19 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. My pediatrician tells me that Sean is in the 25th percentile for height and I’m like, Really? 75% of the kids his age are taller? Because when I see him among his peers, he is one of the taller kids. Like I give a flip about those percentile charts.

  2. Amen on those percentile charts, AM! My little one was at 10 & 20 percent (height & weight) at our last visit, but I’m SO not going to take any time out of our fun summer days to worry about that nonsense!

    Oh, and wonderful picture by the way! Do you all have splash parks around? I just discovered several in & around our area and finally took Livie (and a friend) last Friday. They had an absolute blast! I’ll posting of it soon, and thanks for reminding me to get on it!

    Hope you’re doing great! God Bless you & your family – my love always,


  3. What a great photo. I love the way you’ve captured him catching some air! (both feet off the ground) It’s amazing how a still photo can give the viewer the feeling of motion – the water, Sean, etc.

  4. That looks like great fun! Makes me want to join in 🙂 except it is winter here in SA and probably not a good idea just yet – but just wait till summer!

    And Sean looks SO tall and BIG in the photo – must bring a tear to your eye to see him getting all grown up…

  5. I hope you were right in there with him, enjoying the break from the summer heat! Fabulous photo, and I agree with everyone else- look how tall he’s gettting!

  6. Doh! I recognize that spot! LOL That thing is great on a hot afternoon. They just put in a whole park-full of those in Small Town. Yeahy!

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