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Rainbow Days

Every afternoon, at precisely the same time, a rainbow appears on the door to my laundry room for just a few fleeting minutes.

Sean was the first one to notice it.  We stood and admired the rainbow as it dipped and danced its way across the door with some invisible partner.  But as quickly as it appeared it began to fade.   Within a few seconds it had dissolved completely and was gone.

The next afternoon, the rainbow arrived again just as quickly and as quietly as it had the day before.  We played in it, dipping and waving our hands in the shimmering waterfall of color.  But before I could get the camera, it had slipped away again.

The next day, we were expecting it and quickly traced its route back through the breakfast room into the living room where the sunlight was slipping through the pine trees in just the right way, through the windows and past a crack in the shades in just the right way and then through a prism of glass on the coffee table. In just the right way. And all of that because the sun was positioned over the earth in just the right way. 

It seems to me that that is the way it is with remarkable and beautiful things in life — rainbows, flowers, children — the rare and impossible come together in just the right way at just the right time, golden for just a bright and shining moment, and then gone.

In a few months, the earth will tilt imperceptibly, but in just the right way so that the leaves will begin to turn brown and flutter to the ground and the sliver of sun that peeks through my living room windows and past a crack in the shades will look elsewhere, through different windows.  And this season of afternoon rainbows will be over.

And another remarkable and beautiful season of life will be on its way.

28 thoughts on “Rainbow Days

  1. Someday We’ll Find It, The Rainbow Connection, The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me….. I think you have already found a beautiful connection.

  2. One of my favorite things in this world of ours is rainbows. Honestly there is not an emotional break down I’ve had that a rainbow coudn’t fix. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  3. I love rainbows, but then I love the fall too! What I find really amazing is how the little tykes find beauty in the things we don’t even pay attention to (fluffy rugs, streams of water from a faucet, wooden spoons).

  4. Whenever I see a rainbow, it always reminds me that God keeps His promises. Sometimes, I really need to stand on that and take it into my heart.

    We get ours in the evening, as the sunlight plays on the glass in our side door and splays out into may shapes and sizes. My daughter “assigns” my husband and I a particular piece of a rainbow, and then she takes one for herself.

  5. Just wanted you to know that I have added you to my blogroll…

    Also, at the same time every afternoon, in my mother’s dining room, the sun hits the crystals in her chandelier and creates lots of mini-rainbows all over the room. It is truly an amazing site!

    My mother has lived in that house since 1980 and I have witnessed this happening more times than I can count. My children, 7 and 5, are still awed and amazed by it when we are visiting. Come to think of it, so am I!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Rachel Langston

  6. And you were there at just the right moment to see it–not caught up in the numerous less memorable mundane time-eaters we all have. Like a whisper from God to be still. I wonder how many of those I miss in a day’s time.

  7. You just never know where a rainbow will next turn up!! How lovely to be able to know exactly when you’ll see one! I have a star prism dangling from my car mirror and every now and then the car fills with lots of little tiny rainbows!

  8. Thanks for this post. I’ve been pretty depressed the last few weeks. And this reminded me that I’m not enjoying the little things God gives us. Thanks again.

  9. Nope, you won’t make me cry on this one. See, our prism is IN the laundry room and it sits on the sill of a Southern exposure window. So year round, day in and day out (except for the cloudy ones) we have rainbows in our laundry room. And year round, day in and day out I have two living rainbows, Giselle & Paul.

  10. Antique Mommy, your writing is so beautiful. I find myself holding my breath as I read. Luckily, I read fast. 🙂

  11. God has certainly blessed you with the ability to put into words concepts that are simply indescribable to me. I so enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  12. Loved this post. It made me remember my childhood home. We also had a glass chandelier in the dining room, and during the spring and fall we would have rainbows.

    If you ran your hand across the teardrop-shaped prisms of the chandelier, dozens of rainbows would “dance” across the walls. Man, we loved doing that.

  13. It’s just wonderful how you look at things. Really look at things. You epitomize the phrase “taking time to smell the roses”

  14. You have an amazing way with words. And an even more amazing way to tap into the most important things in life. Thank you for sharing.

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