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What The Heck Is It?

It’s time again for another “What The Heck Is It?” photo contest!  Leave your guess in comments and I’ll either choose one at random or the one that most amuses me for some sort of little prize-ish thing.  Offer good while supplies last or until Monday night, 9pm CST.

Above: What the heck is it?  This is a detail from a photo I took. Can’t even blame this one on Sean. When you see the actual photo you will be whelmed.  At most.  You will wonder why I bothered getting a decent camera.

In other news, we had a baseball game on Saturday morning at 8am when Sean is in prime hopping form as you can see in the photo below. Don’t even try to outhop this boy because you will not be able to do it.  If there were an Olympic event in hopping, we would already have a sponsor and product endorsement deals.

Above:  Not actually playing baseball or even dancing like Justin Timberlake, but hopping. Backwards. Good gravy I love that quirky little weirdo.

Not actually dancing.

But dribbling.  For the record, he picked out his own clothes.

* * * * *


So then this was my weekend.

Friday evening:  Almost inadvertently stole reading glasses at Wal-Mart.  I borrowed a pair to read the back of the Zyrtec box when I was in the pharmacy area.  And then I put them on top of my head with the gigantic yellow tag and all, and continued shopping so that I could read other ingredient lists, planning to buy them at check out all the while.  I got through the checkout and halfway out the store when I thought I felt something funny on my head, like a bug.  So I swatted at it and off came tumbling the stolen contraband. I was mortified.  So I did the right thing.  I stuck them in the gum rack and left the store.  If I’m going to get cuffed and hauled off to jail, I want it to be for something that would read more sexy in the police beat than reading glasses.

Saturday: Baseball game at 8am.  Then… hmmm, I’m sure somthing happened, but honestly the next thing I remember is that we went to church on Sunday morning, then we went out to lunch and I ate a hambuger which is giving me tremendous heartburn at the moment, otherwise I probably wouldn’t remember that either. 

And now it’s Sunday night.

Either we had a really boring weekend or Oldtimer’s is setting in.

92 thoughts on “What The Heck Is It?

  1. Why did you take a picture of my legs at the end of a long winter?

    Actually, it does look kind of like a donkey’s eye to me too. Or the hair of a gray tabby cat.

  2. Ok, I’m not seeing that donkey thing. I’m just gonna stick to general and say hair. Even though it actually does look like middle-aged thinning hair to me. Amber waves on brain?

  3. Well being the momma that you are and knowing that you had your camera as a defense against those two beast(dogs) only remember no name, my best guess is, it is the last shot you took of the beast(dog) before dear dear Sean jumped into your arms.So maybe the camera was on auto or something like that surely you did something besides laugh at that situation. Camera could have been on a tripod. Soooo, there’s my active imagination at work again!! Now I want to go buy a camera, can’t find my old Sureshot.

  4. Ps I should have said hopped He sure can bust a move my son was known for his can-can!God Bless!!

  5. I would guess lying to close to the ground on a grassy meadow, wind blowing harshly, new camera in hand before knowing fully how to operate, itchy shutter finger and 3 shots per second, leads to “grass blowing in the wind”.
    We take quirky over “bitter” any day. Bust a move Sean!

  6. HI AM !! I was poking around on You Tube and found a song that turned on the faucet. I thought I’d pass it along but be sure you have a box of tissues. So here it is Vera Lynn’s “My Boy My Boy” poke around a bit and hope you find it. Oh!! that picture could it be your hair after going for a SWIM in that beautiful new suit of yours I’ve heard it can turn hair green (the clorine)sp and that song is the one I will make sure plays at my sons wedding when we have our dance.

  7. OK – It looks like you’re looking though some type of glass (a window or something) at a furry animal… The most obvious thing to call it would be a doggie, but I’m gonna go WAY off base here and guess it’s a pig! Am I WAAAY off? Probably so. But it’s so fun!

    I just LOVE it when you have these things! It makes me laugh and smile and try to get as creative (within reason…!) as possible.

    Those pics of Sean are SO cute – he’s so tallented!

    And don’t feel bad about the glasses. When my husband & I were dating, he once saw me in action freaking out about losing my sunglasses… as they sat atop my head. Har Har! And no kids back then to blame the blonde moment on. That’s why I’m so glad I now have a child. I’m still just a spacey as ever, it’s just that I now also have a very convenient excuse!

    Oh, much love to you & yours AM. Hope all is going well! Take care and God Bless

  8. K, I think you used some sort of dragging technique, but I can’t figure out what would make that sort of pattern…I don’t think it’s an animal unless it was shedding profusely at the time of this shot.

    I’ll go with a landscape including grass. Boring, I know. But I’m just not creative at 5 a.m.!

  9. That so looks like hair or fur. My first thought was Seans hair, but it could be any furry/cuddly creature! I’m going to hedge my bets on either furry toy or dog, with the fur over their left eye.

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing faint stripes . . I’ll go with: a close-up of the mold and mouse-nests that accumulated on the outdoor furniture cushions while they were in storage in the shed all winter. Har har.

    If only there was a way to harness Sean’s hopping energy, he could probably take care of the power needs for your whole neighborhood!

  11. Cat or human hair. Maybe human, since our cat never sits still long enough for a photo. Maybe it’s the two preschoolers loving her up that keep her moving.

  12. I stick my brushes in my hair when I’m working, and then walk around the studio going “Has anyone seen my brushes?” and working myself up to “Guys, you know, you should really put things back where you find them! I hate not being able to find anything!”

    They all roll about on the floor laughing at me, but NO ONE ever says “In your hair, you mad woman!”

    “Terrible people!” I cry when I do find them. “You are ALL FIRED!” Which makes them laugh harder. That’s probably why we have had the same staff at that studio for 16 years. Work is just so amusing for them.

  13. A pair of lips.
    I know that is nothing fuzzy but when I stand back and squint that’s what it looks like…lips slightly parted.

  14. You mean I’m not the only one who “borrows” glasses at Walmart?!!! That is so funny. The first time I did it, I realized that I had hit a new milestone in life.

    Love the pics of Sean! He’s quite the little Tigger.

    I have no idea about the photo, I would guess it’s a real close up picture of a dog or something with fur.

  15. Oh, I didn’t mean P’s hair, I meant AD’s hair?? Silly me, too many blogs to keep up with : )

  16. Will I be “over” whelmed or “under” whelmed? Maybe it’s long tall “a-wavin’ in the wind” prairie grass. Although from here it looks like my hubby’s scalp, with a few wisps left “a-wavin’ in the wind”.

  17. Sean looks adorable in his baseball uniform! Just precious!

    I once put a scrunchie on my wrist whilst shopping at Target and also got thru the check out while wearing it and not paying for it. And I WANTED it, but I DIDN’T want to wait in another long line….so I had to toss it in some bin along the way out.

    My guess is that your photo is of long, dry grass that needs cutting.

  18. The picture is of…the cobwebs of your mind! I just don’t know how you got the closeup image. Perhaps you were resting your head against the camera as you were reaching under your car for the gas cap? You fully described your new swimsuit – even inserted a link to a photo – but never ONCE said what kind of tires you bought for your car. (smile)

  19. I haven’t got a clue what that is, so I will guess thousands of tiny fairies zipping by and caught on film. Too bad “That’s Incredible” isn’t on TV anymore.

    And I must say – that is some of the best hopping I’ve seen in a long time. He caught some good air. (it actually looks like he just whipped the ball in to home plate!)

  20. Hi – I read all your posts and enjoy them all!
    I think it might be a meteor shower on time lapse!
    I can see the eye reference, but there don’t seem to be any eyelashes.

  21. I want to say Amber Waves of Grain, however, it’s those stripes that are so darn confusing, so, I am going to say………a closeup of a rug…no, carpet…. no, drapes…… okay, I believe it is fabric of some sort, but I like the fairy theory also.
    Now, that boy would win ribbons, of the blue kind, in an agility contest and he is mighty handsome in that uniform.

  22. Am I the only one who didn’t immediately think grass or hair? I’ll go out on a limb and guess a chalk drawing on a chalkboard. Does this make me insane?

  23. A not-fast-enough shutter picture of blowing snow or a flurry of apricot tree blossoms. It’s definitely a whole lot of something blowing around.

  24. Third time is a charm. I looked at that picture until a swear it moved!! SOOOO!! I think it is a baby deer tucked away quite nicely I might add. Now if only basketball players had such nice uniforms as baseball players oh well life isn’t fair sometimes, another lesson learned.

  25. I stood on my head to see if you were tricking us again, and it came to me…well I wish it had. Love all the answers particularly Sharon’s. My DH says it’s grass.

  26. The picture: The poisoned darts of the 60,000 Pygmies that you accidentally stumbled across this weekend (probably while stealing glasses in wal-mart). Lucky for you that you were able to outrun so many blow guns!

    On Sean: Is it just me, or is anyone else shocked about how big and grownup Sean looks? When I started reading, you were still rocking him to sleep at night! Now he’s so grown up in his little baseball uniform! (And not only hopping, but hopping in Crocs! That’s talent right there!)

  27. It LOOKS like grass – the long-type ornamental grass for decorative planting. (see the green?)

    OR…. is it the back of Antique Daddy’s neck when he needs to see his barber?

    That’s my guesses and I’m stickin’ to ’em!

    Betty in Oklahoma

  28. Oh, if only this picture were snapped 25 years ago Big Bird would not have to had waited so long to prrove the existence of Mr. Snuffalupagus. I’m right aren’t I? Knew. It. 🙂 Love the Sean hopping pcitures and the disclaimer about him dressing himself. Pumpkindoodle often picks out her own attire and I am often tempted to blurt out to strangers that I really am a good mom for allowing my child to assert her style and personality and not the crazy negligent type who would allow her four-year-old to wear stripes and polka dots.

  29. Well, I think it’s all the hay from when the big bad wolf huffed and puffed (after challenging Sean to a hopping contents and losing badly. The wolf went and took it out on his friends – the 3 little pigs.)

    Sean may not be playing baseball, but I bet he’s the spiffiest looking kid out on the field…

  30. It looks like my sliding glass doors after my 2-year old got done coloring it. (It only looked that way from the floor up to about 3 feet, the rest was clear glass.)

  31. Well, it looks like a close up of hair, then I’m guessing short hair, but there seem to be age spots? or something? freckles? I dunno? at the scalp, not like a little boy’s scalp? I give up. I’m not making any sense anyway!

  32. My guess is that it is sparks of some kind.

    Love the kids in their little baseball uniforms all skinny in their pants. It’s adorable.

    Great story about the walmart glasses!

  33. I am prayin’ that those aren’t fireflies – my word! My guess — I too see slightly parted lips, although if that is facial hair I surely hope it is Antique Daddy’s and not yours:o) lolololololol

  34. Hey, I am new to your blog and just had to say,love it!You really know how to tell a story and you crack me up! Thanks for the laughs.

    As for the photo, I think it’s hair as well.

  35. that pic of your little man in his baseball uniform? omgoodness, it makes my heart *pang*!

    i’m going to guess a part in someone’s hair.

  36. Hoptastic shots of the boy ~ those are some serious skillz he’s got going on! About the “what the…?” piX: I’ll guess it’s a macro of a dog’s belly. Although, it looks disturbingly similar to my upper lip, as viewed under eXtreme magnification (shudder).

  37. I love all the hopping photos. . .and it’s not even MY boy but my mother’s heart went all pitter-patter at the precious, precious site of him in his baseball uniform. . .and my own son doesn’t even PLAY baseball.

    Okay. . .my guess was the hair of a dog. . .but I have changed it to the multitude of fireworks that went shooting from your head upon seeing Sean hopping in his baseball uniform.

    That is my final answer.

  38. I’ll go out on a limb and say that you caught a close up of water from sprinklers at the baseball game. I see some green in the background, so perhaps that is grass.

  39. That would be a picture of the hair on my leg flying off after being released by the razor. (How did you get in my shower?!!!) ~v

  40. Since you were out playing ball, I’m gonna guess you dropped the camera and as you caught it (before it hit the ground) you hit the button and got this great shot of not yet green, spring ballpark grass 🙂

    Cool shot.

  41. Oh — OK Roxanne.. .Dust in the WIND… see — I told ya I couldn’t remember the words.

    I acutally remember hearing that one from an old Roy Roger’s movie. LOL

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….sort of like the dust on my bookshelves.

  42. I was surprised only one other person (that I saw) said my guess…which is water of some sort (from a sprinkler). I’m so curious now!

  43. That song is “My Son My son” by Vera Lynn here’s how Altavista then enter Vera Lynn, click on search,5th website down, Rose M International presents PLEASE ENJOY!!Son sounds much better in title than Boy my bad.

  44. I’m guessing it’s your hair; mostly cause it looks like hair & by your comment about having a decent camera I’m thinking you hit the button when you didn’t mean to, or your hair blew in front of the lens or the camera was turned the wrong way or something along those lines.

  45. I’m late; I know…typical for me! But it’s definitely HAIR. Unless, of course, it’s NOT. But my vote is “hair”.

  46. I know I’m late to this thread but I just wanted to say that picture of him in that little baseball uniform is the cutest thing ever! I love that!

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