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The Fishing Trip


Sean:  Ho dee doh dee doh! I’m going fishing!

Sean:  Oh crud. Dogs. No one said there would be dogs.

Jerold, the dumbest dog on the earth and No Name, the second dumbest dog on the earth:

“Duh, hey… whatcha got in that lunch box? Snausages?”

Sean: Aaaaaah!

Dogs: Snausages? Duh hey come back!

Sean: Oh crud, they’re gaining on me!


Sean: Aaaaaaah!

Dogs:  Duh, hey, wait up! I’m hungry!

Sean: Aaaaaaah!

Sean:  Aaaaah!

* * * * *

I would have stopped to comfort him and run off Dumb and Dumber, also known as Jerold and No Name — but I was too busy playing with my new camera that takes three pictures per second! And laughing.  I supposed this could count against me come mother’s day.

75 thoughts on “The Fishing Trip

  1. Wow – That is a very cool feature. I think my camera has it, now I now what it’s good for. Hahaha.

  2. Hahahahaha, I am nearly falling off my chair! That was priceless… Excellent way to start a Monday morning! Thanks Antique Mommy 🙂

  3. Hee hee! *ahem* But on a serious note…my hubby was chased by dogs as a kid and, as a consequence, doesn’t like them to this very day. Ah, the joys of childhood trauma. Again I say… hee hee!

  4. I just woke up my little girl laughing so hard!!! I just want you to know that for any other reason, it couldn’t possibly he worth it – but in this case it was SO worth it!
    *Still with years rolling outa my eyes!*

  5. I don’t think I would worry about him having a lifelong fear of dogs. You’ve already doomed him to a life in prison by not buying the ugly rug, and they don’t allow dogs there anyway.

    See? Don’t you feel better?

  6. No child or animal was harmed in the making of this blog post.

    Except me. My sides hurt. From laughing.

    Y’all he was FINE. It’s not like he was calf roping or something dangerous.

  7. Hilarious! I think only if you had a photo of canine teeth touching and/or harming Sean flesh would it count against you at Mother’s Day. As it stands, you just have photographic evidence that you have a twisted sense of humor — like me! 🙂

  8. Now that’s cute, in a I’m Probably a Bad Person for Laughing kind of way. I do hope that little Sean wasn’t traumatized too badly.

  9. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard…..I’m sorry Sean…someday you’ll think it’s funny, or at the very least you’ll have something to hold over mom’s head when you want to borrow her car.

  10. Oh. My. Can. Not. Breathe. Laughing. Too. Hard.

    Poor little doggies being deprived of their snausages, which I’m sure were cleverly disguised as spinning lures and bobbers.

  11. I love pictures like this!!!

    My little guy scaled my leg a couple of days ago and squealed like a pig when a strange dog came wandering up during our walk.

    Wish I had my camera 🙂

  12. Hilarious! Wow. That sounds like a cool camera. I know too what you are saying. My husband often looks at me while I am snapping photos of a situation he feels I should be “rescuing” our daughter not capturing a memory. Ah Well. They’re so cute – we can’t help it. Right? 🙂

  13. Poor Little Sean! You just lost the Mother’s Day award, but it’s not such a great thing anyway. My daughter’s ex-husband’s new wife was named mother of the year recently, while my daughter was raising the three boys alone. Therefore; Mother of the Year is not good enough for you!

  14. Oh bless his heart! (And mine too, because if I laugh any harder, I’m going to rupture something).

    Poor little guy. (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    This seems like a good time for the lesson, “If you run, dogs will think it’s a game and chase you”.

  15. oh how fun it is to torture our dear little boys! Hehehee! I must say I scraed my child to tears this very weekend playing hide & go seek…jumped out from behind the shower curtain & he about peed his pants 🙂

  16. My kid has never been chased by dogs, and yet she has a five-alarm freakout every time anyone walking any kind of dog, be it a dachshund or a Doberman, passes us on the sidewalk.

  17. My kids have the same reaction to dogs…and I always laugh at their sheer terror, although I also “rescue” them.
    One time we were at my sister-in-law’s and her English bulldog puppy got a hold of my son’s precious “blankie.” My son came tearing around the corner screaming and with a look of total hysteria, blanket in his hand and dog trailing after. The entire family busted out into laughter while I rescued him from the “jaws of death” (otherwise known as a playful puppy). It was pretty darn funny, but I didn’t have a cool camera to record the moment!

  18. Nice pics. It reminds me of the time I tried to capture some pictures of my youngest (I think he was 3) laying in some leaves. I had seen similar pictures in a scrapbooking magazine and was trying to recreate them. My 3 year old did not want to lay in leaves so I kept pushing him down trying to get the perfect picture until he ended up crying. No pictures and another lost nomination for “mother of the year”.

    PS – I’m looking for a new camera. Would you be willing to share the info on yours, and if I want to “recreate” the dog chasing pictures, can I borrow the dogs? 😉

  19. If you start saving now, you might have enough money to pay for Sean’s future counseling needs!! Laughing with the rest of you – – but now I’m thinking I need a new camera too. If I start saving now . . .

  20. I was laughing but a part of me felt sorry for the lad. Too cute. You did a great job capturing the moment. 🙂 By the way, I just used the code for free shipping and ordered myself a swimsuit I have been eying for a while. Free shipping forced me to do it! I even bought a little something for my son! Thanks so much!

  21. Had to show hubby…he couldnt stop laughing, but then kept saying, “bless his heart, bless his heart,” but just kept on laughing until tears were coming down.

  22. My nephew spent the weekend with us, and had the same reaction to our dog who was trying to say “Hi!”. We laughed too, as he climbed up my leg. On a serious note, teach Sean not to run from strange dogs… Many of them MUST chase and bite a running child, where if he stood still he would be safer. Tell him stand still and scream his head off! Scares the dogs and alerts adults.

  23. Well I’m a newby here and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. One thing I have figured out is I have to empty my bladder before reading your blog or I will pee myself!. You’re hysterical and have a serious talent for writing.

    Thanks for the laugh!,

  24. Pictures and commentary are awesome! I only laughed harder, realizing that while he was running screaming from the dogs, his refuge was madly snapping photos.

  25. Been a lurker for awhile, had to comment today. That is fantastic, poor guy, but fantastic! It reminds me of watching “Funniest Home Videos” when the kid is being ran over by doggies, someone has just half killed themselves running into something, whatever and everyone is standing around laughing and video taping… wonder if a soul ever says “are you alright?”! Funny, funny, funny!!! That’ll make a great scrapbook page and provide laughs for years to come. (Once he gets through the embarrassment of it all)

  26. I’m guessing, b/c of how dumb you say these dogs are, that they were probably more interested in “crotch sniffing” than what was in the lunch box. He may never laugh at these photos, but his future bride CERTAINLY will ;O).

  27. Well, yes, I think this might hurt your chances at mom-of-the-year, but you got some funny pictures and a great blog entry, so well worth it, I say!

  28. Poor Sean. Up until recently I had a terror of dogs.

    The pictures just gave me a flashback of the time when I was 8 and a dog chased me and bit me. Since it was a stray, I had to get 7 injections.

    But we bought a dog recently and I am cured (I think). So I permitted myself to smile at the pictures. 🙂

  29. I laughed out loud at this…two hours later when I was still picturing it. Felt I needed to let you know that your pictures having staying power!

  30. Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! Poor Sean! I love how the people at the other end of the road are just standing there watching it all. Probably wondering why the poor kids mom is standing there taking pictures, lol. I take it you know them and the dogs?

  31. Oh that was to cute! I got the biggest kick out of your pics and dialog. I just pray, for your sake, he doesn’t remind you of this when he’s sticking you in a nursing home.

  32. Thanks for the hilarious link! Potentially offensive descriptive language duly noted and deleted. Yeah, I’ve got the same kind of digtial SLR, and I did the same thing during a photo shoot of my son and my nephew. My nephew fell backwards and started crying, and my son was already crying. They weren’t the pictures we’d been intending to get for Mom for Mother’s Day. I thought they were possibly even better. I know I laughed. =)

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