Always Real, Makes Me Sigh, Snips And Snails

Magoo Car

Is it not true that you can drive through nearly any neighborhood in the country and spot one of these in someone’s front yard?   This is ours.  It’s a vintage model.  We call it a Magoo Car.     Sean’s Godmother Gigi bought it at a garage sale for her kids.  Her kids are grown now and have children of their own.  Even Gigi’s grandchildren have outgrown it, so a few years ago, when we were at her house in East Texas, Sean fell in love with it and Gigi let us “borrow” it.   Like…

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Antique Childhood

Liquid Time

Have you ever looked at your child and seen your own face? And maybe your child doesn’t look so much like you, but there is something that he does, some little expression that he makes that is unmistakably yours. And just for a split second, the thread that has stitched all of humanity and history together is brilliant and visible and eternity suddenly makes sense. Last year, when I was in Illinois visiting my parents, a neighbor brought over some old Super 8 movie footage that had been hiding in a closet for 40 or more years.…

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Faith, Parenting Gone Awry, Snips And Snails

Strutting Away. Not In The Bible.

There’s a particular little boy that Sean plays with sometimes who I would describe as “all boy”.  He is a bit more rough and tumble than Sean and uses language that we don’t use  try not to use don’t approve of at our house.   Periodically, Sean will tell me he doesn’t like playing with Billy and then gives me an earful of what kinds of things this little guy says.  With great judgment and condemnation Sean reports that Billy calls him a poo poo head and says idiot and butt and that he doesn’t like that.…

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Makes Me Sigh, Snips And Snails

A Warm Blanket

Today was one of those rare days in life where everything was just right.   The sky was clear, the air was clear and most importantly, my calendar was clear.   For the first time in several months, I didn’t have to be anywhere or prepare for anything or look into pleading eyes and say “Just a minute, just one more minute, let me finish this one thing…”   Every day is its own unique and holy creation and this day seems to have been created just for me.  I could do whatever I wanted to do…

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Always Real, Faith


When I started dating Antique Daddy, every time we had a date, I would run out and buy a new outfit.   I wanted him to really really like me.  How could he possibly really really like me if I were wearing something he had seen me wearing before?  I wanted to look my best and wearing something new made me feel good and made me feel confident.   As I got ready for the She Speaks conference in North Carolina, I of course wanted to buy a new outfit because I wanted everyone to really…

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Always Real

She Speaks, But She Misses The Wedding

This weekend, my niece got married and Sean was in the wedding. He was the cutest little ole ring-bearing, tuxedo-wearing little boy you ever did see.  Maybe you saw it, but I did not.  I was at the She Speaks conference in North Carolina. Photo Temporarily Unavailable YOU MISSED SEEING YOUR LITTLE BOY IN A WEDDING?  HOW COULD YOU?  WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU? Trust me. I’ve said this in my head about 80,264 times this past weekend. Even though the plans for this wedding were set since the first of the year, in all my…

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Reruns and Leftovers, Tuna

More Millie

Your last helping of Tuna for the week.  Have a great weekend y’all! * * * * * Millie Conway In our family, we celebrate Easter and our risen Lord as we do any other holy day – by racing home from church and eating entirely too much. And then complaining about how full we are as we waddle off to check out the dessert table. And after all that eating, nothing much else can be done except to sit around the table and talk trash before going back for another piece of pie. When my mother-in-law…

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Reruns and Leftovers

Thursday Blue Plate Special: Leftover Tuna

Keeping Time in Tuna  I never hate Wal-Mart more than when I am in downtown Tuna. Across the country, small town Main Street has been decimated by the big hairy ape that is Wal-Mart and Tuna is no different. The old historic buildings that line Main Street, that once teemed with the life blood of the town — the Mom and Pop businesses — now stand as a silent, empty and decaying tribute to capitalism at it’s best, or worst, depending upon your point of view. One thing I really like about doing business on Main Street…

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Reruns and Leftovers

How To Be A Rock Star In Tuna

I am getting ready for a conference that I will be attending in beautiful North Carolina this weekend where I’m looking forward to seeing friends I’ve actually met and many more friends that I haven’t actually met. And I have no idea where my suitcase is or what to put in it.  So then, for the rest of this week, it’s left over Tuna. Yummy. * * * * * If you ever find yourself in Texas, and you’re really hungry and you want good food and plenty of it, what you do is drive to the nearest…

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Always Real, Makes Me Sigh

The Triangle

One of my many downfalls as a mother is that it is terribly hard for me to resist buying toys for Sean no good reason.   If I were to be introspective about this weakness of mine, it’s probably because I didn’t have much growing up and I’m feeding my inner-poor child.  And although I believe there is tremendous character-building value in having less rather than more, being able to buy unexpected no-good-reason gifts for my child gives me great joy.  It delights me.  And I suppose that could be bad, but dang, it feels good. …

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