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I had to take my photos down because they were causing problems with the site. When those issues are resolved, I’ll try to put some of the photos back up.


Is this not a fabulous photo? I wish I had taken it.

It was taken by my friend, Olivia.  I interviewed her recently and here’s what she had to say:

AM:  How old are you Olivia?

Olivia:  I am ten.  I was still nine when I took the picture.

AM:  This is really an amazing picture that you took of your sister.  Did you realize that when you were capturing the image?

Olivia:  Thank you! No, I didn’t realize it would be so great.

AM:  Did you plan this photograph or was it one of those happy accidents that all artists enjoy every once in a while?

Olivia:  It was sort of both.  I planned out what she would be holding and where she would sit, but everything else just kind of fell into place, like the light shined on her face the right way, and the wind was perfect for the picure. That was a happy accident!

AM:  What are your favorite things to photograph?

Olivia:  Hmmm…. Anything!  If I see something funny or if I just want to remember the moment, I take a picture of it. I carry my camera everywhere!

AM: Carry your camera everywhere! That’s great advice.  Thank you Olivia for sharing your beautiful photograph with my readers!

* * * *

So then dear readers, what shall we name Olivia’s fabulous photo?

Leave your suggestion in comments through noon tomorrow (3/19) and we’ll pick the one that we think best captures the essence of the image.

I’ll send the winner a copy of Joel Sartore’s new book Photographing Your Family — And All The Kids And Friends And Animals Who Wander Through Too.  

Sartore, a National Geographic photographer for more than 14 years, has put together a wonderful book on how ordinary people can take extraordinary photos.  Even if you are not into photography, it is just a beautiful book to browse through.  What I loved about this book is that it is more about how to capture images and moments rather than how to operate a camera.  In fact, I liked the book so much that after I reviewed it, I asked the good people at National Geographic to send me one for you too and they graciously obliged.

So then, put your thinking caps on and let’s name that fabulous photo!

119 thoughts on “Fabulous Photo Contest

  1. My husband wants to enter it, too:

    “Breath of Life”

    (the breath is blowing the seeds out to drift to other places to take on new life)


    “Beauty and the Breath”

    from Ed G. of Oklahoma
    (Ed is an amateur photographer himself)

  2. “Seeds of childrens bouquets”
    I’m remembering all the times I’ve been presented these dandy lions and smiling faces and little hands.
    How about that “DANDY LIONS”

    Seeds of childrens flowers”

  3. I had a computer problem so I’ll try again I’d like to enter the photo naming contest with Olivia’s name
    I’m sure I’ve seen these puffs in that season!!My other entries are on the post above this one.

  4. I kknow I e-mailed these to you earlier but now that I can I thought I would repost them here.

    Wishes in the wind
    Weeds or wishes?
    Fairy flutters
    On a whim and a whisper
    Dandelion kisses
    Casting kisses
    Daydreams set drifting
    Angel lips

    I also like this quote…
    “You cannot forget if you would those golden kisses all over the cheeks of the meadow, queerly called dandelions.” Henery Ward Beecher

    I also just thoought of…

    Childhood dandes

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