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Sometimes you get really lucky and you don’t know it until later.

After canoeing in Arkasas this past weekend, we stopped off at Gigi and Poopah’s farm where I sat out on their Southern Living style front porch in a white rocking chair with my camera waiting for something fabulous to wander by for me to photograph.  The first few minutes I was there I snapped this picture of a hummingbird. I thought, wow, that wasn’t so hard.  I never was able to do it again.

I also photographed a number of dragonflies, several minature horses, some wildflowers, children in need of a bath, some scroungy hound dogs and a cat, all or some of which I may post later this week.  

My brain seems to still be on vacation, so Antique Mommy will most likely be a photo blog this week while I recover and work on some other projects.

18 thoughts on “Hummingbird

  1. That’s a great shot! I’m still figuring out how to use my camera. It’s not an DSLR, but I have manual control over aperture and shutter speed. I’m not sure about ISO, though.

    Anyway, great shot. Beautiful colors.

  2. I only vaguely know what aperature, shutter speed and ISO are. I understand how to compose a picture, but how the camera works? Not so much. Not that it matters, now that I’m post mid-40s I can’t hold the camera far enough out to read the control panel window anyway.

  3. We rescued a hummingbird once…
    It was a moment of magic for our entire family….
    We had the bird with us for about an hour…
    And our hearts certainly fluttered as it took flight and left us in wonder…
    I know my daughter will never forget it…
    As I know my husband and I never will…

  4. This must be the same camera that took those classic frame by frame pictures of your boy and the dogs on the fishing trip!
    I hear National Geographic is buying excellent photos.
    Back-to-school flurries are temporarily shutting down some of the best blogs.
    See you soon.

  5. Really greate! Hummers are not easy to catch! Check out Stampington’s “Life Images” magazine. They seek submissions – photojournal type magazine, published quarterly I think.

  6. I have always been fascinated by hummingbirds. So tiny, so beautiful, so quick and even a little elusive. This is really sad, but a couple years ago my mom found a dead hummingbird and picked it up and held it in her hand. She said it was just so beautiful…irridescent green feathers and bright ruby red throat. And how rare to get that close to one, let alone touch it.

  7. Until two weeks ago I had never had a hummingbird feeder. Now I’m hooked. Every morning I have coffee on my porch so I can watch the hummingbirds. I’ve taken several shots, but my camera isn’t the best on closeups.

  8. Okay, I have to know what camera you have. I am in the market for a new one. That really is a great shot of that hummingbird. You do not see too many pics of those gorgeous little birds that are so clear. Great job!

  9. Beautiful shot!–I’m so impressed you were able to get this little guy mid-flight!

    I’m excited to see your other photos from your trip!

  10. I’m going to see if I can take some pictures of hummingbirds this weekend at Great-Grandpa’s – they flock around his house like a hive of happy bees.

  11. Personally, with photos like these, I think I’ll really enjoy your photoblogging week (while getting ready for the return of your wit and wisdom in word form.)

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