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Here’s a photo I took of Sean recently that I fussed with in PhotoShop this week while I wasn’t doing the other things I was supposed to be doing.

Here’s the original photo.

19 thoughts on “Thoughtful

  1. No, don’t feel bad about not doing what you were “supposed to.” This is what you were supposed to be doing. Beautiful photo.

  2. Do you have a background in photography? These have really been amazing pictures. Would you mind replying here as to what kind of camera you have? You have an excellent eye for pictures.

  3. Earlier in the year, after much research and hand-wringing on spending the money, I splurged on a Nikon D80. It’s a fabulous camera and worth every penny. I love it. However, I also have a couple of small purse-sized digital cameras that I carry around, and frankly, for my skill level, for the most part, they take just as good pictures – for the most part. It is my goal to learn how the camera works, to really understand it and use it purposefully, where as now I just “point and shoot”.

    My philosophy is that good pictures have more to do with the photographer than the camera. Composition is everything.

  4. This is beautiful.
    I love your last comment from Lisa (putitonthelist). Makes me want to hug my little people too, “while they’re still smaller than me”.

  5. He is precious. A true gift from God. Thanks for letting us know about the camera. I am looking for one…

  6. I love to “mess around” with photoshop. I have a Canon rebel xti and photoshop elements 4.

    So true – it is the composition and eye for the opportunity that makes the great photos.

  7. I actually like the “fussed with” picture better for your title. I like how his eye shows up more with his face lightened. Having that contrast makes the picture better. Having that original photo with all the details to work with in the first place is bonus. Composition is everything and you have a good eye.

  8. Dear AM,
    I think you are awesome to take a glorious photo of your precious boy and re-invent it in Photoshop. I like the PS version but adore the original. I have a similar photo of my son about that same age. I just want to kiss on that jaw and neck. 🙂 Pure sugar!

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