TV – A Vast Wasteland, But Now With Crabs!

I don’t watch much television. 


I’d love to look down my nose and proclaim that I’m above investing my time in the vast wasteland that is television and that I spend my time reading classic literature instead, but that would be a lie.  Unless you consider Little Critter classic literature.


No, the reason I don’t watch much television is because apparently I’ve got time management issues.  I don’t have time to watch TV.  I want to watch TV, I want to join in the conversation about what’s going on with Jim and Pam at The Office or who Simon is ripping to shreds, but I just don’t ever seem to have an opportunity to park it in front of the television.  By the time I get my tribe fed and bathed and in bed, it’s way past prime time.  And if my tribe is not in bed, there’s no watching TV. There are only interruptions interrupted by interruptions with a lot of swashbuckling and explosion sound effects in between interruptions. 


And yes, for the record, I know of this Tivo thing, but we don’t have it.  We might like to get Tivo but unless someone breaks in our house and installs it for us, we’re not getting Tivo because in order to get Tivo we would have to make a decision to get Tivo and then where to get Tivo and is Tivo better than something else and then there would be months of research and spread sheets and comparison shopping until such time as Tivo became obsolete.  Which is why we still have VHS.  We are not in the technodark due to lack of money, but due to our lack of ability to make a technodecision. 


So then.  By the time I get to sit down and watch TV it is well after prime time and what’s on always seems to be The Deadliest Catch. 


Ergo, I have become addicted to The Deadliest Catch.  While all the cool kids are watching Lost and American Idol and The Office, I’m watching men out at sea in need of a bath and a shave. 


True to my nerdy form, I never seem to be in on what everyone else in the country is talking about around the water cooler.  Back in the 90s while the rest of the country watched that new show, ER with Dr. Ross and Nurse Hathaway, I chose to watch Chicago Hope with uh, can’t remember. ER is still on (although it is a very sad and tired show that jumped the shark so many seasons ago) whereas Chicago Hope lasted about two seasons.  That’s me — always on the trailing edge of what’s hot and happenin’. 


That I am so invested in a show about crab fishing is perplexing given that it takes so very little to make me seasick.  Seriously. One time AD took me to a lovely bayside restaurant in Sausalito, one that sits out on piers over the water.  He made sure we were seated at a window table so that we could hold hands across the table and gaze out upon the water. About halfway through the meal I was so green that I had to go outside and lay down on a park bench.  All that to say,  watching the fishing boats rise and fall, and dip and sway in the swirling and churning icy waters, even on the small screen, makes me a little green.  In fact, just typing that sentence made me a little queasy – yet I can’t turn away from my crab fishermen.


I don’t know what it is about that show that is so captivating.  It is just this sexy combination of soap opera, danger, roughneck bad boys and um, crabs.  I pathetically know all the names of all the boats, the crews, the captains and how many pounds of crabs they have caught and how they are ranked among the other boats.   When I drive by Red Lobster or peer into the seafood case at the grocery store I wonder if those crabs came from Sig’s boat, The Northwestern or maybe Phil’s boat, the Cornelia Marie.  And then I wonder how Phil is doing with that blood clot and why can’t Phil and his sons get along  b’cause I know deep down they really love each other.


So yes, while the rest of gals are swooning over Jim’s unkempt hair and the way he mugs for Pam and the camera, Sig is my TV boyfriend.  Jim sells paper, but Sig – he drives the boat. 






You have Jim at the office.  I have Sig. He drives the boat.



84 thoughts on “TV – A Vast Wasteland, But Now With Crabs!

  1. Well, I haven’t a clue who Jim and Pam are, but Sig, you’re talking my show.

    I don’t watch much tv, either, but there are a few shows I’ll watch when given the chance, and Deadliest Catch is one of them. Oh, and lately I’ve been catching some of Ice Truckers. Their job may not be as dangerous as Sig’s and the Deadliest Catch crew, but driving over a frozen ocean surface in a mega ton semi at top speeds is no picnic in the park.

  2. Girl… this is my show!

    I love Sig, and Capt Jonathan from the and his brother from the Time Bandit. Phil is still in the hospital with a blood clot in his lungs. He totally could have died and I would have been very sad. There are so many new greenhorns too! One of them almost lost his head in the last show. I love these dudes. And have you been watching After the Catch? It is great to see them all sit down and talk about their experiences. They really are like a family even though they compete with each other.

    I think the same thing when I drive by a seafood place!

  3. I saw this show for the first time several months ago. It was a Saturday MARATHON – the entire previous season squeezed into one l-o-n-g day. I stayed in my pajamas the whole time, sitting on the sofa, the floor, the recliner, and “my” chair with knitting needles moving, but me glued to the tube.

    I never really thought of it that way before, but if I were to pick a boyfriend it’d MOST DEFINITELY (without question, no hesitation, hands down, I’ll fight you for him) be Captain Phil Harris. Don’t you just LOVE the way that sounds?! Let me say it again. Captain Phil Harris.

  4. Thank you for coming clean and admitting that, now I feel so much better about my addiction! LOVE that show (and Dirty Jobs for whatever reason) and all the captains… although I have to admit that Sig just looks too darn mean for me, lol! I’m more of an Edgar or Andy kind of girl I guess 😉

  5. The only Captain I’ve heard of lately (from a 6 yr old)
    is Captain Jack Sparrow….Arrgghh!

  6. I thought I was the only one hooked on Deadliest Catch! I know all the captains and crew and I was never so glad to see the end of anyone when Capt. Keith sent Moilan packing!

    I also love After The Catch, Dirty Jobs, Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men and Tougher In Alaska. I do not care for The Office, Grey’s Anatomy or any of the network primetime drivel. To each his own, I guess, but I for one can’t wait to see what happens with Phil Harris, if he’ll be able to return to the Cornelia Marie, and with the rest of the guys.

  7. I hear ya! We’re technodorks here too (our TV has rabbit ears, for cryin out loud). Nope, you won’t find any office hunks, sauve doctors, boat captains or TV boyfriends around here, but if you like crabs, I’m your gal! (eh? that sounded kinda bad) See what I mean: crabs

    (No worries, ineXplicable is family friendly. Promise)

  8. Here you go; that show is banned from our house because DaddySpeak actually does get green from watching it BECAUSE he worked on those boats. Seriously.
    I got me a fisherman grrls, aren’t you jealous now?

    Actually, I got me the scientest who took random measurements of their catches to determine population, etc….He can’t watch that show because the swaying of the boat is enough to put him back there & make him sick. Ironic choice of jobs for someone who has severe motion sickness, don’t you think?
    Our favorite shows these days is “Three Sheets” on mojo. Saddly we have not yet played the drinking game while watching, which I think is really supposed to be the point.

  9. Haven’t watched TV for years. I have no idea who any of these people or shows are.

    But years ago, I also chose Chicago Hope over ER, and was very disappointed when it was canceled. It had Mandy Patinkin, for pete’s sake. How can you go wrong with Mandy Patinkin?

  10. OK, in fairness, I did find this show once and thought it was a special. When I realized that it is a series, I thought what the heck? How much is there to say about fishing for crab?

  11. Love the show! Love Sig! And yes, my husband makes fun of me every single time I watch the show. Oh, and get a dvr because we just got one and it is the greatest invention EVER! Don’t research it, just take the one that your cable company offers. You won’t be sorry.

  12. I’m disapppointed in myself for never having heard of this show, as I consider myself a TV afficianado. I, unlike you, watch way too much TV. I have a strange fascination with Kimora Lee Simmons and the Kardashians at the moment. But don’t tell anyone.

  13. FEAR NOT – YOU ARE NOT ALONE…. because my husband TIVO’s this show and now, I too, am well aware of all the boats, captains, crew and aquatic dangers that they face.

    Scarey stuff!

  14. I too was a Chicago Hope fan in an ER world. I know you didn’t ask but I do remember thinking Adam Arkin was kinda cute and that Mandy Pitinkin sang way too much….

  15. We ALL watch it! Even the kids! ANd when we go out to eat ande my hubby orders crab – Thing 1 always wants to know “are they King crab dad or opies? Berdie?” 😉

  16. At least you have one show to talk about around the water cooler. I read about entertainment, but I don’t actually watch TV other than news. I keep seeing these statistics about how many hours a day the average family spends in front of the tube, and I’m thinking the average family must have more time on their hands than ours. I love telling the satellite sales people, when they come knocking, that we have no cable, no satellite, and we don’t want it, thank you very much. They look at me like I’m from another planet.

  17. I love Deadliest Catch! I think you should be glad you didn’t watch ER. You might be like me, loyal to a fault, still watching it even though it’s not really worth watching anymore. Somehow I still feel obligated to give the folks at County General an hour of my week. BUT. Since I have Tivo I fastforward through commercials, so it’s more like 45 minutes.

  18. Crabs Rule! My dad was visiting us last week and we stumbled upon the show. Got Dad hooked. A blessed relief after several days and evenings of non-stop C-Span, FoxNews, and ESPN.

  19. We don’t have cable…unspeakable I know. We were visiting family in Arizona a couple of weeks ago and my sister who Tivo’s, pulled up some of the latest episodes of The Deadliest Catch, and we watched several. It is one of her favorite shows, now whenever we are at someone’s house and the TV is on, I immediately check for The Deadliest Catch, and get them hooked on it too.
    Some might think we should get cable, but I love that there is rarely anything good on television to watch, with cable there is always something on, I am afraid I would be a couch potato.

  20. I was wondering when you would finally blog about your boyfriend. If is wasn’t for you, and my mother, I would never have even known about that show. I checked it out one time, and now I’m hooked. Thanks. 13 episodes on my TIVO at the moment. I don’t know when I will ever get to watch them all. You can come over and watch Sig anytime you want. I have HOURS of him. Jealous?
    I’m still reeling over last season’s episodes (just watched them two nights ago) where the coast guard resues one guy froma a sunken boat, but the other three didn’t make it and then the one where that poor guy on another boat falls into that freezing water and the guys on the Time Bandid (is that who is was???) rescue him. Wow! That had my adrenaline pumping, for sure! OK, I’ll stop now. It’s too early to get this excited.

  21. Who’s Jim and Pam? And ER is still on????

    I only seem to watch Clean House and Dirty Jobs.

  22. I LOVE Deadlist Catch. There is just somthing about all those guys in freezing, dangerous conditions that is captivating!
    I watched Chicago Hope, but I also watched ER from the beginning. My husband cannot understand why I still watch ER now that it is so bad. I told him I feel like I have too much time invested to abandon it!!

  23. I love that show too!

    1) TiVo is a no brainer – we have three!!! Don’t consider the others they are imposters!
    2) TiVo is perfect for people who DON’T watch alot of TV, you can pick ONLY the shows you want to see and watch when you have time and you skip the commercials.
    3) You can order online or buy from your local electronics store (Best Buy, Circuit City).

  24. I thought I was a freak of nature because I love “deadliest catch”. I am so happy to know that we could have our own sorority. This show is so diametrically opposed to my normal personality. I think I could spend years of analysis trying to figure out my alter ego.

    I love it when there are rookies on the show- and they don’t think they are going to cut it-and every one on the boat gangs up on the rookie. In my real life, I would be mad because they are hurting someone’s feelings. But on this show, I am thinking ” Throw the rookie over board- he is not carrying his weight!”

    But this is the real clincher, these guys give new meaning to cussing and drinking like sailors. Plus they smoke their weight in cigarettes. And yet, I find them strangely alluring. Go figure.

  25. And here I thought (from the title) that Sean was making you watch Mr. Krabs on Spongebob Squarepants!

  26. We love that show! And since you mention getting a little green, I first watched the show three years ago this summer… a weekend Marathon of Deadliest Catch! I was confined to the sofa in the throws of the worst morning sickness ever…the kind that lasts all day for 8 months. I am known far and wide for my ability to get nauseaous at the drop of a hat, so my husband found it hilarious that I could not keep down a saltine, but could spend hours watching fishing boats tossed to and fro in high seas.

  27. You are so funny…that is why I love you!

    I guess you will not be going on a cruise any time soon!

  28. Well, this is just so sad. I’m even further behind because I don’t have cable to even watch this show which is behind all the others. Sigh.

    However, I do have a DVD player AND a VCR, so that should count for something. Never mind that I can’t work the remotes. That’s a lesson for another day…

  29. I also love Deadliest Catch. It’s just fascinating to watch them battle the elements. My husband and I have been watching since the beginning so I’m actually quite attached to a couple of the crews!

    Did you catch Sig on Conan the other night? It was awesome. Conan mentioned going up to Alaska and doing a segment on Sig’s boat. How awesome would that be!

  30. My 16 year old son watches that show. I love my 16 year old so I watch it, too. Sorta like when my now 17 year old watched Miami Ink and I watched it with him to know what he was watching.

    I never get to watch anything that is mine……..not that I would anyway!

    PS! Maybe the reason I don’t watch anything is that when I finally have time to watch there’s no one else around to “do it for me,” as I can’t work the remotes either!

  31. I can’t believe all of the dangers there are to crab fishing!

    The only problem I have watching tv is that I usually fall asleep when I do and then I miss what I wanted to watch!

  32. I can’t help but get addicted to Deadliest Catch. Since everyone claims Sig as their boyfriend. Mike Rowe is mine. I could hear his voice all day. Love his humor too on Dirty Jobs. I’m a Discovery Channel junkie, it’s the only channel I can watch and not really have to worry about following a plotline.

  33. What you need is Netflix! We have the cheapest of the El Cheapo cable packages available, so needless to say we don’t have access to much compelling TV. But through Netflix you can catch up on almost anything — old movies and TV shows! We’re currently making our way through Arrested Development and loving it even more than the U.S. version of The Office, which I didn’t think was possible. Of course you still have the problem of when to actually watch the stuff. Mr. Fraulein and I tend to catch up on the TV once the Peanut is in bed, for an hour or so at least.

  34. One night my husband came running in to the kitchen where I was cleaning up (yep, it was late, but why hurry to clean the kitchen?). He was wildly excited and told me I just HAD to come watch this show with him. “Deadliest Catch,” he said. “Um, no thanks,” I responded. He persisted. I gave in. I watched. I got hooked. Now we have “date night” with a TiVo’d batch of D.C. with dinner on TV trays. We’re happenin’!

  35. I have never watched The Deadliest Catch and have no idea who Jim and Pam are, but looking at the picture of Sig, he could drive my boat anytime.

    Humma humma!

  36. We love that show too. After a few episodes, I recognized captain Phil as someone I almost went dukes with back in 1990 over his boys, who were at a daycare my ex-wife was running at the time. I’m glad he ended up leaving without incident.

  37. Apparently I’m quite out of it, too, because I have no idea who Jim and Pam are. I know who Simon is, but I’ve never seen a complete episode of Idol.

    That’s the weird thing about the age of cable TV. It used to be that, with only a handful of national networks broadcasting, the whole nation was relatively united with the cultural input of TV. At the time of a very popular show, you knew exactly what your neighbors were doing and you could all share the experience. Now, even very popular shows have a much smaller market share than they used to due to the sheer number of shows, and people can watch them at any time they want.

  38. I like Black gold, which is like Deadliest Catch only without the sea sickness. Black Gold is the oil rig show, where the three rigs are competing for the most oil. There are rookies there too, and lots of dangerous parts where someone almost loses a hand, or the drill breaks, or something catches on fire, or they get in a fight. See? Just like Deadliest Catch! Last week, one of the guys was talking about how he fell 60′ off the top of a drill (rig?) and landed on the concrete below. He’s now a member of the “16 club”, because only 16 people have done that and survived. You just can’t make this stuff up! If Jim fell 60′ to the ground and lived to tell about it, we’d be like, “Yeah right!”

    I DVR all those shows.

  39. I agree with Mary. Call your cable company and say you want a DVR. It allows you to easily record multiple programs. Even when things go off for the season, the system remembers and starts recording them when they return. You don’t have to buy anything, but you do pay a monthly fee for this precious box. If you have a high definition TV, you pay extra for that too. It is the greatest thing since God made little green apples. I have now set mine to record Deadliest Catch and can’t wait to check out Sig. He looks like my kinda guy.

  40. Chuckle-chuckle…This post made me giggle to myself because I too watch this show, mainly because my husband is usually in control of the remote. Who would have ever thought that something like that would become a TV show? It is quite entertaining though!

  41. Mike Rowe is super hot. . .and my hubby knows I think so. We don’t have cable, BUT our school has cable, so we TAPE Discovery Channel at school overnight and then bring it home to watch. Free deep sea crabbing and stuff blowing up and guys doing scientific experiments and watching how things are made. . .and Mike Rowe.

  42. I thought I was the only woman in America who watched this show. I got hooked a couple seasons ago when my husband started watching. Now we TIVO it so we “catch” (pun intened) every episode. And I have had the exact same thoughts at Red Lobster.

  43. Hey, we HAVE TiVO and I *love* Deadliest Catch, LOL. It’s one of three shows per week that we carve out a schedule for our tribe to specifically watch.

    If you have Comcast, you might cheque with them to see how much swapping your current cable box for one with a DVR would be. Should only be a couple of dollars more per month and though not as fancy as TiVO, it would get you specific shows recorded (as you program them).

  44. Jim and Pam who? I love The Deadliest Catch. I wanted to watch it while on vacation at the beach with my inlaws and everyone thought I was crazy! What is up with these people?

  45. “Deadliest Catch” must be one of those fancy pants cable shows. You “rich” people drive me crazy!!! 😀

  46. Hey- just dropped in from over at “sweet tea” and I have to agree- I love Deadliest Catch! Sig is my favorite, too. I’m about to become an “antique law student”, lol. I Enjoyed reading your story.

  47. Google tells me that Jim and Pam are characters on the American remake of The Office.

    Huh. Well, the next time I am in the home of someone who owns a television, I will have to check out this “Deadliest Catch” thing.

  48. I’ve never heard of the Deadliest Catch, but now I’ll have to check it out. Sometimes the “nerdiest” shows are the best. I’ve taken to watching Myth Busters lately, though I suspect they’re trying to stretch 30 minutes of material into a one hour show.

    Theresa Schultz

  49. AM
    If you do decide to get something TIVO-ish, go with the DVR from your cable company because they come hook it up and show you how to work it. I have no idea who Jim and Pam are… But I have caught a few episodes of Deadliest Catch. I still prefer Grey’s but other than that when I am watching the TV stays parked on HGTV.
    PS Why can I never go back and correct mistakes on my comments on this blog? Is it just my computer or does everyone have the non- moving cursor in these comments?

  50. Well; I LOVED Chicago Hope and the Adam Arkin doctor; he is sooo cute; and I watch Deadliest Catch; I didn’t want to at first, but HE made me 🙂 LOL; BUT…. I WATCH the Ice Road Truckers cause I WANT TO; LOL; I like both showa now and they are made by the same company. Also I want to say I love your blog; Is Tuna a real town in Texas? Love those stories. And; the decision process; I totally identify; I have Mr Consumer Reports living in my house ARRRGH! FYI the last purchse he researched ( Chevy Cobalt) was a piece of junk for me which has now been traded for a beautiful truck which I did NOT allow to be “researched” LOL

  51. Chicago Hope, all the way!!!

    I have never heard of The Deadliest Catch, but I will look for it now…can’t imagine.

  52. Try the same channel, Sunday nights, pretty late. Ice Road Truckers. Holy guacamole…what a time suck and I just can’t explain the attraction. I’ve been afraid to watch Deadliest Catch because of what Ice Road Truckers has done to me.

  53. I had to laugh when I read your blog this morning, because I started writing about Deadliest Catch a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t had time to finish it.

    I finished it this afternoon and posted it. Thanks for inspiring me!

    Love your blog!

  54. Oh my gosh I am so glad somebody other than me does not have tivo and really watches Deadlist Catch. I love that show. Not sure why or how I started watching it but I never miss it.

  55. I read through all the comments hoping that someone would tell me who Jim and Pam are. Seriously.
    We don’t have Tivo either. Mark likes “Deadliest Catch” too. I have seen it a few times, but I like “Dirty Jobs” more.

  56. I must say Sig and Andy Hilstrand are not bad to look at. I have been watching season 1 and I LOVE IT! We had the TIVO thing and it was great. We have since switched to DISH. I know it will be time comsuming doing the research but it will be worth it. I promise. There is no other way to watch tv. If I couldn’t have paused live tv I would have missed many important things. Such as when Phil of the Corneila Marie pulled up a car. Or when the Time Bandit pulled their flour prank. Oh how important these things were. Good times, good times.

  57. Jim and Pam!! the most adorable, likable and sarcastic couple from the Office. Pam is, well, sweet and adorable and Jim is sarcastic and fun. They play jokes on Michael Scott, their boss played by, not other than, the big guy, Steve Carell. They play even worse and funnier jokes on Dwight Shrute, an office worker who parts his hair down the middle and has a beet farm with his brother Moes and who drives an older Camaro or Firebird and takes himself WAY too seriously. Great writing, great acting!

    I sometimes will “catch” the Deadliest Catch. I dig me some Sig now and then. He’s pretty cool. I could NEVER in a million years work with bugs of the sea, crabs. YUCK!

    I cannot stomach Dirty Jobs, it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach.

  58. See? Come and sit at our table! There are lots of us. But, um, I had first dibs on Sig to be my TV boyfriend, so back off, Sister.

    I like him because his potty mouth is not so pottified as some of the others. And his need-a-bath is not quite so extreme as some of the others’ needs-a-bath.

    How’s that for a raving review? 😉

  59. You are so not alone! My mom and I are both addicted and talk about these people as if we actually know them and not just watch them on TV. I personally like Jonathan from the Time Bandit but that’s just me. I don;t think I would want to be married to Sig… did you see his temper tantrum about the crab count? Can you imagine that at the dinner table???

  60. What a relief to see that there are so many other women loving Dealiest Catch. More of an Edgar gal myself – I love his sense of humor, but Sig is still pretty hot.

    Oh my heck – I can’t believe I just commented about crab fishermen.

  61. I, too, LOVE Deadliest Catch, ever since season 1. And I know the crew’s names and the boats they belong to (Sig is my FAVORITE!!!). I have never watched ER either, so don’t feel bad!! LOL

  62. Oh, AM! I don’t watch much TV either, but if I get the chance to run the clicker for a minute while folding laundry on the bed, I always pause for this show! I never knew how dangerous, tough and brutal those jobs were. I have a B-I-L who once stated that he might try to do that for a few years while he figured out what he wanted to do with his life. LOL! ROFL! Those MEN would have eaten him for lunch!!!!
    So, now, even though he has a law degree and a masters in English……works night shift in a hotel. Yep, that’s real ambition, I’ll tell ya. Sorry, now I’m all fired up:)
    Good show, though! Good show!

  63. You’re cracking me up here, and I watch so little TV I haven’t even heard of your addiction. We turned the satellite off last night to keep the kids from watching.

    BTW, we do Dish Network and it includes a TIVO, so you don’t have to research it, just use the one they give you.

  64. A strange coincidence, but I just wrote about catching crabs in today’s post at my blog. We found the crabs themselves fascinating…now that we’ve been so personally engaged with crabbing, I’d better check out your show.

  65. Oh my goodness… you are my total TV twin. I have never in my life watched The Office.

    I didn’t even know there was a Jim or a Pam.

    But I TOTALLY dig the “we might die in these here iceburgs but it will all be worth it when we pull up 1500 pounds of crabs and score a measly $247 for all our life risking” Deadliest Jobs show!

    Who is making all the money? Is it your captain boyfriend or some scab sitting in the cubicle next to Jim and Pam at the office who happened to invest in a crab boat?


  66. I loved Chicago Hope – can’t remember who was in it either but loved it. I am also out of the loop. I have no time for myself, much less watch TV. However, I did watch Deadliest Catch last season – LOVED it. Haven’t caught much this season. I enjoyed your blog! 🙂

  67. I’m glad I’m not the only one who just has no time for television. It must have something to do with this blog addiction I picked up a while back. Any spare time (and even that is rare lately) goes into my laptop.

    I’m so out of it that I get around to the hot shows several years after they’ve run off the air. I watched every single Chicago Hope episode in the middle of the night while nursing my second child (because by then it was in syndication and I could record it on my VCR). I’m currently watching ancient episodes of West Wing on DVD because everyone told me for years I would like it and I finally got around to proving them right. Maybe I can look forward to enjoying The Deadliest Catch sometime in 2010.

  68. Ack! After reading this I had to check out your crab guys and now I’ve got to have my nightly crabboat fix via the itunes store. Plus someone in comments mentioned Ice Road Truckers, and that one’s got me too! We don’t have cable because I don’t want it to suck all my time away, but itunes and your post are doing me in.

  69. So THIS is what I’m missing out on by not having advanced cable!!!!! I never in my life heard of Deadliest Catch…sounds like another murder mystery show. Girl, I thought I would fall out of my chair, laughing over this! 😉

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