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School Cancellation Policy

We are not a co-sleeping family.  It’s just not what works for us.  But I will admit there are times when I think it would be so very nice if we were.  There are times when I still want to hold my baby close to my heart as I did when he was an infant.  I want to look into his sleeping face and listen to him breathe.  These sweet and uncomplicated days, they are waning.  Too quickly they fly away into the star encrusted galaxy, into forever and beyond. 


Lately, Sean will wake up about 5:30 and come get in bed with us.  The gentle jingle jingle of Mr. Monkey announces the arrival of our visitor.  He tip toes to Antique Daddy’s side of the bed. Without a word, he throws a leg over and then clambers over him before wriggling down under the covers between us and falling back to sleep.  Shortly thereafter, I usually get up and enjoy that first cup of coffee and 30 minutes of a peaceful, sound-effects free house.


Wednesday morning, I sat at my desk with my coffee and listened to the rain patter against the kitchen window as I worked on a writing project. When I looked up again, I was astonished to see that it was nearly 8am.  The house was still dark.  A storm grumbled quietly off in the distance.  Sean should be up by this time, eating breakfast and getting dressed.  We would be late for school.  Again.  I made my way to my bedroom to get him up and going.


In a tangle of sheets and legs and arms, they were folded into the other, like an unopened flower.  I stood there for several minutes, watching them sleep, their breathing, synchronized and as steady and even as the rain that was falling against the windows.  I wondered if their dreams intersected in some unknown and secret place. I thought of how they are linked together for all eternity through me.


I could not make myself disturb them.  I did not want to send this moment hurling off into the galaxy.


There will be plenty of school days in his life, but the days when he can nestle into the protective curve of his daddy’s arm and dream little boy dreams are too few now.


I backed out of the room and quietly shut the door.


School was cancelled that day due to snuggling.

52 thoughts on “School Cancellation Policy

  1. Awwwww. Our last non-sick sick day was because my daughters were having so much fun playing together. When I announced that it was time for Sarah to get ready for school, her five year old sister burst into tears and said, “But I’ll miss you SO MUCH.” It made my heart happy.

  2. I know that feeling so well. I’d love to cancel Playschool some days, but Spud wouldn’t let me. It’s so nice having two warm boys to snuggle up to!

  3. That is a perfect reason to cancel school. After all, school will always be there; Sean, with all his snuggliness, will not.

    Yeah, catch those days while you can. Hopefully your snuggles will last well into his eighth year as it has with The Boy. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like knowing that your sweet, growing boy still needs to be loved on.

  4. My mother was telling me about a neighbor family during one of Dallas’ rare winter snows. “Can you believe,” she said, with shock in her voice, “that instead of playing in the snow, she made her kids go to school?!” Sometimes the moment is more important than the plan.

  5. Beautiful. School will always be there but moments like this are rare. I’m glad you took advantage of it.

  6. Awesome! What a lovely post. Your line about whether Sean and your husband are linked together through all eternity through you made me think of something I read when I was pregnant. I had picked up a book on raising a multi-racial child (I’m white and my husband is Chinese) and I read in this book that after pregnancy, and for the rest of the mother’s life, some of the father’s DNA remains inside the mother’s body. I often reflect on this when I think about our family–how we are all linked, literally through our DNA. The other thing I often reflect on is how female babies are born with all their eggs–which means that I walked around for 35 years with the egg that would become my Peanut inside me. Like a little light of hope burning bright!

  7. Simply lovely post AM and a wonderful reason for a school cancellation. This is one of those perfect moments that make all the trials of life worth it.

  8. I just love your posts. They seem like they are eloquently ripped from my own household, with my own four year old as the star.

  9. That’s awesome – beautifully written! Thanks for sharing. We often (on weekends) get an early-morning visitor except he comes to mommy’s side and there’s typically no further sleeping going on… unless i’m really lucky. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    Beth (mommy to a busy 4.5 yr old)

  10. Good for you! That’s what I would’ve done, too. Actually, it’s one of the appeals that homeschooling held for me.

  11. My little guy does the EXACT same thing. He is the same age and comes in at the same time 😉 Since #4 has been born we tried (in vain) to convince Samuel to stay put but truthfully when I hear the jingle of his bear (funny that’s the same too!) my heart is glad….

  12. I love to snuggle with my four sweethearts. It’s the happiest, safest, most contented feeling to hear the breathing and dreaming soundly.

  13. My kids used to have “Mommie Days” during the school year, when one would stay home and we would do special things together. It is so nice to love one child at a time — to have seven or eight hours just being together. They are your age and still talk about those special days. I love seeing the feelings you have toward Antique Daddy and Sean. Your eyes and your heart are fine tuned.

  14. Maybe once (sometimes twice) a year, my daughter (8) will complain of a slightly sore throat, or a slightly upset tummy, and I JUMP at the opportunity to call in sick to work and stay home with her. I know she could go to school, but my heart tells me differently. There isn’t enough snuggle time in this world! In a blink of an eye, they’re grown up and those moments are gone. Take them while you can.

  15. You know what’s funny…I’m CONVINCED my toddler can see what I’m thinking. Since she was born, if she was taking a nap and I thought about her (especially during the nursing year), she would wake up within two minutes. When I have a nightmare, she wakes up screaming.

    I hope Hubby and baby were having pleasant dreams together. 🙂

  16. Ah… what a beautiful scene. I love watching my hubby snuggle with our daughter. The two people I love most in this world.

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