14 thoughts on “Dragonfly

  1. Wow! Impressive – I can never catch those creatures! Kinda like hummingbirds in that they’re so fast, but at least with the birds, they seem to sit still when they’re at the feeder!

    You did a wonderful job of capturing this colorful insect of summer!


  2. Another great shot. Now I just need to move where there is actual wildlife and I might be able to learn how to do that. Sigh.

  3. I would love to know what kind of camera you use. The pictures you post are always so beautiful and clear and just dang good! My camera is on the blink (or it could be me) and I am in the market for a new one.

  4. You did a nice job framing this one too. The juxtaposition between the upper left flowery background and the lower right unfinished wood is really pretty. It also shows off different aspects of the dragonfly; against the flowers, you can see the veining of the insect’s wings, and they take on a golden cast. The wood background really makes the colors on its body stand out. I like the shadows too. This picture would work as wall art.

    I think the secret to taking good pictures is to always have a camera ready to go, and to take a million shots so that you stand a decent chance of getting some good ones in there.

  5. Funny I was just editing some pictures last night and came across some old ones of a dragonfly. They are such fascinating creatures!

  6. Good capture. I’m with Kathy, I like he varied background. So many dragonfly/damselfly photo’s are just of the creature itself. While this is good for admiring the detail of the dragonfly, it sometimes lets us forget they are a part of our real world surroundings. I try to get some decent close-up detailed photo’s, but I also like to try to get some that show some personality when I can.

    Good job.


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