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She Speaks, But She Misses The Wedding

This weekend, my niece got married and Sean was in the wedding. He was the cutest little ole ring-bearing, tuxedo-wearing little boy you ever did see.  Maybe you saw it, but I did not.  I was at the She Speaks conference in North Carolina.

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Trust me. I’ve said this in my head about 80,264 times this past weekend.

Even though the plans for this wedding were set since the first of the year, in all my blonde glory, I managed to remain unaware of the fact that the wedding and the conference were on the same weekend until it was too late to do anything about it.  I double booked and I had a very very hard choice to make.  You would think someone with so little excitement in her life could manage to keep two dates on a calendar of twelve months straight. But no, apparently not.

It was with much rending of garments and mental anquish that I chose to attend the conference over this family event.  I know in making that choice, that I disappointed people who are important to me.  I also know they are people with hearts that overflow with grace for me.  And that makes it a bit better. A little bit.

On the other hand – WOW! She Speaks! In North Carolina with some of my bloggy friends.  I have so much to tell you about my time there that will no doubt include a number of exclamation points and superlatives.  I was blessed beyond measure at that event and the amazing ladies who attended and the other amazing ladies worked so hard to put it on.

But just now, I am tired and I want to spend my day in the sandbox with my cute little boy, even though he won’t be wearing a tuxedo.

16 thoughts on “She Speaks, But She Misses The Wedding

  1. He looks adorable! Having been faced with these kinds of decisions before (as we all have), I have learned that most of the time the only one who really anguishes over it (before, during and after the event) is usually me and after all is said and done, the people who loved me before still love me now. And it has helped me be a lot more compassionate and understanding when those I love disappoint me.

    Enjoy the sandbox!

  2. What a handsome photo! Sometimes situations require difficult decisions. I’m sure he won’t require years of therapy over this one, honestly. You, maybe — *laugh* — but not him.

  3. Wow… now I’m even that much more touched that you came to the conference.

    I loved meeting you and can’t wait to see that book with your name on the cover.

    We are all rooting for you.

  4. It was a hard choice, but I’d have done the same too. Although I love weddings, I forget them after a while. Memories that you made at She Speaks will be will you for much much longer. Plus, obviously you have sweet pictures to remember Sean in a tux.

    Now if it were Sean’s wedding, I might have different words… 🙂

  5. So are you slated to be a speaker at the next conference??! I don’t read those other three “top” blogs even a tiny smidgen as much as yours. You have a wonderful gift. I can’t wait to purchase your first book AND buy copies for all my friends!

  6. Bless your heart, what a tough choice to make!

    Sean looks adorable, and no doubt there are a ton of pictures for you to see, though, who’m I kidding? It’s not the same as being there.

    I do look forward to hearing more about the conference. I just read Boo Mama and Big Mama’s accounts. It sounds like an awesome weekend! 🙂

  7. That is the cutest!! We have some friends who we think are getting engaged soon and I plan on lobbying for my Peanut (age 3 and a half) to be considered as a flower girl. She would love getting to wear a fancy dress in front of a roomful of admirers!

  8. I have had a hard time commenting — because I have SO been there. You would have a great time if you weren’t berating yourself for missing something big. *sigh* No guilt like mother-guilt.

    I, too, look forward to hearing the outcome of the weekend!

  9. Oh what a horrible choice! I’ve had to make a couple like that myself, in my line of work. I don’t envy you.
    He was adorable, all right. Enjoy your sandbox time though; shorts and t-shirts are much more comfortable.

  10. I had a similar conflict, not realizing my baby’s 3rd birthday was yesterday. I swung by Build-a-Bear on the way home and fortunately that buys you lots of grace in a child’s eyes (as does an afternoon in the sandbox).

  11. What a handsome young man you are raising…it would have been a tough decision for ANYone to make, but all you can do is all you can do, right? 🙂 Sounds like your priorities are straight, though – a day in the sandbox covers a multitude of proverbial sins. 🙂

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