Six Unimportant Things About Meme

Pammer from Outside Voice, one of the first people ever to comment on my blog, tagged me for this Six Unimportant Things About Me meme. 


Coming up with six important things about moi would be a challenge, because I’m not sure there are any important things about me — but six UNimportant things?  Piece o’ cake, that list is a long one. So then, here ya go, my annual meme:


Six Unimportant Things About Me


1.  I am a member of the DAR.

2.  I once sat on Chet Atkins lap.

3.  My shoe size is 6.

4.  I am a distant relative of Laura Bush.

5.  I graduated from college Suma Cum Laude.

6.  I once had dinner with Ralph Nader.


One of these is not true. But which one?  You have until midnight Monday (4/7) to leave your guess in comments.  And be prepared to defend your answer. No not really. 


I will randomly pick a winner from the correct entries and for the prize, I will write a guest post for your blog! I know! That is one sorry prize! But! Maybe if I use enough exclamation points it will not seem so hokey!!  It was either that or an autographed copy of my Olan Mills picture from 1979, the one where I’m leaning casually on a fence post out on the prairie as I often did in those days. In my spare time. 


So then, here’s where I tag six more people, which I always hate to do for the same reason I hate to call people on the phone — I feel like I’m bothering them.  So, sorry to bother you then (wince) but um, tag you’re it.


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DeeDee at It Coulda Been Worse 

Blog Antagonist (or BA as I affectionately call her) at Blogs Are Stupid 

Tom at Being Michael’s Daddy

Heidi at Minnisota Mom


In case you were wondering, my tagging technique is highly scientific. I scrolled through my comments from yesterday’s post and randomly chose people I thought were not home. I rang their doorbell and then ran away.


Have a loverly weekend y’all.

83 thoughts on “Six Unimportant Things About Meme

  1. I’ll take #3.

    Only becasue I wear a zsize 11.5 and therefore refuse to believe that anyone is blessed with small feet.

    So there.


  2. OK- I am going out on a limb here and guessing that you did not graduate suma cum laude… Not because I don’t think you could have- but because it’s the only ‘fact’ that is something you acheived vs something that happened to you. If I was going to be devious, that’s how I would go about it!

  3. Okay, I’m going for #5 because:

    #1. First statements are usually true.
    #2. If you’re going to make up a lap to sit in, why pick Chet Atkins and not someone a little more, um, glamorous?
    #3. In your into, you said you weren’t big enough for tennis-ball sized fibroids. Ergo, you probably have small feet. (And mine were 6 1/2 for years. Now I’m a 7.)
    #4. This one I seriously considered, but someone else thought that was it, so I passed.
    #6. Dinner with Ralph Nader? See #2.

    And because it’s spelled summa, not suma, I figured it was either a typo, or you were a magna cum laude with a grudge.

    Please don’t hit me.

  4. I can’t collect any “winnings”, as I don’t have a blog. Just to be contrarian, I’ll go with #1. If it’s like the branch around here, it just seems so STUFFY for you!

  5. I don’t believe you had dinner with Ralph Nader! I remember you talking about meeting someone once, but I don’t remember who it was! I don’t think it was Nader though…

  6. I vote for #6 as not true. Mostly to be different.
    I’m convinced that you sat on Chet Atkins’ lap when you were a child. The other items seem more plausible than dinner with Ralph Nader. Nice way to make a meme more interesting.

  7. I personally think that is a GREAT prize!! See! My exclamation marks show I think it is GREAT!!!

    I’m going to go with #5. Not because I don’t think you’re brilliant…only because I’m jealous.

  8. I am guessing that you are not related to Laura Bush. Here is my logic:
    *You would probably not choose Chet Atkins if you were making up a story (unless you are really that devious) *I remember a post about Ralph Nader (don’t I?)
    * Size 6 shoes could be the one, but you are about my height, so I figure it is possible
    *Summa Cum Laude – I believe it

  9. I’m going with #3 because size six seems really small for someone I imagine to be taller than my 5’5″ self and I’m a size 8.

  10. Oh, and I’ve always wondered how guest blogging works…do you have to give all your password info to your guest? Or do they just submit something to you? Because people have others do it while they are on vacation and not near computers…

  11. Oh, good grief! So much for being the first shoe size guesser. I guess that it’s incorrect because you and AD are so very tall. At least, that’s what I’ve seen you write, I believe…

  12. Okay, I’m going to guess #5, NOY because I don’t think it’s possible that it could be true. I’m just thinking you’d surely thing THAT one were important. 😉

    And as to the supposed lameness to your gift, I say “HAH!”. It is an awesome cool gift!!!

    I hope I win! 😀

  13. I am also going with #1.
    IT took me a minute to dig into my mental filing cabinet and remember what DAR was. We really don’t have many of them up here:).

  14. All of them sound plausible… I am no good at guessing.
    I’m in the dark about the DAR thing though…
    Thanks for the tag!

  15. I have to go with the DAR not being true. My reasoning is you’re Catholic from the Midwest (iirc) and that is so not the profile for DAR membership. But hey…Any one of those things are plausible enough to be true.

    For those that don’t know, DAR= Daughters of the American Revolution, if you can trace your lineage back to a patriot in the American Revolution, you can join. It’s a community service organization.

  16. While I don’t have a blog, I still have to guess…I think it’s #3 because (as others have said), I believe you are on the taller side. I am 5’6″ and have size 10 feet so it would be only fair for you to have larger than size 6 feet. I’m a little skeptical of the Laura Bush claim, but my gut instinct says #3. And I seem to recall a reference to dinner with Ralph in a previous post so I believe that one. Looking forward to hearing more about Chet! 🙂

  17. Well, I was going to say #5 because I didn’t think anyone would put that because that would be like stating you weren’t capable of doing so. But lots of people have said that and I hate to do what everyone else does. So I am going to say #6. Cause that just doesn’t seem like something anyone would ever want to do 🙂

  18. I don’t know enough about you to be playing this game but I can’t resist trying. #4 . . .??

    By the way, I’m a 6, too, and my middle daughter is an 11 1/2 the poor thing . . . How did that happen??

  19. I’m guessing that you’re not related to Laura Bush… I wouldn’t said #3, but I don’t want to chance getting hit (Haha! – Just kidding)

    However, if you really do have size 6 feet – lucky you!!!

  20. I’m saying #1… because I think you would have thought through the fact that most people wouldn’t pick a first option. Then you put the wrong one first just to shake us all up.

    Although I must say… if five out of those six are true… you are one fascinating lady!!!

  21. My guess is you are not related to Laura Bush.I know you had dinner with nader because I read that. You are brilliant so thats out, you look tiny to me so small feet are so possible, so final answer is… not related to Laura though you are both Texans.

  22. Unless you’re 5’2″ or less, I would think a size six shoe would be like you’ve got little hooves for feet! But for some reason I thought I remembered you describing yourself and as a tall, skinny blond? If you’re tall and skinny and blond AND you wear a size six shoe…well…well, pppphhhhlllltt on you. =)

  23. I visit your blog nearly every day. I love your writing style and don’t ever recall seeing a misspelled word! So, my guess is that #5 is not true since “summa” is misspelled.

  24. Size 6. No one has feet this small. Why do they even put size 5’s out?

    I’m curious about #1 if it’s true, because my mom has told me I could be (twice over) if I did whatever it is you have to do to be official.

  25. I am going to choose number one: DAR membership just doesn’t seem YOU! (Frequently wrong, but never in doubt)

  26. I have no good scientific guess. I am randomly going to pick #1 since I have no idea what the abbreviation stands for. Did I win? Did I win? Leave it to me to finally start leaving a comment after reading your blog for awhile now – because there is a prize involved!

  27. Well…I’ve met you and you’re not a short woman. I’m guessing that you do not have a Size 6 foot. Maybe it’s not as enormous as mine…but still…not a 6.

  28. I’m going to guess you are not a member of DAR. I could be wrong, but you’ve never mentioned anything remotely connected to history in that sense. Would you believe some of my friends don’t know who Chet Atkins was?

  29. I say #1. All the rest we’ve either discussed, I’ve read on your blogs or I’ve seen in real life.

    However, I might be interested in the autographed Olan Mills picture…

  30. I KNOW that you had dinner with Ralph Nader (that was one of your memes), I know you went to college late and you mentioned you really enjoyed studying, so chances are #5 is correct. I don’t even know what DAR is and who Chek Atkins is. Somehow connection to Laura Bush seems possible.

    I will just say #1.

  31. I’ve gotta go with the shoe size. Because I wear a size 10 shoe, and I’m always picking up the cute little size 6 shoes in the store and being like, “WHO WEARS THESE ADORABLE PETITE LITTLE DOLL SHOES WHILE I HAVE TO WEAR ANDRE THE GIANT SHOES?!” And if it turns out that you do, I would have to hate you forever, and I don’t want to do that because I really like you.

    Plus, I really hope that I guess correctly so that you’ll do a guest post, which would probably be the most popular thing ever written on my little blog.

  32. You know what? I’m changing my guess. I was sitting here at the computer when suddenly I had a flash of inspiration and decided to go with a more Republican answer. 🙂 So I’m guessing Laura Bush now.

    And I’ll try not to hate you too much for having petite little adorable doll feet. (You can make it up to me by guest posting for me).

  33. I am going with the fake shoe size. I wear an 11 so it just stands to reason that you could not wear a six.

    I teach elementary school so if the reasoning makes no sense, that is why.

  34. I live far enough away that I think I can get away with saying that I think #5 is false. You seem perfectly capable of graduating Summa Cum Laude, but I’m thinking if you did, it would not be on a list of unimportant things.

  35. I believe everything about you, so I threw a dart at my computer screen and it left a big mark next to Laura Bush. I was so disappointed, because I love Laura. And for all the non-believers out there — some people do wear size six —me, for one. I try my shoes on right off the display, but that is up from size 5AA when I got married and was a bunch smaller than I am now.

  36. My first inclination is that you have never had dinner with Ralph Nader, so that’s my guess, but I really have no idea. I would love for you to guest post on my blog – that would be awesome!

  37. I have read your blog maybe 4 or 5 times and I dreamt about you last night. People who I don’t really know and live on another continent are not usually allowed in my dreams… but some how you made it in… strange.

    That’s all… I’m not in the competition.

  38. I have to go with #5, and I would ADORE having a guest post from you!

    I finally wrote my meme today…. thanks for the link!

  39. I’m saying #5 because that doesn’t seem uniportant to me – and this is a list of UNimportant things. If I graduated with any sort of honors you can bet it wouldn’t be in an unimportant list – it’d be on a plaque outside my house.

  40. DAR? I did the children in CAR to honor a great grandmother but didn’t find much happening really in DAR or CAR except white gloves worn at teas. In Houston.

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