Aunt Jean, Tuna

Mover, Shaker, Biker?

At age 90, my Aunt Jean is a mover. Not a shaker though, because that would be undignified. 


Aunt Jean is always on the go, on various committees, visiting folks in the hospital, looking in on the elderly her nieces and nephews and does it all with a quick step and in stylish attire.


Every month, the church she attends arranges for the seniors to go out for dinner together at a local dining establishment where Christian fellowship and merriment commence therein.


Last month, the senior coordinator selected a new place in town called Luce Wheels.


Cousin Cheryl, who lives in Tuna and is about my age, sometimes goes with Aunt Jean to these senior dinners using the excuse that she will drive her home after dark, but really we all know it’s because Aunt Jean is fun to hang out with.


When the seniors arrive at this new establishment, it turns out to be a biker bar. 


No matter.  All the seniors go in and enjoy a meal and then later some of the tattooed patrons were nice enough to show them how to play shuffleboard.


About 7:00pm, Cousin Cheryl turns to Aunt Jean, yawns pointedly and says, “Well, it’s getting late, I guess I better be getting you home.”


“Oh no,” Aunt Jean says, “I think I’d like to stay. The band is about to start.”


On second thought, maybe Aunt Jean is a shaker.


36 thoughts on “Mover, Shaker, Biker?

  1. I’ve known that I’ve inherited a tendency to stay busy when I called my grandmother on her 90th birthday and her response to “How are you doing?” was “I’m just too busy!” She has slowed down now at 101, but she still likes to try to outpace me with her walker. So cute.

  2. Your Aunt Jean sounds like a hoot! I love the stories about her. I hope that I enjoy life to fullest just like her. We can all learn something from your Aunt Jean.

  3. I want to be just like Aunt Jean! She sounds awesome! My Grandma Margie was just like that…always on the go and up for anything. She didn’t ever seem old to me until the very end. We lost her recently. Gosh, I miss her. I’m sure she’s keeping everyone in Heaven on their toes!

  4. I wish I could have seen that. Next thing you know she’ll be sporting a do-rag (doorag? du-rag?? dang, how do you spell that?) and a tattoo.

  5. I always love it when you write about observations of people like this. People really are so quirky and interesting and often a few other adjectives.
    I only make time to read 3 blogs daily, and you’re one of them – love your writing!

  6. You say she’s a mover? Is she free the middle of next month? I could really use her then!

    I want to be just like Aunt Jean if I ever grow up… At least we all know where you get your sassiness and fun, AM!

  7. I love Aunt Jean from afar. 🙂 I think you’re so blessed to know her close up. I’d love to be like her some day…and I can tell you are related. 🙂

  8. One of my two best friends just turned 81 (I’m 30), and I love being with her because she has some much energy and so many wonderful stories to tell. She says it makes her feel young to hang out with me, but for me it’s the other way around. She fills me with inspiration. Go Aunt Jean!!!!!

  9. I think it has to do with the name, our Aunt Jean went at 80 to land the ever loved Marlin on a Florida deep sea day out while on a retired group trip….she was 5’3″ and 105 lbs but she wranged that 140 lb fish all the way back home to Arkansas…may we all be a little more Aunt Jean and a little less fuddy duddy as we grow old!

  10. Roxanne said what I was thinking…but since she’s running w/a new crowd you might want to check her for a tramp stamp of diet cherry 7up. I’m just saying….

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