Freaks Me Out A Little

This afternoon, it’s hot, as one might expect of Texas in August.  Sean and I are hanging out in the den, avoiding going to the grocery store and doing other things that need to be done.  We are goofing off and we are darn good at it too.

He’s pulling all the cushions off the sofa and stacking them and pretending to be on a boat and I’m sitting in a chair with no cushions because the cushions are all on the boat.

I’m working on my laptop and not really paying attention to him as he pretends to navigate his ship.  I say “okay, sure, that’s right” when he barks out an order for me, the first mate, and keep tap tap tapping on my computer.  My ears perk up a little bit when he tells me my name is Mrs. Marshamallow and his name is John McCain.  That he would name me Mrs. Marshmallow is not that far fetched as I am sweet and fluffy. And white.  Okay, I’m fluffy and white, but not that sweet.  Beyond that I’m wondering how he came up with the name John McCain.  So I ask him.

“Sean, do you know the name of the two men who are trying to become president of our country?”

“Well, not really,” he says. “Besides I’m busy on my boat.”

“Want to just guess?” I ask.

“Well, one of them is Barak Obama,” he says with perfect pronunciation.

“And I think the other one is John McCain.”

Unless Little Bear is discussing politics, I have no idea how he knows who is running for president.  And this freaks me out just a little.

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  1. I do know how my children knew (because I listened to talk radio ALL. THE. TIME.) but my kids were Sean’s age during the election debacle of 2000 (think Florida, hanging chads, recount, etc.) I was visiting my local Clinique counter when my daughter hopped up in one of those chairs and instructed little brother: “You be George Bush, and I’ll be Laura.” It takes you back a bit about what all is seeping in!

  2. Wow! That would freak me out too. I was at the UPS Store last week with my 3 year old and they had a whole rack of greeting cards with McCain, Obama, Clinton and Bush themes and my son found one with John McCain and asked me about it. I didn’t even know where to begin explaining to a three year old who he was other than a guy on a greeting card. Guess I missed a prime opportunity to school him on the finer points of presidential politics. He would have been the hit of the preschool that day!

  3. It freaks me out a little because a) he’s 4 and b) we never have on the TV in the den. I’m not even sure it still works. I want to be like a 4YO and learn by osmosis. I’d learn another language, CSS and how to knit.

  4. i remember knowing and asking questions about Carter vs Ford and i would ahve been about the same age as well. I am still fascinated with all things politic and totally disappointed in the choices this time around. I havent had a campaign I could really get into since 96.

  5. So funny! Gotta love it when our kids come up with these surprising witty things. 🙂 I have 3 boys- 5, 3, and 19 months. They are constantly making me do double takes. 🙂 Love it!

  6. Who knows wher kids hear things. He reminds me of my son, who was very in tune to political happenings at a very young age as well. And now, at age 17, he’s working for our state’s Republican Party. Sean may have a career in politics in his future, which, um…may be good or not.

  7. Holy cow! My five year old has NO idea who the presidential candidates are…maybe that’s because I have no idea who the presidential candidates are. 😉

    Does that make your four year old smarter than me? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  8. Oh, I am now missing kids that age! I guess I’m ready to go back to my first grade classroom in two weeks after all! Like your son, they do not miss much, do they? So, who would he vote for? Maybe an endorsement?

  9. Prepare to be freaked out on a regular basis. When my 13 year old daughter was 3 years old she asked me “why do YOU have control over ME?” The cogs in her brain were turning and she just figured out that there may be another way of life that didn’t require her to be under my dictatorship. It blew my mind away.

    Children absorb a lot of information. I loose a lot of information.

  10. My 4 yo knows to and once told me that “we” are voting for McCain because we don’t agree with Obama’s ideas. When she starts outlining foreign policy agendas I am going to get seriously concerned.

  11. He probably picked it up from the subliminal messages in children’s programming. Just be careful that you don’t watch anything that contains subliminal messages urging you to vote for whoever your kids tell you to.

    I don’t want to start seeing Bert/Ernie ’08 buttons and bumper stickers.

  12. They hear a lot more than we give them credit for! They look like they’re innocently playing with legos on the floor, but they hear everything! And they learn how to spell and don’t tell us, too! Conversation in late ’80’s:
    Mom to Dad: Want to go to the P*A*R*K?
    (spelling the word, of course, so 2 year old isn’t disappointed if Dad does not want to go)

    2 year old gets up from the floor, runs to the closet and grabs shoes, bounces to the front door, sits down and sings,
    “We’re going to the P*A*R*K! (repeat..)

    Mom: Dayna, what is that?

    Dayna: The park! Swing! Yay!


  13. I don’t know how some kids know these things. I remember knowing that Nixon and Kennedy were running for president in 1960 and I was five years old. I also knew who my parents were voting for even though they were not very vocal about it. AND after Kennedy was elected, I used to pray every night that my daddy would be elected president so I could be like Caroline Kennedy! I use that as an example when I teach children’s Bible classes about how sometimes God says NO to our prayers. 🙂

  14. How funny! My kids have always been interested in the presidents and those running for it. The only things I can remember is what the President’s liked or did not like, for example, would you like a peanut or a jelly bean? I’ll take the jelly bean. 🙂

  15. Well..once kids grow upand start thinking for themselves you can never tell what they’ll do. Both my parents consider themselves conservative, but chose the opposite direction. And I’m the oldest child! All bets are off once they leave the house. AM. That said? I’d vote for a Bert/Ernie ticket anyday.

  16. Yep, he’s smart. Like everyone else, wonder what else he knows and hasn’t played it out yet. On his boat. 🙂

  17. As far fetched as it seemed, I even asked my boys if they happend to discuss the election over the weekend. Of course they didn’t.
    Jackson knows things you might not expect him to because he is listening ALL THE TIME.

  18. My kids are 9 and 11 and often know more about current events than I do. I asked them recently where they get their information. My son said, “Fox News. They report, I decide.” We don’t even have cable, but apparently they watch the news at their grandparents’ house.

  19. Well, at least he didn’t claim to be Gary Hart…with the boat and everything…

    When my son pipes up with something like this and I ask him where he heard it, his answer is always “At grandma and grandpa’s…on the news.” My parents live next door to us and their lives revolve around the news.

  20. It’s no secret for those of us who are your blogger buds that he is one smart boy. An extraordinary little person with a personality that just cracks me up! I would love to put him on “Art Linkletter” interview and see what all he would spill about the House of Antique! Wouldn’t you just die? When you mentioned the boat it brought back lots of memories of my own babes and made up imaginary games. It also made me remember the peabo that Sean wanted. I thought maybe you were queen of the peabo.

  21. I remember the first time Clinton (bill) ran….whatever year that was….they had a “mock election” at my elementary school, complete with ballots and everything. I forget how old I was…

  22. Criminy. My four-year-old son runs around with a bucket on his head and crashes into walls. I don’t think he knows what his own name is. Sean is one smart kid.

  23. Yow-za! Be afraid cuz that boy is sharp. Actually this is good – less work for you. You could homeschool him and he’ll be done with high school by the time he’s 7.

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