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Stripes Are In

In keeping with my quest to provide Sean with a perfect Norman Rockwell childhood, we stopped by Taco Bueno on the way home from church after Easter services and picked up some party burritos for lunch.

Who wants a ham and all the fixin’s served on the family china when you can have a burrito on paper? I figure if I keep his expectations low, it will make it easier on his future wife.

Anyway, as our little tribe of three sat around the kitchen table quietly eating our pathetic Easter dinner of burritos off paper, without warning Sean turns to his father and says, “Daddy, I love you more than all the stripes on your shirt!”

“Why thank you Sean,” Antique Daddy says looking down at his shirt.

“In fact, I love you more than all the stripes on all the shirts in the world.”

“Wow,” Antique Daddy says, “That is a lot.”

Sean sets his burrito down and looks up at the ceiling. In little boy fashion, he has shifted his brain into overdrive thinking how he can escalate this unquantifiable quantity of love he wants to describe into the realm of the absurd.

“All the shirts in the word – plus all the stripes on all the zebras in the world!”

He grins wildly at his daddy and then returns to his burrito.

When I am an old and brittle and I look back on the Easter that Sean was four, I won’t remember a big fancy dinner or a noisy table full of chattering people dressed in fancy clothes or overflowing Easter baskets. I won’t even remember burritos.

I’ll remember that unquantifiable, unimaginable, unrestrained love is best described in stripes.


2 thoughts on “Stripes Are In

  1. Apparently when my blog exploded into a million bytes recently, all the comments to this post were lost. I still have them in my email though and because I treasure your comments so much, I’ve copies and pasted them below. Yes, every one. Copy. And. Paste.

  2. Okay, I’m getting around to putting the lost comments back. Luckily I still had them in my email:

    1. Oh. My. Goodness. Your last sentence just knocked me off my chair.

    (Your boy is too cute, too) ~ Jenni

    2. Expressing one’s love in stripes does seem to be an Easter theme.

    I love that you and Antique Daddy revel in Sean’s childhood. It always reminds me to stop and drink it all in more deeply. ~ Kelly @LoveWell

    3. Sweet, tender story. ~Zoom

    4. AM, your last sentence could blow a person out of the water. May we all remember the year unquantifiable love was best described in stripes! ~Becca

    5. So sweet and eloquently expressed….by you and Sean.

    I used to love my Mawmaw “more than the whole world and all the stars in the sky”.

    Now I know why she would get misty eyed. ~Nancy

    6. Love this post. The first line slayed me. Slew me. Did something entirely grammatically correct but nonetheless marvelous to me. Was very funny. ~Jeana

    7. Amen! What a little sweetheart! ~Linda

    8. Out of the mouths of babes… ~Shayne

    9. Precious. A perfect sentiment. ~Jenny

    10. Lovely ! ~PJ

    11. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at a striped shirt the same! Bee

    12. That is so very precious. What a beautiful story. And not to try tomake it too deep, but at Easter time there is a lot of talk about how “By his stripes we are healed” perhaps Sean heard that phrase as well and started his little mind pondering about stripes and love, etc. Our little ones are so wonderfully perceptive. A side note, during our Easter message our pastor said “Some of you are going to leave here today and have a nice big ham dinner and some of you are going to have Tex-Mex and that’s all good. He loves Tex Mex and was having nachos and cheese with his Easter dinner. ~Becoming Me

    13. You had me at party burrito. ~Chilihead

    14. Awww…and here I aired my dirty laundry on my page today. We had ham darn it! Now I know! ~Kim

    15. I love that! My kids always said, “I love you all the way around the world and back.” They still say it. And I still love it. ~Sheila Gregoire

    16. Smart thinking with those expectations for Sean’s future wife. And burritos are good any day…

    I love it when The Boy tries to outlove me or himself. But he always follows up with “But not more than God because he loves us the most.” That Boy… he’s got some things down better than I do. ~Shalee

    17. Precious. Just precious. ~MaryBeth @ Ministry So Fabulous

    18. How sweet … and try to remember those words when Sean turns into a teen and hardly speaks or grunts at you as you walk through the room or attempt conversation with him. (Just trying to prepare you and keep it real)

    Actually, your comment at the end of your blog “when you are old and brittle” … brought me to tears. This is what happens when a grandmother of 12 (like me) thinks to her future years, which are not too far away. Memories are all we have when we grow older, I suppose. ~Betty G.

    19. Now that is definitely an Easter to remember. 😉 ~Circus Kelly

    20. Awww, that boy is just too sweet. He reminds me of another deep-thinking little boy that I love, at that age. ~Jess

    21. And what is that verse about “by his stripes we were healed”? They were stripes of love as well. ~Krista

    22. I too like keeping the expectations low for the future daughter in law. I am constantly telling my son that he’ll marry the first girl who cooks for him. He’ll think she’s wonderful!! It sounds like your family had a great Easter made better with the love of stripes. ~Jean

    23. That’s pretty much as good as it gets. (Next year, polka dots.) ~Ortizzle

    24. A triple-whammy post: open with a snort (Norman Rockwell/Taco Beuno), add a guffaw (daughter in law/eXpectations), close with a serious pluck at the heartstrings (unrestrained love/stripes). What a ride! Inspired writing. ~diXymiss

    25. That was very sweet! and quite astute for a little guy! lisa (lostpezhead)

    26. He is sooo sweet…and you write sooo well! ~Carola

    27. What a lovely little boy you have. The love you three share just jumps off your posts. God Bless you all. ~Mary

    28. This post is one more reason I wish there were such things as blogs when my kids were little and still saying such precious things. We didn’t even own a computer until both my kids had already started school. I know…we lived with the cavemen way back then. We did have electricity and cordless phones, though. ~Carol-I Throw Like A Girl

    29. awwwww….. ~Imagine Community

    30. That is an amazing story. What an ability he has to express himself! That’s amazing for a 4 year old, don’t ya think?? 🙂 ~Jenny @ latte talk

    31. As another antique mommy, only with teenagers now, I know what you mean. I remember the time my son was four or so and brought me a daffodil he had picked out of the yard as we were leaving for work/daycare that day. No time to go get the camera, I just took it in with all my senses so I would remember it forever. ~Judy

    32. If only we could bottle these moments eh? ~Happy Geek

    33. Moire! ~Heide

    34. That boy…I could eat him with a spoon. ~Minnesota Mom

    35. Oh my! Just when I think that Sean couldn’t be any sweeter…then he is! What wonderful boy you have! ~Cheryl

    36. What a sweetheart – I love the photos of his smile. The happiness just sweeps across his whole face. What a doll. ~Mamacita

    37. I just melted into one giant puddle myself! ~Yvonne

    38. Love this post!! ~Mrs. Brownstone

    39. sweet story ~chels

    40. That is just too sweet! Stacy

    41. Next year, polka dots?! Too cute. ~Moriah Please Pass The Salt

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