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Walnuts And Watermelons – Everything You Really Need To Know About Pregnancy

No, not really.  I just thought that was a catchy title.


So then.


We have more books than we have space to put them, so last week, I decided to sort through some of them and cull out those with which I could bear to part.  I came across several books on pregnancy that, unfortunately, I won’t be in need of again so I set them aside to pass along.


A wave of nostalgia washed over me, so I sat down and thumbed through one.  The chapter that described the changes that happen to the female body during  pregnancy caught my attention, perhaps because “someone” had highlighted almost every word.  As I read along, I was rapt once again, just like I had never read this information before.


Even though I’ve been through a pregnancy and understand the basic process of gestation, the idea that another human being was formed perfect and whole from the makings of my own sorry body is still astonishing to me.  Astonishing!


It’s even more astonishing to think that the egg that became Sean was in me, among a million others, before I was even born. I never can quite wrap my mind around that, to think that he’s always been with me in some way.  I suspect that if he was with me before my life began, then at some point he will be with me after this life as well.  That is my hope anyway and my faith in the promises of Jesus sustain that hope.


I noticed that in one section I had underlined a paragraph that described how prior to conception my uterus was the size of a walnut, before eventually growing to be the size of a watermelon to accommodate the baby. And then after birth, at some point, it returned to its original walnut size.  




The book did not mention that before conception, my heart was also the size of a walnut – an old hard black walnut that even the squirrels wouldn’t have.  During my pregnancy, it grew to be the size of a watermelon.


It has not returned to its original size. 


50 thoughts on “Walnuts And Watermelons – Everything You Really Need To Know About Pregnancy

  1. A dear friend came to visit a few weeks ago. After gazing lovingly at my four-year-old for several minutes, she said to me, “You made a new person! How cool is that?”


  2. Awwww, how sweet.

    Wait a minute…you’re not the Grinch are you? Naa, you have much better hair.

    LOL, I am still in awe at the miracle of life. God’s blessing….Kim

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL.
    Someone I know is working with pregnant women in prisons and is always looking for pregnancy books to share, if you’d care to send them along that way.

  4. I’ve never really thought about the fact that, in a small way, my child has always been with me. How wonderful!

    And I love the walnut and watermelon analogies!

  5. Oh, yes. That wonderment, I think, is part of the love that overpowers our insecurities and keeps us keeping on. I just can’t smell my 3yo’s neck often enough.

  6. Just wonderful. Lately the Peanut has taken to telling me and Mr. Fraulein, “I’m going to love you forever!” I think she could never know how deep our love for her is, even though we tell her all the time.

    And although she doesn’t know it yet, some of the eggs inside her just might someday become little people who will say, “I’ll love you forever, mommy!” And she will be so astonished as to how that came about, just as I am.

  7. Also, I got mental images here of the Grinch and when his heart grew and grew, only yours got so big that your body cavity could barely contain it.

  8. This reminds me of a recent post at talking about her 2 year old

    THese kids are loved sooooo much….

    Mary. mom to many

  9. How true, how true!!! Don’t worry, your heart will grow even LARGER when grandchildren come along. You have a few years to prepare, of course, but it WILL happen. 🙂

    Betty in Oklahoma
    Grandmother of 13

  10. It amazes me how God gifts some of us with the ability to find wonder in the simple. You have this gift.

    You know, a favorite saying among the adoption community is “you did not grow under my heart, but in it.”

  11. I just reread my comment — not that conception and birth in any way is simple and non-wondrous. I’m talking about the watermelon and walnut part. 🙂

  12. What a perfect analogy. My heart is still the size of a watermelon and I hope it only grows larger.

  13. Recently, I told my mom that my heart grew a little more one day because of my love for my boy. I told her at this rate, by the time he’s ten, my heary won’t fit in my body any longer and I’d have to carry it around in a backpack.

  14. yeah- after having children my ass went from the size of a walnut to the size of a watermelon too….

    Only kidding! Love the analogy!

    ps- i remember after our first daughter, my hubby couldn’t imagine having enough love in his heart to give to another child. When the 2nd came along, his walnut became a watermelon, too. Obvioulsy this metamorphosis is not gender specific. Ain’t that grand!

  15. I am glad to say that your heart will never, ever go back to the original dried up walnut size. Sean is going to go on to graduate from kindergarten…and junior high…and high school…and you are going to continue to be amazed that your heart will go from watermelon sized to super watermelon size. As one who has done that 3 times, so far, I gotta tell you that your chest is going to explode in the future, so take every opportunity to expand your heart between now and then.

  16. I have boys in my house, so no eggs here. However, this got me to thinking about the hearts of my future grandchildren that are already inside some little girls somewhere. Maybe she is running and playing outside, maybe swinging in her daddy’s arms, maybe blowing bubbles and laughing, maybe hurt and crying. I can’t wait to meet them!

  17. I’ll never forget seeing the genetic counsellor during my last pregnancy (I too am an antique mommy) who was in awe as he told me that if I was carrying a girl, he was looking at three generations as the baby’s egg’s would already be in her. Turned out to be a boy, but still a cool concept.

  18. I really like where you went with this post…

    God said, “I knew you before you were born in the womb.”

    Sean was meant to be born TO YOU, not to anyone else.

    Isn’t that amazing?! I am never over that.

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day, AM!

  19. That is such a great post. Thank you. I look at my son and marvel that he was once in me, of me. He’s making that transition from pre-schooler to BOY and I’ve been similarly nostalgic.

    Did you know that fetal cells stay in your body for the rest of your life? They stay with us, in so many ways.

  20. My first son’s baby book is an ultrasound picture of him as an unfertilized egg…after seeing it I was pregnant 2 weeks later!

  21. That ending just about sums up the joy of motherhood. I’d say that your heart is the size of one of those gigantic first-place-winning watermelons that can be seen in the state fairs too.

    Loved this post, AM. Loved it.

  22. I love that part about the eggs. I have a friend who lost her son with only 4 weeks left until her due date. I’ll be passing that along to her.

  23. Beautiful post. You’ll find that as the years go on, that watermelon-sized heart will swell to prize-winning humungous size when Sean…

    walks into his kindergarten classroom and is a brave boy…

    when he ‘graduates’ from kindergarten and they play the slideshow complete with schmaltzy songs designed to make you cry like a baby.

    when he graduates from high school…

    and then when he graduates from college…

    and that is as far on this journey as I have gotten…

    I will let you know how my heart explodes at weddings and grandbaby births…

    which I guess is nect on my experiences yet to come list.

  24. This is such a great post. You are QUALITY. 🙂

    And I totally know what you mean – my heart hasn’t returned to normal size either.

    Also, I never have sat and thought about the fact that my children lived in me before I was even born. That is amazing.


    You always make me feel blessed to be a mother.

  25. I haven’t been to your blog in a while and now I am mad at myself for that. You are such a great writer.

    I love the thought that my boys have always been with me. God’s work is wonderful.

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