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I’m A Nice Lady

This morning I had to take Sean for another round of blood work for the pediatric nephrologist. Not because he thinks anything is wrong, but because… I don’t really know why. He just said to do it and we said okay because occasionally we are compliant people.  I’m sure he has his reasons.


I smeared the lidocayne cream on Sean’s arm, which numbs the skin, and then covered it with the plastic bandage. We call it the magic cream.  Sean patted his arm reassuringly.   “Now we just let the magic soak in,” he said, sounding too grown up. 


As we drove to the lab, he sat quietly in the back seat and looked out the window.


“Everything okay?” I asked him.


‘Yup,” he said.


“Whatcha’ thinking about?” I asked him, concerned that he might be more worried about the blood draw than he was letting on.


“I was just thinking about you,” he said enthusiastically.


“Oh really?” I asked, delighted. “What were you thinking?”


“I was just thinking that you are a really nice lady.”


I was caught off guard.  I laughed at the same time that tears sprung to my eyes.  It was just so sweet and so funny, so little boy.


“Well, I think you are a really nice boy,” I said.


“Okay. Thanks,” he said.


The blood draw was a non-event. He sat in the chair and didn’t flinch or fuss. The nurses made all over him and told him how brave he was and what a big boy he was.  “Thank you,” he said.


We stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home because I needed milk.  I let him pick out a toy. Because afterall, I am a nice lady.


45 thoughts on “I’m A Nice Lady

  1. That is so sweet! I love to hear what little ones say. Karsen told me the other day that I was beautiful, it made my day!!!
    I am glad the blood draw went well.

  2. You are “such a nice lady”, because you share this golden child with us. The things that fall from his lips are amazing — I’d buy him toys, too — because he is such a marvelous little boy! I wish I had some of that magic cream— I had surgery on my neck eight days ago and still have a three inch bruise on my inner arm where a barbaric nurse tried to draw blood.

  3. He is a sweet little boy and you are a very nice lady! Hope you get good news from the blood draw and Sean does not need anymore for awhile! Blessings!

  4. Well I’ve always suspected you of secretly being a nice lady, so it’s nice to have it confirmed by one who knows you so well 😉

  5. What a precious post! Those little guys sure know how to touch a Momma’s heart, don’t they? Many of my favorite memories with my son are from sweet conversations we had while riding in the car. (He’s now in college and we STILL have some of our best conversations while driving in the car….) Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  6. I want to just give you, your son and your husband a hug. Sound sappy? Yes, but too bad. He breaks my heart with his braveness.

  7. He’s certainly learning how to treat a wife. Combined with his killer good looks, fortunate will be the woman who marries him.

  8. You know, I may have said this before, but I have a little girl who I’m willing to arrange a marriage for in about 24 years…. 🙂

  9. Just when you think Sean could not get any sweeter…he just does! The two of you are something else! I love you both just from reading your blog!

  10. If you could bottle Sean and sell him, the world would be a better place. But since you can’t (or won’t) I’m mighty glad God gave him to you…to appreciate…and to share him with all of us.


  11. Aghghgh!!! This boy is too much. Too much.

    I have a deal for ya- how ’bout an arranged marriage? I have 3yo and a 5yo. Either would do… say… in the year 2028? What say ye?


  12. My friend Marian told me about your blog, and I have enjoyed reading it. What a nice blog about a nice lady and her nice little boy. We could use some of that niceness around here. Lately I have not been feeling so nice, and unfortunately I think my kids have caught some of that, too. If you’re selling any niceness, we’ll take some.

  13. Absolutely. Stopping by WalMart for a toy is exactly what a really nice lady would do for a really nice boy.

  14. Awwww…. I love it when my 3 year old son says, “Oh, Mom, you’re so cute,” while he pats my cheeks.

    Somehow it sounds much better coming from him than from my husband. :>

  15. Long time reader, first time writer (ha). Just wanted to say that this blog blesses me so much. And this post was precious, laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.

  16. See? Proof that you really are a nice lady!

    …because if you WEREN’T a nice lady you would have just gone home and handed him a bottle of ketchup for his bravery and been done with it!

  17. I too have “magic cream” that we call “magic medicine”…(it’s a long story)…and I’ve continued to purchase it for years.

    My teenager read your blog today (I have a link on mine, to yours), and text messaged me that I was a nice lady because I have magic cream too. She grew up asking for “magic medicine” for everything from a scrape, to a bug bite, to a tooth ache (mine can also be oral)…

    LOL – I’m so glad we are nice ladies. 🙂 And its doubly nice to get compliments from our kids! Congrats nice lady!!!!

  18. How very sweet. Little boys are like that, aren’t they? My boy is just days away from 2 1/2 (but I won’t say that he IS 2 1/2 yet!). The other day, I was running around the house doing my usual things, and he said, “Mmmmmmmm….your heyuh schmells goooooood, Mommy!” (Your hair smells good, Mommy!) And it wasn’t even freshly washed! You have to appreciate that kind of love!

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