Chain Yanking Is Our Tradition

Mommy can I have some more grapes?

No, you’ve had plenty of grapes.

Oh. (long pause for dramatic effect)  I thought you loved me.

No.  Not really. I never really liked you that much.

Are you teasin’?

Yup. Just kidding.

So.  Can I have more grapes?

Still no.

23 thoughts on “Chain Yanking Is Our Tradition

  1. I’ve been there and done that…
    Let your “No” be “no” and be brave,
    like you are! Good job! lol

    Betty in Oklahoma

  2. Sometimes the manipulation is just so blatant that I start laughing uncontrollably. I know, I probably shouldn’t, but I think it makes my daughter very irked that I’m not taking her seriously. She’ll either stop, or perfect her acting skills.

  3. I am really going to have to guard myself against being too sarcastic with my little one. It’s pretty much my family’s love language, and she won’t understand that at her tender young age.

  4. Jet has perfected the doe-eyed, slow blink stare, accented with a questioning, guilt-inducing tilt of the head. Like Brigette, I can’t help but giggle at it!

  5. Dry, sarcastic humor from the parents is a staple at our house.

    “No, we don’t love you. In fact, we only keep you around so someone else can do some of the work around here. And when you get older, you’re going to do it all while I sit around and watch TV all day.”

    It’s usually met with an eye roll and “Mom!”

  6. ROFL!! Chain yanking is my forte!

    (insert whine) “Why can ____ do/have that and I can’t?!”

    “Because I love ____ more.”

    They’re onto me though, as the response is usually, “I know you don’t!”

  7. You should know that because of the way you just talked to your son he will most likely be carless at age 6, jobless at age 8 and a Republican by age 10. I hope you’re happy with yourself.

    When one of my kids complains that a sibling is getting better treatment, I usually say, “That’s because I love her more. I’ve always loved her more. I thought you knew that.” Of course they laugh and say, “No you don’t!” and I say, “Yes I do, that’s why you have to go barefoot and sleep in the tool shed, so we can afford to buy her gold plated hair ribbons.”

    They learn to get sarcasm pretty early, and our joking about favoritism usually serves as a reminder of how ludicrous they’re acting, to think we would favor one kid over another.

    And now I realize that Noodle already said what I just said. Which is why you love her more.

  8. Yes, I spent two hours yesterday on activities to stop him talking about “Madagascar”, at the end of which he just said, “So – about watching Madagascar”. Obviously humoring me!

  9. Oh boy. Do I know that conversation. My mother used to have it with me and now I have with my son. When I ask him to help me and he gives me a hard time, I tell him that I had a son just so I wouldn’t have to do it myself. Then I remind him that he’ll do the same thing to his kids some day. And I can’t wait!

  10. Oh I see he’s learning early the ways of good humor! I do what Jeana does. I alternately tell one kid that I love the other better when they start in on the comparison bit. You should have seen their faces when I pulled it on each of them. Now they just smile and shake their heads. I don’t know how you’ll manage that with Sean seeing as he’s a single child… maybe you should get another dog…

  11. Just wait till they start doing it back. Our little one (two at the END of April) already understands jokes and seems to get sarcasim. And she’s not even TWO.
    Be afraid, be very, very afraid.
    She too has perfected the head tilt w/the dimpled smile, especially for her Daddy. Her blanentness with it is what’s so funny. It’ll be when she figures out how to be totally sly about it when I’ll lose my sense of humor.

  12. “You don’t LOVE me!” sob almost any of my children whenever I suggest that several straight hours of television will rot their little brains. Poor babies.

  13. My favorite response to this kind of thing has always been, “Of course I love you. But that’s not what this is about. This is about grapes. ” It kind of derails them while they try to figure out just what you meant.

  14. I just found your blog because apparently we both had the same horrific exerience with our websites. But I LOL’d at this post and wanted to say BEEN THERE.

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