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Out Of The Mouths Of Critters

Last night, Sean and I were laying in his itty bitty bed reading a few books before bedtime.  One of the books he chose was this Little Critter book.  

After I read the title, I pointed to the critter in the wheelchair and asked him if he noticed anything different about him.

He studied the picture for a second and then said, “Well yeah! (duh) “He’s a rabbit!”

I laughed to myself.  Four-year-olds are so authentic.

His answer was better than the correct answer.

Now, bonus question: Does anyone know what species Little Critter is?


36 thoughts on “Out Of The Mouths Of Critters

  1. I’ve read about 100 Little Critter books and I have NO idea what they are. My favourite one, however, is the one about the ski vacation where the dad goes to “tame the mountain” and comes back with a broken leg. This was given to my husband after he broke his leg (among many other things) after a nighttime snowmobile ride. It was the first caustic humour I’d ever seen from his sister. I appreciate her so much more now!

  2. How cute! I love his answer. 🙂

    I have no idea what kind of animal he is.. He looks like a hedgehog kind of, but they don’t really specify. Even the website says he’s “Just a critter!” Go figure.

  3. We love Critter books! I pondered, but couldn’t come up with his species either. So, I asked the eXperts: my children! (Is that cheating)? The piXies believe him to be a guinea pig.

    Webster’s definition: a small, stout-bodied, short-eared, nearly tailless domesticated rodent. Often kept as a pet. Sounds like Critter to me!

  4. Oh my. I had to de-lurk to say that your Sean’s answer made my heart smile. And I loved Critter books when I was younger :o) Glad to see they are still loved.

  5. He looks like a guinea pig after a swim or something else to create a very bad hair day! I, too, have read at least hundreds of Little Critter books and have never tried to identify what specific type of critter he is! He’s just a critter, right?

  6. Antique Mommy,

    I have been reading your blog for about a year now. As a college student, in her last semester of graduate school, who lives her life as a differently-abled adult from a wheelchair, (I have Cerebral Palsy), I think Sean’s answer was fabulous. I wish more parents raised their children to see past disablities, wheelchairs, etc. and to see who we truly are…People just like you! I love it!

    Kristen Garrison

  7. Well, he’s a Little Critter (naturally); but he looks to me an awful lot like a cartoon hamster. Also, hamsters happen to be Little. (That bunny there is probably a mini lop.)

    Sean’s answer was perfect.

  8. I think Jamie is right – if I remember correctly – he’s just a “little critter”. And oh how my kids love him! When my oldest was 4, my mom bought her a cd rom for the pc that was called “Just me and my grandma” and then the next year, she got “Just me and my grandpa” and my two youngest still play them.

  9. Children are so wonderful. My husband is an amputee and is hurt when people stare or are unkind. Our two children, especially our daughter who is 5 never seems to see “disability” in others because she knows her Daddy can do anything and everything….like a super hero 🙂

  10. I could never tell what Little Critter was–esp as his mother has such long ears, but they don’t really look like rabbits. I would ask Sean. He’ll know.

  11. Sean seems like one smart cookie. The Tongginator would probably take one look at that cover and say, “it’s okay to have wheels.” Then she’d probably follow-up with, “why are those animals wearing clothes???”

  12. I remember Little Critter books. And I think they are just generic critters!

    Nothing generic about Sean though – that’s for sure. My daughter is still like that – at 13. I’m hoping it transcends adolescence.

  13. No clue about the species. My kids favorite was the sharing one that ended, “Would you like to share my froggie?”

  14. What a sweet answer! I read “Just go to bed!” to my 3 year old and he loves it! Great books, those critters.

  15. I love little critter. I think he looks like a hedgehog, but I believe the author meant him to be unique–a new species!

    Sean is too cute.

  16. According to the official website, his animal species is a Little Critter. So he’s uniquely himself! My kids loved those books. Now you’re got me reminiscing about storytime with my little critters.

    Sean’s answer is absolutely perfect, not to mention spot-on!

  17. I love Little Critter books! When my kids were little I bought them all the time. They were our standard bedtime reading.

  18. Guinea pig. You can tell by the feet. Not sure why they wear blue eye shadow, though. My kids love them. And they had guinea pigs once too.

  19. I love the sweet, innocent things kids say. Reminds me of “The Little Prince” saying that adults just don’t get it. (Although the little french boy said it more beautifully).

    I vote that Little Critter is a guinea pig.

  20. Can’t stand it any longer…it is a lop, known for its floppy ears. One of the oldest breeds of domesticated rabbits.

  21. Being older than dirt, I have no clue as to the Species of Little Critter, so I Googled it. And they have a great site with all kinds of stories and things and even pages you can print out to make your own coloring book. Gee, I wish I were a kid again!

  22. I remember when my kids were little we had every Little Critter book that was out at the time. I may have loved them more than the kids!

  23. Ok, so, the suspense is killing me. What kind of critter are they?

    Btw we have this book. One night after we read it at bedtime, Shep’s Sunday School teacher told me that a new little boy had come to class and Shep went out of his way to be kind to him, and I know it was from this book. Love little Critters. By the way, you can find them on youtube being read by Mercer Mayer – look for the ones submitted by critterpaw. My kids love to watch them.

  24. I’ve actually taken a poll of other moms, and NO ONE knows what the heck they are! (And believe me, I felt much better knowing I wasn’t alone at last!) 🙂

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