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Dear Husbands Across America,

If your wife is being self-deprecating, you are not allowed to join the party. It is not a bandwagon, do not jump on.

Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

~ Antique Mommy

* * * * *

In the interest of equal opportunity:

Dear Wives Across America –

The art of being wife wise, is knowing what to overlook.

Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

~ Antique Mommy

35 thoughts on “Husbandry

  1. I am forwarding this on to my husband who when I pulled up my shirt to reveal my poochy stomach and said “I can’t stand this.” He replied “Your still beautiful.” Still? Shouldn’t the correct response be “Honey you aren’t fat at all.” To add to it he followed up with “You look great FOR HAVING 2 KIDS.” WHy, Why, Why won’t the learn.

  2. Men are such simple creatures…they need our guidance. If it weren’t for us, they’d all be running around naked (or at least in dirty underwear!) and starving to death!!! I love my husband so, so much…but sometimes he does or says things that make me worry about him!!! Glad I’m not alone! LOL!!!

  3. Commentor Bee nailed it….where’s the back story??

    Come on, I’m sure one of us has been there and heard that, so to speak.

  4. This is how I have remained married for 24 years. The secret lies in picking your battles.

    Plus, just a question for the universe. How does a man who seemingly can run a business and appear fairly brilliant, not catch things that are basic common sense?

    Me- I am going to the hair dresser this weedend-
    Him- Good!! ( sounding relieved) You need to get him to get the dye further down into your roots. They are really, really grey.

  5. Why oh why do they never learn? I can only remember my husband once really saying just the right thing. I was in the beginning to middle part of pregnancy–you know when people look at you and wonder if you are pregnant or just eating too much ice cream–and I said “do I look pregnant?” My husband wisely said, “do you want to look pregnant?” That was the last time he knew just what to say. The kid I was pregnant with is now 18.

  6. We want them to be honest. We love it when they agree with us. Poor guys. What’s a man to do?

    Here’s what puzzles me: The casual acquaintance remarks, “Wow, you look really good for having five kids!”
    I’m sure they mean well, but what is the “standard” for a post-five-children-birthing body, the last two being twins? Am I lookin’ good in comparison to that, or just lookin’ good overall? I choose to believe the latter! It makes my indulgences easier to live with!:)

  7. There was that time when I said to Mr. Right that I was feeling out of shape and fatter. His reply of “Well, Shalee, you can do something about that, you know” was not met with joy nor understanding. There’s a time for logic and a time for ice cream. If I wanted logic, I would have gone to a trainer…

  8. On behalf of my gender, I apologize.
    This can be an important lesson for husbands, and particularly for fathers: learn how to properly care for your wife, and model this behavior. We need more males growing up knowing how to be men.

  9. Hey AM — great post. I think I should send it to my son, who said recently: “You know, Mom, you’re right — you have been putting on some weight.” Never too early to take advantage of a teachable moment.

    I just wrote about you on my blog. No, I didn’t find a way to copy from yours — I typed it out because I liked the post so much. Hope you don’t mind.

  10. …but we, wise woman, should also learn not to ask the wrong questions…I was 6 month pregnant, and gained ten pounds on one month only, so my doctor decided I should be on a low calory diet. So the next day as part of a conversation I told my boss (man) “can you believe this doctor told me I should be on a diet?”, and he answered “yes I do, I’ve noticed you’ve been eating a lot lately”. I could only laugh after that because obviously wrong questions are supposed to be answered this way.

  11. Ah, but no where in this post do I say I asked a question. What I said is that when one is poking fun at oneself, one’s spouse should probably not jump right in and help.

  12. Well said and “short and sweet” too. Good Job! 😉 I came over to check on your son, but I assume he’s doing well. Take care!

  13. How true. If I never hear the word “still” before beautiful, sexy, attractive or any such word again it will be far too soon!

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