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Beware Of Boys Bearing Dandelions

We were in Tuna this weekend and went to church on Sunday morning with my mother-in-law Cleo.

After services, Sean and I went outside to wait for everyone to make their way out to the car.

Sean spied a dandelion growing in the church yard and bent over to pick it.

He brought it to me and said, “Here Mom, hold out your hand.”

He very carefully laid his golden gift in the palm of my hand.

“Why thank you Sean!” I said, my heart all aglow.

“Don’t moosh it,” he called over his shoulder as he ran off, “It’s for Memaw.”

Oh.  Okay, sure.  I knew that.

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Beware.  The suspect shown above is armed and dangerous, using dimples and dandelions to target the elderly and unsuspecting.  Was last seen in a church parking lot running off with the heart of a woman who appeared to be of advanced maternal age.

23 thoughts on “Beware Of Boys Bearing Dandelions

  1. I would have smiled and then put on a poochie face – lip extended into a pout. Then I would think about how wonderful that he wanted to share the dandelion with memaw!

    He is darling!

  2. Hope you get your heart back in one piece, AM. Those Memaws… sometimes they surplant us when we’re not looking!

    (Sean keeps looking more and more like you every day, and I didn’t really think that was possible.)

  3. Million dollar smile! (These days I suppose a million does not get you to far…so we can say “Ten Million” dollar smile).

  4. Heartbreaker? I’m thinking he’ll be a comedian… you know, carefully set it up, wait for dramatic effect and then deliver the killer punchline.

    He’s adorable, by the way.

  5. I don’t blame him. If Memaw is any thing like my Mimi there would be no contest. My grandmother had only one rule when we stayed with her.

    We could not wear our pajamas to Dairy Queen for our daily hot fudge sundae.

  6. Awwww!!! Gotta love such a sweet little guy! I have had that feeling, though, of gentle let-down when the gesture was meant for someone else. Mary would do something so sweet just for Mom ~ until Daddy walked in the door, then the Indian-giver would take it back and say, “Look what I made you, Daddy!” Oh well. I’ll share….lol

  7. How sweet! You are raising a thoughtful son. Sometimes we have to share the affection of our sons with other women in his life. Some day he will pick out another woman to spend his life with, but THAT is a long way off. Enjoy the dimpled boy while you have him. I know you will.

    Betty in Oklahoma

  8. Yep…that is the beginning of the end when they decide that their Memaw gets gifts that certainly you deserve more! Just wait until the day that he declares you are no longer his girlfriend and that he is going to marry someone named Kayla, or Jennifer…….no longer does he have his sights set on marrying “mommy”………that is a true heartbreaker!

  9. Can I budge in here with a story? Thanks. Here is one my mom wrote. True story. And, I’m the little girl.

    “When I was a young mother I took my little girl to a yard sale. The possessions of a very elderly lady were spread out on tables waiting to be sold.

    My little girl picked up a tiny glass vase and said, “Mama, this is for you! I can pick dandelions for you to put in it.”

    I turned to look and as I did a frail voice caught my attention. An elderly woman said to me, “Treasure that little vase and the little girl who wants it. The days of dandelion bouquets will pass by and be gone before you know it.”

    And she was right.

  10. What a bittersweet story…and a precious little guy! I too am an antique mommy…I’m 48 with a three-year-old princess. Glad I found your blog!

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