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Strikingly Unconventional

You may recall that Quirky, who writes Quirky Is A Compliment,  won my recent meme contest, chosen randomly among the few who correctly guessed that I was not related to Laura Bush, set apart from those of y’all who think I am tall and have big feet. And not that bright.  I’m not all that bitter really because it stands to reason.

Be that as it may.

The so-called prize for this so-called contest was a guest post by me.  Some prize, eh?  Anyway, she has not backed out, so that’s where I am today.  Click on over to Quirky’s lovely and cheerful orange place and read my post, Strikingly Unconventional,  where I make my case for why quirky is a compliment.  Por favor and gracias.

In other news, the winner of the Lands End swimming suit has been selected and emailed and as soon as I get confirmation back, I will tell you who it is!  And for the 298 of you who did not win, I know how you feel. I’ve never won a thing in my life.  I loved loved loved reading all of your comments and after each one I would think, “Wow, I hope she wins!”

I have another really super groovy give away coming up May 1st in time for Mother’s Day.  Trust me, it’s cool and you want it, so if you are not a regular here, be sure to check back.



12 thoughts on “Strikingly Unconventional

  1. Jackson is quirky in his own way too. He is not athletic, but he is very social and verbal. He will try to blind and baffle you with words so that maybe you won’t notice his lack of coordination and effort. The kid cracks me up.

  2. Hey, you won that pumpkin in elementary school if I recall correctly! But I’d have to admit that after halling home, I bet it wasn’t that loved of a prize after all…

    Going to find out why quirky is a compliment because that’s an adjective that gets bandied around my name quite a bit, and sometimes, I’m not so sure about the well-meaningness of it at all…

  3. Fun post and Quirky is a lucky girl!

    And congrats to whoever won the swimsuit, ’cause this body hasn’t seen a swimsuit since 1985 or so and thereby had NO desire to sully a perfectly good record.

  4. Since none of my morning mail is postmarked Antique Mommy, I’m guessing I owe someone ELSE a congratulations. That’s okay. She’s probably less fearful of being seen publicly in a swimsuit than I am. ;-Þ

  5. Umm, if the winner is unwilling or unable to accept her prize I am ready to step in for her. Really. I am that desparate for a new suit.

  6. I’m leaving to scour my e mail inbox looking for something from Antique Mommy. I’m sure you e mailed me. Afterall, I am quite Quirky. Thank You for the compliment! Hey wait, there’s nothing there!!!

    I’m going to go sob all by my quirky weirdo self.

  7. It’s not that some of us thought you had “big” feet, we just thought you had normal feet. Instead you have the feet of a wee little sprite. While I am sad that I have not received my winning email on the suit, I’m so thrilled to discover the virtual model on Land’s End that I will try to convince hubby I need the suit anyway. Any helpful ideas for my case are welcomed.

  8. I think I should get an advantage for the May 1st giveaway – that’s my birthday! Nothing like celebrating a birthday, our anniversary and Mother’s Day all within 2 weeks…they often get lumped together, but I sure know I’m loved in May!

  9. Thanks for sending all your wonderful visitors my way for the day! Everyone has been so nice and sweet, and there hasn’t been one spittin’ or cussin’ incident (so far). I’m getting the impression that the orange is a bit of a shock to people though. I’m getting a lot of comments along the lines of, “Whoa Mama! That’s one orange blog!” Can a color be quirky too?

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