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River Rats

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I spent the weekend with 15 of my favorite people on our annual river expedition in Arkansas.  (Shhh!  Let this be our little secret, but Arkansas is one of the most beautiful unspoiled states in the union.)  If you can’t tell, I’m the giant strawberry in the front.  I was elected to be the person to hit the timer on the camera and then run down a slicky muddy slope to get in the picture.  Due to the tricky nature of photography, I appear to be two times bigger than even the men.  Believe it or not, this is our before picture.

In this crew are two airline pilots, one labor and delivery nurse, one home builder/home schooler, one videographer, one telecommunications specialist, a consultant, two bloggers, one speech pathologist and an assortment of children.

Even though it was 192 degrees, fun was had by all on the river.  Hope y’all had a good weekend too.

13 thoughts on “River Rats

  1. OH, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I need more details.

    We were recently invited to go canoeing and camping and we declined because I could not get the logistical configuration straight in my head. You see, we’re out-numbered by our children. Five kids: Two parents. Assuming we could stow away one of them with other adults would still leave us each responsible for two little ones who would likely end up topsy-turvy in the river at some point. Right? Isn’t dumping over usually expected? I can’t remember.

    Another obstacle in my brain is the fact that I’ve never sat in the back of a canoe. I was always the “needless paddler” in the front who took directions from the back. (It’s been decades since I’ve been in a canoe.)

    Oh, please A.M. Tell me all about it and don’t leave anything out. I’m wide-eyed and sitting at the edge of my rocker. (Not to be confused with “off my rocker”.)

    And by the way, you DO NOT look bigger than anyone in that picture. It’s obvious you’re in the foregroud; so by measurement, you’ll be larger. Anyway, how stylish and perky you look! I admire anyone with enough foresight to say, “Let’s pause all of this commotion and take a big group picture!” That makes me wonder for an answer to another question: Did you take your camera along in the canoe???

  2. which river AM? The buffalo is always a good one to float. We live right on the Illinois river in OK where everyone floats over here.

  3. Having gone to college and meetin my husband there, I consider Arkansas my “other” home state. It is definitely beautiful! I just can’t believe I’ve never been in (on?) one of its rivers. I’m lucky hubs will even claim me. 😉

  4. A friend of mine has wanted to go tubing ALL SUMMER. one of these days, it’ll stop raining and I’ll actually head out with her…

  5. I also went to college in Arkansas and have since told people that it gets a bad rap as it is one of the most beautiful states to visit.
    Looks like you all had fun.

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