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This weekend we celebrated Aunt Jean’s 90th birthday.  Don’t even try to keep up with this woman unless you’ve got rollers skates — she’s on the computer, she’s up on all the news, she’s on comittees, she’s on the go all the time. 

Someone at the party commented that if they make it to 90, they just hoped they could get around as well she does.  I said I didn’t care if I could get around at all, I just wanted to be that stylish. 

I asked her to what she owed her longevity and she said good genetics, good attitude and good diet.  And by good diet, she means plenty of Diet Cherry 7-Up and Snickers.  And the occasional Braum’s ice cream cone.

Happy Birthday Aunt Jean! 

33 thoughts on “Nonagenarian

  1. Look at that skin! Fabulous! And that smile!

    She sounds like a wonderful woman with an awesome attitude. I don’t want to “just get around”…I want to live!!

    Happy Birthday Aunt Jean!

  2. She looks wonderful! I remember my great-grandma and how she got around so great when she was in her 90’s. She was in the hospital once, not expected to get out, and she was so determined not to die in a hospital, she got well enough to go home! It was several years later when she finally had enough of this earthly life! Went back and read the Snickers and 7-up post! Hilarious!

  3. Maybe it’s all in the name???? I can live in hope!

    She looks fantastic.

    Best wishes to all of you.

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday Aunt Jean!!!!! And many more. I have a friend at church who has your same sparkle–your same pizazz–and still drives her own car. She’s 102!!!!! I’ll be asking about her love of Snickers and Diet Cherry 7-Up. If she shares your love, then that’s the ticket.

  5. My grandmother was very active and involved right up into her 80’s when she was felled by Ovarian cancer. I hope I have her genes and can stay active and involved at least that long!

  6. Oh yeah…unless you could be like Aunt Jean, turning 90 just wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Hope her day is happy. My oldest’s 19th birthday is today.

  7. My granfather died at 97 and I got his last email (with attachment!) the week before. He was unbeleivable. Happy B-Day Aunt Jean!!

  8. That is inspiring. I love little old women who don’t seem little or old. You go, Aunt Jean. May you see many more productive and joyful years. With lots and lots of Snickers.

  9. She’s 90!?! That’s amazing.

    I wonder if Diet Pepsi will substitute for her Diet Cherry 7 UP? I’ve been telling myself I have to quit, but if she kept it up, maybe I should cut myself some slack?

    As long as I can still knit when I’m 90, I’ll be happy.

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  10. She’s ninety?? NINETY?? Really?? *Sound of door slamming and car starting, tires squealing…a short time later, all stores within a twenty mile radius are cleared out of all diet Cherry 7up and Snicker bars*

  11. Gorgeous! But, I bet part of her longevity is that she is beautiful on the inside too. Her skin though? Find out what she uses. QUICK. HURRY. CALL HER NOW. I bet it’s good old Jergen’s!

  12. Who could ask for more: beautiful skin, stylin’ glasses and a cute little haircut! I HEART Aunt Jean! I hope I look that good at 70, and, heck, let alone even make it to 90!

    Aunt Jean, you GO GIRL!!

  13. Loved the picture of your Aunt Jean, and all the comments by your relatives and friends.

    Jean is truly the precious person that she appears in the picture.

    She has been wholely responsible for keeping our retirement organization active. If anyone wants to know something they go ask Jean!! She was awarded the organization’s “Outstanding Volunteer in the state of Texas” a few years ago. As much as she still does for people, she would still win it every year if that was allowed…

    By the way, you need to add Cheerios to her diet:-)

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