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Not A Frog But A Prince

Saturday afternoon, Sean and I were reading one of his little DK Reader books about how frog eggs turn into tadpoles turn into frogs. I told him that a lot of things start out life looking like tadpoles besides frogs – chickens, rabbits and even little babies.  And then we looked at a book that shows a developing fetus — and in many ways in the earliest stages, it looks remarkably similar to a tadpole.

“Wow,” Sean said in awe as he peered at each of the pictures. “That’s inter-westing.”

After thoroughly inspecting the last picture of the doctor proudly holding up a newborn baby, he said, “I’m glad I didn’t turn out to be a frog!”

“Me too!” I said.

That woulda really surprised the doctor, not to mention sullied my good reputation.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Definitely not a frog.

21 thoughts on “Not A Frog But A Prince

  1. Yeah, who wants to be on the cover of one of those “Aliens Implanted Me With Baby Elvis!” rags? 😉

    Goodness, woman, you are up at all hours lately.

  2. He is definitely YOUR son. He looks just like you … in boy form. He is such a bright little boy. So smart! Keep up the good work, Antique Mommy. You are doing very well. 🙂

    Betty in Oklahoma

  3. Ah, but one day you will have to get into a conversation about how the little baby started out in the first place. That’s where things get fun!

    Just went through that with our daughters last year. Everyone handled it pretty well. But I’m just glad it’s over!

    My new blog To Love, Honor and Vacuum is now up!

  4. I figure I’m kind of laying the groundwork with the story of the tadpole. That way it won’t be a shock to him when we tell him we found him in a pond.

  5. ummm yeah, when that coversation comes up just have him call DD1 over here. She’s been asking questions along those lines for well over a year now. I finally got her a book (“It’s Not the Stork”) cause she double checks your answers when you’re not around (asks other adults). She noted the tadpole resemblence as well. I’ve already offered apologies to the other mom’s in the neighborhood as I’m sure my child will be the one filling them all in on the details.

  6. I love your blog. I read it every chance I get. (sob) But with the new background, I can’t see the words. I’ll keep checking back for the next remodel. Sorry

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