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At four and a half, Sean is getting to the age where his world is rapidly expanding.  Every day, it gets a little more crowded in his world, whereas before, it was just me. I was his whole world.  My starring role in his life is drawing nigh.  I know that.  That’s why I love those times when we are driving in the car.  If only for a few miles, it’s just the two of us.   Plus, he’s strapped in and can’t get away. 


On the way to school on Friday morning, I looked in the rearview mirror at him.  He was unusually contemplative.  He was looking out the window, but at the same time, seemed to be lost in himself. So I seized the opportunity.


“Sean, I love you so very much. Do you know that?” I asked him.


“Yes, I already know that,” he sighed.  “Why do you tell me so much?”


“Well two reasons,” I said.


“First of all I don’t ever want you to forget.  And second of all, I need to tell you.  My heart just overflows with so much love for you that I have to let some out once in awhile.”


“Your heart must really hold a lot,” he said. “Probably about 15 gallons.”


“For you?  Way more than 15 gallons,” I said.


“Do you love me as much water as there is in the ocean?”


“Way more,” I said.


“Oh. Well, you were right then,” he conceded, “That is a lot.”


“Don’t forget that,” I said.


“Okay.  You can remind me again tomorrow if you want.”


“You got it,” I said.



Every day.  Until my very last day.  With my very last breath.  I will remind you.


* * *


Other reminders:  You are loved, you are wanted, you were longed for, you are a blessing, you delight me, I’m glad I’m your mom, I like you, you are the apple of my eye, you are God’s unique creation, I enjoy your company…



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  1. This is just beautiful! Perry & I have already started telling Livia how much we love her (“more than all the stars in the sky!”) even though she may not quite understand just yet…

    Our little “I love you more than…” all started back when my hubby and I were dating. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie, and he said “I love you so much!” I replied, “How much do you love me?” And he said, “I love you more than all those straws I have!” My heart absolutely melted! I know it sounds silly, but he had a LOT of straws! A whole cabinet completely filled up with them!

    Since then, we always say to each other “I love you more than [whatever huge quantity of something cute that we come up with]” And I’m so glad we’re already telling those to Liv as well!

    One day Perry asked me why I can’t get enough of our “I love you more than’s…” And I told him that the very first time he ever told me he loved me more than all those straws, it was so pure, sincere, and innocent. I never wanted to forget that love or innocence.

    AM, thank you SO SO SO much for this wonderful post, and reminding me of my love for my husband and daughter. Your blog is always such a joy for me to read!! Much love to you & yours, take care and God Bless!

  2. Those rides in cars. I was alone with my son in my car this weekend, which is a very rare situation. When we stopped at a light I stopped too and looked directly at him. I expected his to say, “WAATTT?” Instead, he said, “Ya, mom, I know, I like being with you just the two of us, too.” These little boys in cars…

  3. What a sweet post. What a sweet and intelligent boy Sean must be. Sometimes I just look at my girls and I’m overwhelmed by my love for them that, as you said, it just spills out. I wish I could adequately convey to them how blessed they are to have a such a loving family in which to grow up. They take it for granted I’m sure because that’s all they’ve known. Eventually they’ll realize that not every kid is so blessed and that there are some children out there who don’t know how much their parents love them.

  4. AM – If we could just bottle and share a tiny bit of that kind of Mommy Love… well – the world would be a much better place for millions of kids.

    Another day started with a tissue in hand… one of these days I’m gonna just grab one before I click on your blog and save myself a trip.

  5. So precious.
    I’ll never forget the day my oldest turned 16 and he didn’t need a ride to or from school anymore.

    I thought it would be so nice not to have to drive him anymore…until it happened.

    Cherish every moment.

  6. Before my son got his driver’s license, I treasured every moment in the car with him. His school was 7 miles away and I loved the mornings I drove him to school or picked him up because that was time for just the two of us.
    Even now as my son leaves with his teenage friends I say “I love you.” And he says “Bye mom. Love You.” I feel so blessed that he says that to me in front of his buddies.
    I know you cherish your son so completely. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  7. Car conversations are some of the best. For a long time that was the only time my middle one opened up at all.

    What a sweet exchange!

  8. What a sweet post! My boys are 12 and 19, and they still tell me that they love me…and it still melts my heart every. single. time. There’s just something about little boys…even after they grow up to be big boys.

  9. My Mom will usually ask me this a few times a week. This is how it goes:

    Mom: Do you know who loves you?
    Me: My Mom and my Dad
    Mom: That’s right! We love you SO much…

    Or some variation of that and I’m 30, going on 31. It never gets old to hear, because I love them too, with all my heart.

  10. It won’t end (thankfully) quite as quickly as you think. My 10 year old (boy — my daughter wasn’t/ isn’t this way) still adores me and loves to hear how much I adore him. I know my days are numbered, but I won’t give it up!

  11. My son is 10, and I suspect I may still have the “starring role” in his life, although it gets harder and harder for him to show it. Oh how hard it gets to resist grabbing his still-little hand in Walmart…that would be too embarrassing for him!

    The incredible thing is that sometimes when I express my love for him (or how I will never forget to pick him up from school, or how he is a blessing to me)
    that God directs my own words back at me and tells me, “This is how I feel about you”

  12. At age 46, I still relish hearing those precious words from my mom AND my dad. There is no greater gift and no greater affirmation for a child. Thank you this reminder that I, too, am loved!

  13. What a beautiful post especially …with Mothers Day on Sunday. Precious. So sweet.

  14. It never stops, AM — you will feel the same way in forty years, but sometimes I think early childhood is the best time — when they still fit on your lap. I remember the feel of tiny arms around my neck and the smell of a baby’s neck — I wish I could have a mulligan. Sean is such a beautiful little boy — thanks for sharing him with us.

  15. You speak for so many of us. My 25 year old son just called me up to say “I love you” and he doesn’t mind saying it in front of his fiancee, or his buddies. He still makes my heart overflow with love, as does my daughter. They both ALWAYS end a conversation with me “I love you” and I NEVER get tired of hearing it. (There was a brief teenage period when that was not the case but it, too, passes quickly). My heart holds onto those long ago childhood memories but the grownup ones make you proud and fulfilled! Every stage has its own joys.

  16. You know, I was thinking the very same thing this morning on the way to work; how very much I love my son. If I told him every minute of every day it still wouldn’t be often enough to fully express my joy in him and being with him and in being his mom.

  17. Sweet, sweet, sweet. My little guy asks the same thing. Then he stretches his arms out with all his might and asks, “Do you love me this much?” If only he had any idea just how much.
    BTW, if your little guy needs a toy tractor, I am giving one away on my blog! 🙂

  18. What you wrote about your feelings for Sean are exactly how I feel about my son, Carter (3 1/2yo). My favorite way to tell him I love him is to “ambush” him when he’s quietly (or not so quietly) playing with something. Then I wrap my arms around him and give him a big smooch on the cheek. His reply is always, “I wuv you too, Mommy”.

  19. my 4 year old always asks me what mommy love means. I tell her that mommy love is when a mommy wants your brain to be stimulated, your tummy to be full, your body to be safe, your heart to be happy and that I can’t live without her! She can recite this verbatim!

    she is very spontaneously lovey in that sweet little way.

  20. Michael often asks why his mommy wants to kiss and snuggle him so much. I tell him that mommies are made up of kisses and love, so you have to feed them that. And then if he acts like he’s not going to let her kiss him then I get to sneak in and get the kiss. Works every time.

  21. At least once a day, my husband will ask our six-year-old daughter, “Who’s my favorite girl in the whole world?”

    She sighs and ever-so-slightly rolls her eyes and says, “Da-ad, you always ask me that!”

    But she knows who it is. And she feels our love. It surrounds her like water surrounds a fish.

  22. Those last little reminders at the end of your post…they are what God the Father says to each of His children. Because, as Brennan Manning put it, God not only loves us, He LIKES us. Cool truth, eh?

  23. …can you only imagine the world if EVERY small child was ‘reminded’ daily that they are loved, wanted, treasured…? You Rock A.M.

  24. All of you mom’s out there always cherish your kids because you are so lucky to have that in your life. I had 2 girls that died when they were very young, and you never know when it is the end.

  25. As always, you brought me to tears (not that it takes much). Just tonight as my hubby was speaking at a church’s AWANA group, I was holding my 5-month-old and my heart just overflowed with love for him- our ‘babies’ are such blessings! 🙂

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