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Blue Iris

I noticed this blue iris growing along side my driveway when I came home the other day.  Spring had arrived while I was out.

I think irises are so beautiful and even sensual.  Its delicate veiny and translucent petals appear almost to be shaped by the swirl and movement of water.  It seems to me that it might be more at home in a tropical sea rather than along side my concrete driveway.

I hope spring has sprung wherever you are.  Have a loverly weekend y’all.


25 thoughts on “Blue Iris

  1. Well, spring is TRYING to spring around here, but today we have a rain/snow mix going on. We did see 70 this past week though, so that’s good. I’m seeing some daffodils, hyacinths (my personal fave), and some tulips, and that makes me super happy! I love spring!!

  2. So pretty!

    Would you believe that I have snapdragons that are still blooming from last spring/summer? I thought for sure they would die over the winter, but I guess it never got cold enough. Less work for me!

  3. It’s 40 here today. I needed this picture to remind me that though it’s cold now, it won’t always be this way. (We should be in the 70’s tomorrow. Won’t that do wonders for the sinuses around here…

    (I’ve decided that I’m really a Texas girl at heart. Whenever you all talk/complain/savor the heat, I feel that I’m really in the wrong place altogether because those days seem downright glorious to me.)

  4. Wherever Shalee lives I need to visit her for July, August, and most of September — you won’t mind, will you, Shalee?

    That is a BEAUTIFUL shade of blue(?), purple(?), Iris-color, I guess. It is spring here and the wind is a-blowin’!!!

  5. Beautiful–happy spring to you. It’s starting to warm up here…not too long before we might see some grass greening and some trees budding!

  6. That is absolutely beautiful. Happy Spring to you. Isn’t it such a wonderful time of the year? And thank you for visitng and commenting on my blog. I really appreciated your perspective and you are so right. Currently, the situation seems overwhelming at best, but in several years I think I will be so focused on the beauty God is going to bring from this mess that I’ll sigh and think “That wasn’t so bad.” Blessings to you.

  7. You did a pretty good job of displaying it. I love your description of the Iris, especially the reference to moving water. I’d never thought about it, but you’re right.

    My husband and I noticed the purple ones blooming just outside our bedroom windows this morning, and talked about how many years they must have been there. They were in their full lovely bloom that April 15 years ago when we bought this house. I imagine they had alot to do with our first taking notice of this house, waving in the breeze singing “look at me, look at me!”. 🙂

  8. Love, love the picture. I can’t imagine it looking any better.

    Also loving the spring weather on our spring vacation.

    Purple is my favorite color and Iris have been a special favorite of mine. Hope mine bloom well this year.

  9. Love the iris. They were the main flowers at my wedding. Your description was quite beautiful and fluid – reminding me of trees gently swaying.
    The whole earth is filled with HIS glory!

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  11. What a beautiful color and a fantastic picture. Your new camera is working great! I love irises so much that earlier this evening I called my husband who is visiting his sister in Texas; she has some different colors, and I asked him to yank some up and throw them in his suitcase to bring to California, even if he had to leave his clothes behind. Watch out or he might come by your house and grab up that blue one!

  12. Ah, I love Iris… I have a whole patch of them behind the house. They are JUST beginning to peek through the ground, as our snow has just left. Can’t wait to see them bloom again this year. Beautiful photo!

  13. It was 73 degrees yesterday(Maine) but I was outside trying to shovel the last snow bank out so it would melt faster but then I got snow in my flip-flop. No one should ever say that phrase. But no flowers yet. Wish my camera was working so I could take pictures once they bloom.

  14. Wow, that colour. that colour defies…just plain defies…
    Oh, and I just read what Susan wrote above. It’s beautiful. I think, “lovely” and then I think, “Man, life can suck.”

  15. Erin and Antique Mommy — thank you. (And, Erin, great name — that’s my little girl’s name!)

    Fortunately, I really do only have happy memories when I see irises. I remember so well the joy they brought to my mother. It was her one big “splurge” each year — ordering special irises from some big company up in Washington State. She was very thrifty normally but always spent a little extra on her irises. They meant so much to her.

    I was a late-in-life baby (a BIG surprise to my parents at 45 & 47 years old!), so I felt very blessed to have her into my 30’s.

    Thank you both again.

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