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Gone Fishin’

I haven’t been able to blog the last day or two because I’ve been very very busy. I am fish sitting.  And it’s a lot of responsiblity.

First off, I have to feed it two microscopic dots of food, once in the morning and then again at night. And then I have to check on the fish 286 times a day to make sure it’s, um, not dead.  Not that there’s any real chance that the fish would meet its demise under my care, no, not at all.  But I did ask the owners where exactly they got the fish. Just because I was curious and not for any other reason other than curiosity. Just curious. That’s all…

Rainblue is a sweet little fish. Everytime I peer in on her/him/it, she flutters her little fins. It’s like she’s waving at me.  I think one time she even smiled at me.  We’ve bonded, Rainblue and I.

And yes, there is just one fish but you know me, I can’t just take a picture of a fish,  I always have to get all artsy fartsy with the camera.

Anyway – I hope y’all are having a safe and fun 4th o’ July, eating stuff not on your diet and enjoying the fireworks!


14 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. I think that Rainblue is a beautiful little male betta, or Siamese fighting fish. And while I love your interpretation of the fin flutters, he’s more likely challenging you to a watery duel.

    But since you clearly have the advantage, keep thinking you’ve bonded. It sounds much sweeter that way.


  2. Rainblue. Sounds like something my nine year old would name a fish. We tried keeping fish, but none of them lasted too long so we gave up.

  3. We have 2 of those here on a daily basis. My son won them at a church carnival last fall. They had the audacity to survive. Since they can’t be in the same tank together, I have 2 bowls to tend to. So in addition to the two goldfish, the two dogs, the two kids, the two chickens, and the one husband, I have to make sure the bettas live through each day. It’s a lot of responsibility this mom stuff.

  4. Rainblue is beautiful! Does she/he stare at you? We have three goldfish that always stare at me when I am in the kitchen. It is the craziest thing! Whenever I see them staring at me with those goldfish eyes I ask Katelyn if she has fed them. Maybe they are just wanting a snack or something – who knows!

    The picture is really awesome!

  5. I fish-sat once. I was terrified the whole time, and handed it off to someone else as soon as I could. No replacement was necessary though and that’s the important thing.

  6. That sure is a beautiful artsy fartsy photo! I probably would’ve gotten a big blur. (Note to self – shop for a better camera…)

  7. What a beautiful fish! Ours is just dark blue. Don’t worry, there’s apparently not much you can do to hurt them. I’ve missed feedings, and sometimes, the water is just awful (I keep passing by and saying to myself “I need to do something about that”), but our little guy is still here. And healthy.

  8. After discussing all the responsibility involved in having a pet (feeding, cleaning up after, attention) with our four year old, we are finally ready to get a pet. We are heading to the pet store to pick out our fish today! I’m trying not to be a nervous wreck, because fish haven’t really lasted all that long when in my care, but killing a fish is better than killing a dog.

  9. Just make sure there’s a cover. Apparently they can jump. They wait until you aren’t home and then Floop! Out of the bowl, into the radiator. Tiny grilled fish fillet-style.

    And it doesn’t do much for caregiver self esteem when an animal would rather commit suicide than live with you.

    This may be why I don’t have kids…

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