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The Day It Rained Hair

This is a photo of our lawn sprinklers running in the afternoon sun. From inside the house, it looked like it was raining diamonds, so I grabbed my new fancy schmancy camera and ran outside and snapped a few pictures.  The tricky part was running in for a shot and then running away from the sprinklers as they headed for me and my camera.  And not tripping.

Aside:  What kind of nut job runs into sprinklers with a new camera?

Unfortunatley, what I captured here looks less like raining diamonds and more like raining hair. Not nearly as romantic of a notion as raining diamonds.  No one is going to write a poem about the day it rained hair.

The randomly chosen winner is Karen at Simply Amusing.  The prize?  A big ole bar of Ghiradelli chocolate (because what kind of prize would it be without chocolate?) and the book  “Flipping Brilliant: A Penguins’s Guide to a Happy Life” by John Chester and Patrick Regan.  On the back of the book, it reads,”Life is an adventure.  Live Accordingly.”  I love that.

Beautifully photographed and chock full of sweet and tender wisdom, I especially loved this entry on the value of learning to be still. 

“…Surely no animal can match their ability to achieve perfect stillness in the face of conditions that are the antithesis of calm. When it comes to nesting and brooding, this ability to be still means nothing less than survival of the species.”

Being still. Something I need to learn.  Along with not running into sprinklers with a camera.  Maybe I should get a penguin.

Thanks y’all for playing along and spicing up a Monday.  

Edited to add:  I have no connection to the writers or publishers of Flipping Brilliant. I saw it yesterday at Border’s and it caught my eye.  That’s all.  But now I like it so much that I’ve got to go buy myself one before I send Karen’s off to her.  Will need to get another chocolate bar as well.

23 thoughts on “The Day It Rained Hair

  1. Smiling here because seeing the whole picture I do see an eye, must be that guardian angel of yours. Have a great day!!

  2. You mean I was wrong? AND I don’t get the prize??

    What’s so romantic about raining diamonds? That would hurt.

    Okay – I’ll be still.

  3. The scripture “be still and know that I am God” comes to mind. Being still has to be one of my biggest challenges.

  4. I think this is your angel telling you Sean needs his puppy or his puppy needs him. I just started reading your blog recently and you do fantastic writing. So many guessed dog and my imagination again at work, dog spelled backwards is God. Need a better sign then that OH does Wal-Mart sell puppies. Bless You

  5. Congratulations, Karen. AM, since I enjoy your writing so much, I am all ears when it comes to your book suggestions. May have to see if the library or B & N has that one…

  6. Thank YOU! I don’t get anywhere close in my guesses, but it’s fun to exercise my brain cells in such a frivolous way. 😀

  7. Okay, I have to know. What type of camera are you using? It takes such quick, instant pictures, a must have when your trying to capture a picture of anyone under the age of 5. I have tryed several cameras, and yet to find one that satisfies me in how many pictures it can take in quick succesion.

    Btw, I love your blog, always brings a smile to my face!

  8. Sara, After a long period of hand-wringing about spending the money, I bought a Nikon D80. Like you I was so frustrated by missing the good shots because my little pocket digital was so slloooooowwww. I’ve got hundreds of shots of the back of Sean’s head as he’s running away after having done something extremely cute.

    Thanks for the kind words. It makes me do the Snoopy happy dance. 🙂

  9. Congratulations to Karen! 🙂 I do hope she doesn’t live in the south. We’re having warm enough temperatures here in Texas now (mid-80’s) that a package with a chocolate bar in it would likely arrive with chocolate “syrup”. 😉

  10. That’s fun. And hair can be very inspiring, but yes? I once started a book about hair…of course, it never got very far. Maybe you have a point about raining hair, after all.

  11. It rains hair in my bathroom and kitchen ALLLLLLLL the time! But, no, my children have never been inspired to compose a sonnet about the hair that I drip on them or in their dinners!

    I’m loving your new camera!

  12. Did you ever mention what kind of camera you bought? I got a Nikon D40 a year ago and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I wondered if you made the move to a “big girl” camera, too. (Not that mine is top of the line, just better than the 3 megapix. HP I had for years).

  13. I am sorry I missed this. I never would have guessed it but still… Yeah for Karen! She just re-did my blog header for me… love her!

  14. Hey, if you find a good penguin breeder let me know, because I would sure love having a penguin waddling around all sweet and serene.

    Unless they poop like ducks and geese. Duck and goose poop is just gross and as my penguin wouuld live indoors with me, that would be a germy disaster.

    So if you figure out where we could get housetrained penguins, that would be best.

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