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A Red Cape Does Not A Super Hero Make

“Mom, I need a red cape,” Sean said to me this afternoon as I was standing at the kitchen sink trying to get dinner ready. “I’m going to be Superman!”

“Well, does it have to be red?” I asked. I had some red fabric in my fabric stash upstairs, but I didn’t want to stop what I was doing and dig it out. “You’ve got that swatch of material with the hearts on it in your toybox. Can’t that be a cape?”

He scowled at me.

“Mo-om!” he gunted at me in disgust.  “Superman doesn’t have hearts on his cape! His cape is red!”

“Oh,” I said.

“Do you really think it’s the cape that makes Superman super?” I asked, stalling for time, hoping he’d reconsider the fabric conveniently located in the toy box.

He fell silent and looked down at the floor.

When he looked up again, he whispered, “No. It’s his heart.”

Wow, I thought. That’s good. Because I was going to say kryptonite.

And then I stopped what I was doing, went upstairs and dug out the red fabric for Superman’s cape.

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32 thoughts on “A Red Cape Does Not A Super Hero Make

  1. Correction: kryptonite actually weakens Superman. (I have a sixteen year old brother who is like obsessed with Smallville, which is a show portraying Superman as a teen). But that pic is adorable! And your Sean sounds so very profound!

  2. Love your Superman . And am amazed that you have a ‘fabric stash’? Should I take that to mean , you sew and stuff like that?

  3. Not wanting to be a wet blanket here, but my sister nearly choked to death at Sean’s age when she tied a cape around her neck and the cape caught on our back yard slide. You might want to consider pinning the cape to his shoulders instead.

  4. I love boys and capes! Even at 8 and 6, mine still thrill to them! Since both of mine went through long stages where capes were necessities, I found the velcro strips will hold them on well without the choking concern. (Not much of a seamstress over here…)

  5. Great memories! Both my boys lived in costumes, but the oldest? Oh, my. Cowboy boots, Power Ranger underwear, Batman cape, cowboy hat, and a holster full of weaponry of various sorts.

    Armed to the gills, that boy was.

    Cherish this memory. And thanks for calling mine back up.

  6. Do you have any of that red material left over?
    Because I think I need some.
    Before I jump off the balcony.

    just kiiiiidddddinnnnng! (but not about the cape. i still want that.)

  7. Oh, he has a Super Heart – great job, mama! (and AD, too, I’ll bet). Just curious, were you able to keep your eyes dry and did your own heart grow three sizes? I’m mush when they do such super things :wub:

  8. Mary, Yeah I know it. Sometimes the stuff he says startles me and it kind of freaks me out. And I wonder how a doofus like me got such a thoughtful and tender hearted little fella.

  9. That is one right minded young man you’re raising there! Combine this with last post’s “It’s ok. I understand.” and I believe you and AD have Antique youngin!

  10. Your little dude is wise beyond his years. We should all take a lesson 🙂

    And, I have to agree with Sean, a red cape is a must if you’re going to be Superman . . . it would be really tough to fight crime and reverse the spinning of the world while wearing a cape with hearts on it 😉

  11. AM,
    As far as the choking thing goes… a little strip of velcro on the red cape…..that way if he gets caught on something….it will pull apart if he wiggles enough!
    I once made a very nice lined cape for a nephew for a halloween costume (dracula)….it was easy to do…used cheap lining fabric and it was used for years in the costume box!

  12. Abel was obsessed with Superman for years (and Superman is still very near and dear to him). He told me once (he was about 5) that he and his friend Erik were both going to be Supermen when they grew up. “The world could use 2 Supermen,” he told me.

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