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sean and marigold

 Sean likes to pick flowers for me.  Not the stem, just the flower.  The other day, while I was out, he picked a marigold from my garden and put it in this little vase to surprise me with upon my return.  Much like the multiple reflections in this photo, when he showed it to me, it made me happy to see how happy it made him to make me happy.

30 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I never turn down flowers from chubby hands and tender hearts. The ones brought by my children are always far more special than any from a florist.

    This is a fantastic photo, AM.

  2. Beautiful, but how did you do that? I mean black and white with just the flower in color? You must whisper sweet nothings into the camera’s ear.

  3. Oh how sweet that he did that. I love the head of that flower just popped in a vase so sweetly. I wish Laylee would decapitate a few more dandelions in our yard.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I have to tell you that your photo is absolutely incredible! As in, enter-into-an-art-show incredible. I would pay big bucks to have a photo like that of my niece. And such a sweet story to go with it!

  5. Lovely photo and lovely flower. Maybe he’s showing his usual smarts and realizes the stem will produce another flower (in most cases…). Pure genius, that boy.

  6. That’s a beautiful shot! My little guy brings short flowers, too. As he’s aged (he’ll be 7 this summer…eek!) the stems have gotten a bit longer.

    I keep a trio of little round votive candle cups on my windowsill to use as mini vases.

  7. What a shot! You have an eye (for many things).
    My little boy brought me flowers (usually frm a neighbors yard). I loved the dirt on his hands and face and smile. Then the moment was gone. He’s now 33 and doesn’t remember to bring flowers. Maybe I didn’t pause long enough to appreciate the moment. But now he brings me grandchildren, and I think I do appreciate the day.

  8. My three year old does this exact same thing! When I saw the picture, I could totally relate. Hi, I’m Renee and I’m ‘antique’ also.

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