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A Doughnut Themed Day

Warning:  No real point to this post.  Your time might be better spent cleaning lint from your belly button.


Some days just seem to have a theme.  Have you noticed? Friday, the theme of the day was apparently doughnuts.


Friday morning, Antique Daddy and I went to our end-of-the-year parent-teacher conference.  I was nervous, but it went extremely well.  I was so proud of the things Ms. Carrie told me about my little boy — it brought tears to my eye. My mother used to leave my parent-teacher conferences weeping too, but for entirely different reasons.  The good nuns did not appreciate my creativity and outgoing nature.  Quirky is not a quality admired by the Catholics.


I digress. It’s what I do.


Anyway, beyond the fact that Sean has more than mastered all of the skills appropriate for his age, Ms. Carrie reported that he is well liked, respects the teachers, demonstrates self-control, is kind, and shares. And is quite funny.  Is there anything more a mom could want?  I think not.  


After the conference, AD and I celebrated by stopping by Starbucks and basking in the after glow of parental pride.  As I ordered my coffee, I spotted an old-fashioned glazed cake doughnut in the pastry case.  Intoxicated by Sean’s good report, I ordered the doughnut with reckless abandon and ate it in about three bites.  I could not resist.  Glazed cake doughnuts are the one thing I almost never allow myself because if I eat one then that’s all I will be able to think about for three weeks and I will then spend all my free time talking myself in and out of getting in the car to go buy doughnuts. 


Later that same day, I overheard on the news that a man tried to attack a woman in a doughnut shop.  I didn’t catch the entire story, but that seemed like a gross miscalculation on his part.  Bad move.  Never get in between a woman and her doughnut. Depending on the time of the month, all that might be left of you is a powdered sugar outline.


Then finally, that night, I was watching a little late night food channel and Paula Deen and her son were making homemade doughnuts out of biscuits.  I love how Paula can tease six syllables out of the word doughnut.  Anyway, Paula pulled a doughnut from the hot grease and bounced it around in a paper bag full of powdered sugar and then presented it to the audience.  And they applauded. For the doughnut.


Some food I would not applaud, say turnips or miniature corn.  But a doughnut I would definitely applaud.  I would go so far as to stand and shout Encore! for a doughnut.


See? I told you. Pointless. And you could have had a clean belly button.


49 thoughts on “A Doughnut Themed Day

  1. Ah, the lint will still be there tomorrow.
    I’m with you on the turnips. In fact, I’d probably heckle them, rather than applaude. I’m crazy about miniature corn though. Cute, tasty and so perfectly formed.

  2. Not totally pointless. You managed to leave me craving a doughnut…badly. I already ate my one doughnut I allow myself about once every six months, last week. I live less than a mile from a doughnut shop and successfully manage to avoide whipping into their parking lot day after day. I have a feeling today will NOT be one of those days!

    Congratulations on your very smart and well behaved little man! 🙂


  4. Well what were the people with outies supposed to do?

    KIDDING!!!! I LOVE doughnuts and I actually just ate about half a dozen mini ones. I’m addicted, it’s true! And I would never spend time cleaning out my bellybutton (or any other orifice for that matter) when I could be reading, thinking, or dreaming about doughnuts!

    Muah! Love ya lady!

  5. I’ll be writing you a terse e-mail later. I’m heading out the door to go to the gym. And I’ll be passing a Dunkin Donuts on the way to AND from.

    And there’s no way to keep my eyes focussed on the road, because the large police presence in their parking lot always attracts my attention.

    I understand. I would stand and applaud the mighty Doughnut as well. But make mine glazed and covered in chocolate….

  6. “…all that might be left of you is a powdered sugar outline.”

    LOL… I’m just glad that I know better than to read your blog with coffee in my mouth.

  7. There are several restaurants around here that offer fresh fried doughnuts. They are so flippin good when they are pipin hot and coated with cinnamon and sugar. MMMMMMMMI suspect you will be getting a lot of “Gee, Thanks a LOT!, now I want a doughnut!” comments for this post today.

  8. It’s always worth the time to read your blog- that’s why it’s on my feedburner. (I’m really progressing in
    my technical adventures in blogland.) I find myself saying “a friend of mine told me this funny story – or described this common event in an uncommon way…”. Then how do I describe my relationship with Antique Mommy when they ask? “I met her in blog land?” doesn’t mean a thing to the average person. Too bad.

  9. Humor is definitely not pointless.

    And every mom can relate to pride in their children. The other week my learning disabled son ran in his first track meet. I was so proud I cried—and it was more than the little tear in the corner of my eye.

    BUT about doughnuts!!!!!!! I can make some really good doughnuts and when I was single and teaching overseas at a small school each year near the end of the year I would invite each class over for a doughnut party! My recipe makes about 100 doughnuts—so there was plenty for all.

    Later I met my neighbor back in the US and she told me that she never thought about a doughnut without thinking of me and never thought about me without thinking about doughnuts.

    I need to think about a reason to make 100 doughnuts!

  10. Did they forget to mention Sean’s mad one-leg-hopping skilz? 🙂
    MY bellybutton never seems to gather lint, so I had to read – and was laughing at the “powdered sugar outline” as well. Too true (and with regards to many foodstuffs, chocolate, anyone?).

  11. Oh Great – now all I’m going to be thinking about is donuts – the “warm from the oven, melt in your mouth” Krispie Kremes!

  12. Wendy, I have to pass by a Krispie Kreme on my way to everywhere and when they have the ovens cranked up – oh my goodness, the smell is intoxicating. I have a sex analogy for the glory and the splendor of fresh hot doughnuts, but I’ll spare you since it’s early in the morning.

  13. There’s nothing like a great teacher conference. We have learned to go to our son’s first and our daughter’s last so we will be ending the evening on a high note…ahem…yeah…our son is an EDUCATIONAL MINIMALIST – and for a while took is minimalist learning very seriously.

    And the donuts? We used to buy 2 dozen on Sunday mornings “to start the week with” and our two teenagers made sure they didn’t last until Monday morning. We LOVE donuts around here. And my family’s been frying biscuits into donuts for years. And I don’t even have my own cookbook…

  14. I’ve tried and tried to make a good homemade donut. Just can’t. They really are a cheap thrill, unless you’re buying for a family of ten, which I am. But every now and then, it’s worth it.
    My favorite…raspberry jelly.

  15. I’m with Lori – Krispy Kreeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmeeeeee.

    Damn. Now I’m thinking about donuts… more than I was earlier this morning.


  16. It is both a blessing and a curse that the closest Krispy Kreme shop is about 45 minutes from here. SIGH

  17. From one quirky Catholic to another-
    And one cake doughnut eater to another.

    I take a Krispy Kreme, or a powdered, or a chocolate sprinkle in a pinch, but the thing that really gets my heat racing is a fresh warm glazed cake doughnut. Soooo good!

    Mercy, I can hear my bottom expanding just thinking about all that fried deliciousness!

  18. No, no… you had a great point. Life is short. Eat more donuts. For me, I could care less about a Krispy Kreme, which is really just deep fried lard. But give me a Lamar’s donut, and I’m putty in your hands, especially if it’s the chocolate glazed or the sugar raised.

    (Congrats on the glowing report, AM! This year seems so much better than last year. What a difference a good teacher makes!)

  19. Not pointless at all. Now at least I’ll KNOW what I’m missing since I’ve started my diet. Thanks. a lot.

    And kudos to Sean for his fabuloso report from Ms Carrie – always makes a mama’s heart swell to know her child has done well. 🙂

  20. Our family also has had a history of frying biscuits to make doughnuts – cinnamon and sugar in the brown bag is equally tasty! I actually made these with my Kindergarten students – using a Fry Daddy and letting the students cut the hole in the biscuits and shake the bag. Now let me see…..the educational benefits of that activity would be?????
    I loved it when I had boys in my class that were kind, knew the skills they needed to move on, were creative and “funny” is just the frosting on the doughnut! Good job mom and dad!

  21. Ahhhh my friend. Donuts — whether they be two syllables or six — are also my downfall. My Mom made homemade cake donuts twice a year at our house. We would eat ourselves sick and then beg for more.

    If you want more donut humor, go to and look for Hoops and Yo-Yo’s e-card called “One Donut a Day.” It’s like a theme-song for the donut-lovers of the world.

    (In fact, I think I’m going to send it to you so you can see what I mean. I bet Sean will love it. My four-year-old will watch it for 15 minutes straight. That’s what I call shower time. Plus, it’s strangely addictive.)

  22. Donutty goodness. I take a plain old Krispie Kreme OR a chocolate glazed bismarck full of custard heaven. And a Starbucks on top of it all — the nearest for me is an HOUR. A donut and a chai latte… sinful…

  23. A yeasty sugar glazed doughnut. Gluttony whisphers in my ear and sometimes entices me to eat two. I trick that vice and only buy chocolate covered, yellow cake doughtnuts. From grocery cart to snack cupboard my hand never raises the box lid. Daughters and Daddy devour them. And I get to feel the smug satisfaction of not having eaten a single crumb.

  24. my belly button popped when I was pregnant and never went back to normal… so with nothing to clean, I read. And I want a doughnut. So thanks for that. Yay on a good report for Sean. THere is little better than praise from a teacher… total validation that you may actually be doing a good job as a parent. We all need to know that and be reminded that all we do is worth the effort. SO yay for you!

  25. Oh, but we NEED humor and good sense, too.

    First, I am proud of Sean and his good school report. (Remember worrying about the potty training issue, but he made it!!!)

    Second, I’m happy you and hubby share the parenting and teacher conferences. That is good.

    Third, I could JOIN you on the doughnut quest. They are addictive!

    So see – you gave us a lot of Good Sense and threw in doughnuts for a little humor.

    Bravo, Antique Mommy!

    Betty in Oklahoma
    (Cheering you on!!!)

  26. Paula Deen’s donut “recipe” takes me back to my early days of teaching: the kindergarten classes would run a donut business for a couple of weeks in the spring. They would put up their teddy bears, etc., as colateral for their $20 loan from the bank, then they would buy biscuits, powdered sugar, and oil. Parent volunteers would come and help them fry, but most of the jobs for the little guys was to shake the heck out of the donuts in their powdered sugar bags.They sold them for some ridiculously cheap amount, we all lined up and bought a million, and waddled around for two weeks.

    Man — I think I need some of those. Made with some kindergartener’s grubby hand, and everything!

  27. There happens to be a doughnut shop here that makes the best I’ve ever had. They have only one other shop, and that one is in Plano, TX.

    Doughnuts are a gift to us all. If God did not want us to enjoy our senses, He would not have inspired the invention of the Doughnut. Mmmmmmmmmm…. Useless calories…

  28. I keep hoping Paula Deen will show up and adopt me plus have some doughnuts.

    You do know that fat cells are sexually transmitted don’t you? It’s some hidden secret STD. How else can my skinny husband eat enough for four people and not gain an ounce verses me who didn’t touch it gain weight? Answer me that one. My story and I’m stinking to it!

  29. Oh, AM – I do love me some donuts, too. I think right now blueberry or sour cream cake donuts are my favorite. I pass a Dunkin’ Donuts every day on my way to work. I went through a phase last winter (when we all hibernate, right?) of getting a donut every Friday morning. Pure bliss.

  30. “Powdered sugar outline” — ha ha! I don’t know about this being a pointless post. I’d say it serves as a warning for men everywhere: DoNUT even think about it, Mister! (Like Leggo my Eggo, except the play on words is much worse, because it could be taken one of two ways.)

  31. It is never pointless to talk about doughnuts.

    And congratulations to Sean for a what sounds like a great end of year report!

  32. I’m sure that Krispy Kreme stock will rise several points today…..guess I need to invest in a donut myself.

  33. I picked a FINE time to read your post, oh yes I did. Started the Weight watchers-not-a-doughnut-to-be-found Core Plan last night.

    Your post may have done me in.

    Doughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nuttttttttttttttttttttt

  34. I think I’ll have a little donut and coffee party tomorrow morning in honor of Sean’s sterling conference report. Kudos to the three of you!

  35. My hubby’s family owns a bakery. I love their glazed cake doughnuts. It’s official, I’ll have to stop there in the morning. Thanks!

  36. I’ve made Paula’s donuts. And they are beautiful and wonderful and amazing and simple and… you get the point.

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