumped on them. I still think the only reason they are switching to all day kindergarten in our district (and extending the elementary school day by one half hour) is because by the time they get all the snow gear off in the morning–it’s not too long before they have to bundle them all up to send them home!!!

    I am enjoying your blog–Thanks!

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